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济南子宫肌瘤治疗哪家好济南市第五人民医院看妇科好不好So, what did you do with that money?I donated it back to my school.那你是怎么处理这笔钱的 我把它捐给了我的学校You gave all the money back to you school. -Yeah.你把钱全部捐给了学校 -是的So,My, youre, I mean, youre struggling to pay your own bills.那 天呐 你 你自己都入不敷出And you gave all of that money, you didnt keep a little bit of it.你却把所有的钱都捐了 你一点儿都没留You gave it all to the school. -No.My kids are just amazing.你全部捐给了学校 -对 我的学生们都很棒I, they are hardworking and loving,and everyday they come to school,他们勤奋 有爱 每天他们来上学they give me hundred percent of themselves.都百分百投入You know 90% of our kids are low-income,Um, some of them are homeless,我们九成的孩子都来自低收入家庭 甚至有一些孩子无家可归They just have such challenge and adversities.and they deserve so much.他们有太多的艰辛和不幸 他们理应获得更多And this is just like a little bit what I could give them.这只是我所能给他们的一点点帮助But you, you, you are not even, en.thats not where you stop但是 你 你并不仅仅 你做的远远不止这些So there is a little boy who was acting out in class, right?有个小男孩在班上捣乱 对吧And, you say, um, tell everyone what you did.然后 你说 告诉大家你做了什么So I have a little who was little misbehaving,我班上有个小男孩有点淘气So I kind of bribed him, um,and said, you know, if you have a couple good weeks,所以我就贿赂他说 如果你连续几周表现良好and of your good behavior and Ill take you out to dinner.我就请你吃晚饭奖励你 /201512/418822章丘市人民医院做人流 济南治疗妇科病好的医院是哪家

济南阳光女子医院化验室的工作人济南人流术需要多少钱 Britain Politicians salaries英国 议员们的薪酬Bargain basement地下廉价部The MPs expenses scandal cast a long shadow over British politics. It also led to the creation of an Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) tasked with cleaning up the system. Last year IPSA received new powers to set salaries and pensions. Its initial consultation paper makes for intriguing ing. Despite their public reputation for Caligulan excess, Westminster legislators are rather modestly remunerated by international standards. And for the past century their pay has stagnated relative to that of their constituents. IPSA suggests indexing it to national average earnings at a ratio of between 1.5 and 4. Currently the ratio hovers between 2.5 and 2.9, so—controversially—a rise could be on the cards. MPs may need the cash. It has been made harder to file creative expenses claims. And politicians will probably be asked to contribute more to their extremely generous pension schemes in future.年议员报销丑闻给英国政治蒙上了一层深深阴影。其另一影响,就是独立议会标准局(IPSA)的成立,该部门负责监督治理内部体制。去年独立议会标准局获得了设置薪酬和养老金的权力。其最初的咨询文件是份有趣的阅读。尽管在公众言里,他们的日子荒淫无度,以国际标准来看,威斯敏斯特议员们的收入相当微薄。所以在过去的一个世纪里,相对于他们的选民来说,这些政客们的工资增长缓慢。IPSA建议将政府工作者的工资收入以1.5至4的比例与国际平均收入水准挂钩。而今,该比例上升至2.5和2.9之间,因此虽有争议,但工资水准有望上升。毕竟议员们需要薪酬养家糊口。申报各式各样创意性的开销单越来越难了。而政客们也可能在未来被要求做出更多的贡献,例如在今后的养老金提案中,议员们需要更加慷慨。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/459517济南市阳光医院电话号码

山东省医学科学院附院妇科医生 on Monday during one of the busiest travel weeks, snow, sleet and hail snarled transportation across swaths of the ed States. 在最繁忙的旅游周,周一大雪、冻雨和冰雹使美国交通陷入混乱。The storms come after dozens died in U.S. storms that were part of a wild worldwide weather system seen over the Christmas holiday period. 数十人死于美国暴风雨,圣诞假期间世界范围天气系统的一部分。More than 40 people were killed by tornadoes and floods in the ed States during the holiday season. 在美国,节假期间超过40人在龙卷风和洪水中丧生。Rare winter tornado warnings were issued in Alabama on Monday. 星期一阿拉巴马州发布罕见的冬季龙卷风警报。AccuWeather senior meteorologist Michael Leseney said Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle were expected to bear the brunt of the of the days strongest storms. AccuWeather高级气象学家迦勒表示,阿拉巴马州,密西西比州和佛罗里达州将首当其冲遭遇最强风暴。译文属。201512/418823济南重庆新阳光医院做小阴唇手术需要多少钱泰安市无痛人流好不好



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