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Technology and civil liberties技术与公民自由Donrsquo;t shoot不要拍摄!Police may not like being filmed, but they had better get used to it警察可能不喜欢被人拍摄,不过他们最好习惯之WHAT is the most striking image to emerge from this autumnrsquo;s Occupy protests? Was it the campus police officer in Davis, California, casually pepper-spraying a line of seated protesters? Or the white-shirted cop in New York, doing the same to a pair of unarmed, penned-in women? Perhaps it was a street in Oakland, deserted except for protesters and a line of black-helmeted riot police, the silence broken when one of the cops fires a rubber bullet at a protester filming him. Protesters have complained, as ever, about police infiltration, but as these s make clear, protesters and other citizens are keeping their eyes on police, too.今秋的;占领;抗议中哪个场面最引人注目?是加利福尼亚州戴维思的校园警察随意地往一排坐在地上的抗议者喷洒胡椒喷雾剂?还是纽约身穿白衬衣的警察以同样的手段对待两位手无寸铁、被关着的女士?或许是在只有抗议者和一排戴着黑色头盔的防暴警察的奥克兰街头,其中一个警察向一位拍摄他的抗议者射出的一枚橡胶子弹将沉默瞬间打破。一如往常,抗议者抱怨他们时刻处在警察的监视之下,但这些视频清楚地表明,抗议者与其他市民同样在密切关注警察的一举一动。More than two-thirds of Americans own digital cameras. Around one-third of adults own a smartphone. Most of these devices can record and easily transmit audio and . Recording police has never been easier, and thanks to social-media and activist networks such as Copwatch, which monitors police activity and posts s to the web, neither has publicising these recordings.在美国,超过三分之二的人拥有数码相机,约有三分之一的成年人拥有一部智能手机。这些设备大都能录音及摄像,并方便地传送音频与视频。记录警察的一举一动从未如此轻易,而由于社交媒体及Copwatch(此网密切关注警察的活动并将有关视频上传至网络)这种积极分子网络的存在,公开这些视频记录也比从前任何时候都要容易。That does not always go over well. People peaceably filming police have been handcuffed, beaten, had their cameras seized, and been arrested for obstructing governmental administration, obstructing an investigation, interference, disturbing the peace, or for illegal wiretapping. In taking such action the police are on shaky legal ground. The right to photograph people, including police officers, in public places, is relatively clear.但要记录警察的行为并上传至网络并不总是那么容易的。那些安分守己地拍摄警察的人,却被警察戴上手铐、殴打、没收相机及逮捕,理由如下:妨碍政府管理、妨碍调查及警方介入、扰乱秩序或非法窃听。警察采取这些行动并没有可靠的法律依据。而在公共场所拍摄他人(包括警察及官员)的权利却是相对比较明确的。Adding audio, however, raises a new set of legal issues. Most states have single-party consent laws concerning audio recording, meaning that as long as one party consents to being recorded, the taping is legal. In most of the 12 states in which all parties must consent to be recorded, a violation occurs only if the subjects being recorded have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Arguing that police officers carrying out their duties in public have such a right is a challenge. The attorney-general in Maryland, an all-party-consent state, wrote in 2010 that few interactions with police could be considered private.不过,若在拍摄的同时进行录音便会引起一系列新的法律问题。大部分的州实行关于音频记录的单方同意法,这意味着只要单方同意,录音就是合法的。而在大部分须经所有当事人同意才能录音的12个州中,只有被录音的内容具有合理的隐私预期,录音才是违法的。但要明在公共场所履行职责的警察有这种权利相当困难。马里兰州是须征得所有当事人同意才能录音的州,该州司法部长在2010年时写道:民众与警察的接触几乎都不会被视为隐私。And challenges are mounting in two of the states;Illinois and Massachusetts;without expectation-of-privacy clauses. In Massachusetts last August, a federal appeals court upheld a lower courtrsquo;s ruling that a citizenrsquo;s right to film police in public is protected by the first and fourth amendments.而且,在伊利诺州和马萨诸塞州这两个没有隐私预期条款的州中,人们的质疑越来越多。去年八月在马萨诸塞州,一地方法院作了以下判决:公民在公共场所拍摄警察的权利是受到宪法第一及第四修正案保护的。一个联邦上诉法庭对此判决表示持。During oral arguments, one of the judges hearing the challenges to the Illinois Eavesdropping Act worried that allowing recording might hinder the ability of the police to do their jobs. He gave the example of a policeman talking to a confidential informant. Police have also expressed concern about recording, and hence exposing, undercover officers. But of course police can still speak in private. Given the actions of some police officers when confronted with a camera, filming cops may not be prudent. But neither should it be illegal.在口头辩论时,其中一个对人们质疑伊利诺州窃听法案进行听的法官担心,允许民众记录警察的言行可能会妨碍警察工作。他举了一个警察与秘密线人交谈的例子。警方也对此表示关注,担心一些卧底警察的身份会因此曝光。不过,警察当然仍可以私下交谈。有些警察在遭人拍摄时行为恶劣,所以拍摄警察可能并非明智之举。话虽如此,此举也不应是违法的。164537

Quake-hit Sichuan welcomes torch 四川迎来火炬传递 Survivors cheer as the Olympic torch passes through quake-devastated Sichuan province in China's southwest. Reuters.After months of sadness and loss, China's quake-survivors give the Olympic flame an emotional welcome to Sichuan Province. Crowds roared with delight as 189 torchbearers began a three-day tour of the province devastated by a powerful earthquake in May.The run here in Guang'an, hometown of communist patriarch Deng Xiaoping, began with a minute's silence in honour of the 70,000 killed in the disaster. The quake delayed the flame's arrival in Sichuan and has made a change of route, bypassing hardest-hit areas like Dujiangyan. Thousands died here and more were left homeless. They watched the relay on TV from tents and temporary shelters, excitement over the Olympics overwhelmed by anxiety over their plight. "The problem we have now is we're not able to go back to our home and staying here is dangerous. The damage to our home is classified as medium, so we weren't allocated a makeshift house. But we don't feel good staying here, the social order is bad."This woman's 16-year-old niece was one of hundreds of children killed when their school collapsed in the quake. Nationalist pride over the Olympics is tinged with grief and unresolved questions about who's to blame. "The children knew about the Games and they were very happy. They'd said they'd watch them on TV. We've lost them now and there's nothing we can do. When I think of them, I still feel very sad."Mixed emotions as the torch makes its way through Sichuan over the next three days, its last stop before Beijing where the cauldron will be lit and the Games begin on Friday. Susan Flory, Reuters.cauldron:A cauldron is a very large, round metal pot used for cooking over a fire. (LITERARY)中文参考翻译:经过数月的悲痛和损失,中国地震灾区的幸存者热烈欢迎奥运圣火抵达四川。当189名火炬手高举圣火在遭受地震袭击的四川境内传递时,人们欢欣鼓舞。火炬现在在四川广安,邓小平的故乡传递,火炬传递开始前,为在地震中遇难的7万名同胞默哀1分钟。由于地震,火炬抵达四川的日期延后,并且更改了传递路线,取消了受灾最严重的地区——都江堰的传递,数以千万的人遇难,更多的人流离失所。他们在帐篷和临时住所里通过看电视观看火炬传递,奥运的喜悦超越了对困境的忧虑。“我们现在的问题是不能回自己家,待在这里很危险。我们家乡的灾情被定为中等,所以我们现在居住在临时住所。但是我们不想住在这里,这里社会秩序比较差。”由于地震中学校坍塌,很多学生丧生。这个个妇女的16岁的侄女就在其中。奥运会的民族自豪感同时也伴随着悲伤,以及没有解决的问题,到底谁该承担责任?“孩子们知道即将召开奥运会都非常高兴。他们说会在电视上观看奥运会的比赛。现在我们失去了孩子,我们束手无策。现在想到他们,我仍然很难过。”当奥运圣火在四川进行为期三天的传递时,人们情绪复杂。这是生活到国内的最后一站,之后将抵达北京,点燃圣火盆,周五奥运会即将开幕。200811/56759

A Visit to Quake-Survivor Giant Pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base Black and white, pudgy and cute, China's national treasure, the giant panda, is popular around the world. But during last year's May 12 earthquake, two giant pandas died, and the Wolong Nature Reserve, the home for Giant Pandas suffered severe damage. How are the pandas faring a year after the disaster? Yunfeng tells the story of Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Centre where a few pandas from Wolong that survived the quake settled. Thousands of people visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base each day to see its lush vegetation, bamboo groves, and most of all, the giant pandas.A Korean tourist, with the Chinese name Quan Rongren, says it is the first time for him to see giang pandas."I like giant pandas very much. They are very cute, clumsy and naughty."Micah Smith from the ed States came with his classmates from Sichuan University."With other students from Sichuan University, we went to places where the earthquake struck, and we handed out stuff to some of the school students. We came here to check out the pandas. (They seem) pretty nice. I wish they were more awake, because many of them are sleeping. The baby pandas seem very active. They are playing with each other."Four pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base were transferred from the Wolong Nature Reserve after the earthquake. Wolong was only 11 kilometers from the epicenter and suffered severe damage. It was once home to 63 giant pandas. After the quake, the body of one giant panda was found, while another still remains missing. All giant pandas from Wolong have been transferred to reserves in other provinces.Zhang Hemin(张和民), director of the Wolong Nature Reserve, tries to hold back tears when he recalls the scary experience a year ago."The earth was shaking, and the giant pandas were too scared to move. They just huddled together. Their psychological injury was immense."Zhang is known as the "father of giant pandas" in China. Since 1983, he has dedicated his time and talent to researching the breeding and protection of giant pandas. He says he considers pandas to be family members.Zhang has spent most of his time with the pandas, studying them and playing with them and has developed a deep affection for them. He says it was painful to see pandas pinned under rolling rocks, to see them trying to flee to safety and to meet their frightened eyes.Zhang says it usually takes two weeks for giant pandas to get used to a new environment. But to attend to their psychological needs, he and his co-workers have been using 'Ai Xin Wei Yang' or 'Caring Breeding' techniques since the earthquake.And Zhang has this to say,"We caress them more and talk to them more, and whenever we want to communicate with them, we bend down to avoid talking to them from a higher position. Now, we are glad to see that these giant pandas have almost recovered their old spirits."Tan Wen, who has nearly 10 years of experience in raising pandas, was designated the caretaker of the four newcomers from Wolong. He has treated the four quake-survivor pandas with extreme care and comes to the base very frequently to check on them."I think what's most important for a panda caretaker is the sense of responsibility. To really get along with them, there is no recipe other than to let them know that you really care about them. When they got the message and started to behave, I felt so rewarded. If they get sick, I will find the vet who is available 24 hours. But I myself still can't help worrying about them."Zhang Hemin says he hopes the giant pandas at Chengdu can move back into their new home near Wolong soon."You know, Wolong is a nature reserve, and those pandas were used to living in nature, not in parks or breeding centers, so it must be a little bit uncomfortable for them. I hope they will move into their new home as soon as possible."The new Giant Panda Nature Reserve will be built in Gengda Village, 10 kilometers from the former Wolong Nature Reserve. Experts spent months selecting Gengda village, which they believe provides the best geographic conditions, resources and safety conditions for the pandas.The construction of the Gengda reserve will start in July. It is estimated that the project will cost more than 1.4 billion yuan, or some 200 million U.S. dollars. Donations from different countries, non-governmental organizations, international companies and the Hong Kong government are providing most of the funds for the project.Here is Zhang Hemin again."The support from the Hong Kong government encourages us. And we are so thankful to people who have always cared about China's giant pandas. We'll live up to their expectations to rebuild a new cozy home for the giant pandas in the shortest time possible."Zhang also says the recovery and reconstruction project is a systematic project that includes assessments and mitigations of geological hazards caused by the earthquake as well as the recovery of local vegetation.Pandas usually mate in March and April. At that time, they climb from the bottom of mountains to the peaks to nourish themselves with fresh bamboo shoots before they deliver their cubs in August or September.To ensure the giant pandas have an uninterrupted "green zone," Zhang and his fellow workers are relocating more than 870 households situated on the mountain in Gengda Village.Of all the myths about giant pandas, one of the most beautiful ones goes like this: Four young shepherdesses were killed while trying to rescue a panda from a leopard. When the other pandas heard what had happened, they decided to hold a funeral to honor the girls' sacrifice.At that time, the giant pandas were pure white. To honor the deceased girls, the pandas wore black armbands at their funeral. They were so sad that they began to cry. As their tears rolled down their faces, the dye from the black armbands began to run and mingle with their tears.As the pandas rubbed their eyes, the black dye made big spots. In their grief, they clutched their ears and began hugging one another closely. The black dye marked the areas where the pandas touched themselves and each other. The pandas vowed never to wash off the black dye as a reminder of the girls and the sacrifice they made.It's not known how long this myth has been around in Southwest China, but if these giant pandas do have thankful hearts, they will definitely remember those who have cared for them especially after the May 12 earthquake and those who are still working hard to rebuild them a safe and comfortable home.05/69013

6月7日,在法国西部的圣梅尔埃格利斯举行的纪念盟军诺曼底登陆65周年活动中,法国、德国和美国的伞兵从一架军用飞机上跳下。Rather weather is deteriorated from those ceremonies earlier today when we get plenty of sunshine. Now, this is a pretty good imitation of what the soldiers, sailors and airmen must have faced 65 years ago. And D-Day mourning, it’s closed to evening in Normandy now, but in fact you can see the surf kicking out there quite a bit. It’s raining and back here on D-Day mourning there has fog, and I want to just point out the sort of difficulty that some of the servicemen had come in ashore here. This is Omaha beach, part of Omaha beach, and coming on off the beach, they had to go up these cliffs, like you can see after my left, and in fact quite steep perhaps several hundred feet tall. And at the top were German gun policemen said “trenches”, and German were able to fire down directly onto the oncoming allied soldiers. It was the kind of thing that was relived over and over again today in various parts of the beaches along here, the difficulty to come in ashore, to establish an beachhead and the amazing accomplishment those people who did it. President Barak Obama talked about that in his speech today, directly speaking to the very veterans here .Obama: You, the veterans of our landing, so why we still remember what happened on D-day. You’re why we keep coming back, for you remind us that in the end, human destiny is not determined by forces beyond our control. You remind us that our future is not shaped by mere chance or circumstance, our history has always been the sum total of the choices made and the actions taken by each individual man and woman. It has always been up to us. All in all, a very moving occasion with all four leaders, the 2 presidents and 2 prime ministers, directly addressing the men who forced their way ashore here 65 years ago.Jim Bittermann CNN from Omaha beach.06/73552

bad girls good Showbiz Tonight's AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson reveal the ways some of Hollywood's most notorious woman are becoming good girls.But if we were talking about a woman totally in control of her career image, it gotta be the material girl herself. From material girl to mama extraordinaire, Madonna wrote the book on transformation. Part of what makes her really smart is that she changes with the time. She sort of went from a street waif to Hollywood sophisticate to now a wife, mother and an author of children’s book. In the 80s and 90s, Madonna shocked the world with her in-your-face sexuality. she really, sort of, was one of the prime movers of the way our societies become pornier. That’s right. The man said pornier. Make sense too, cone-shaped bras, lewd and provocative dancing, sps in Playboy and Penthouse, and, oh, who can forget the sex book. These days Madonna is still in the book biz. This time children’s book. She actually sort of settled down. She’s got 3 kids now. As sure, none of them were born in wedlock but that’s fine. Give the lady a break. She’s got enough on her plate. International fames, spiritual quests and grappling with hard mummy questions like this one from CNN Richard,Christ. If your daughter decided to prance around on the stage in her underwear singing and hollering, would you approve? eh...Probably not. Oh, yeah, the double standard of parenthood aly kicking in. Who but she is not the only kick-ass naughty girl of Hollywood to go nice. May we present Angelina Jolie. And this is me. This tattoo diva first caught our attention after an Oscar win for her psycho role in "Girl, interrupted". She came on to the scene beautiful, talented and a true, wild child. I had some good nights in L.A, let’s put it that way?"She raised more than a few eyebrows when she married Actor Billy Bob Thornton. Public displays of affection was sort of their thing. Also their thing, wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks. Ok, whatever you want to call it. She told Larry.King. all about it. And what does he wear? Mine. Your blood? That’s nice. Ok, sure, that’s nice. Jolie went on to raise even more eyebrows when she defied every bad girl stereotype out there and became a global humanitarian and spokesperson for the U.N.. We shape our future by the way we raise our children. Yet, you cannot accuse the woman of not practicing what she preaches. She has adopted 3 orphans from around the world and is the proud mama of a daughter Shiloh whom she had with Brad Pitt. She’s taking on the role of being a mother. She’s now seen as global humanitarian, so, it’s been quite a change. But Jolie tells us she doesn’t think she has changed it all. I'm still a punk kid I got my tattoos covered. It’s pretty clear Angelina Jolie isn’t a punk kid any more. She takes her role as UN Goodwill ambassador very seriously. In fact she recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post urging humanitarian assistance for displaced families of Iraq all the while reportedly pregnant with her fifth child. Not bad for a former bad girl. Be on the lookout for the next Showbiz tonight Podcast. Remember: Showbiz Tonight is TV's most provocative entertainment news show. We are on 7 nights per week at 11 PM Eastern-night Pacific on CNN headline news. Thanks for watching the Showbiz Tonight podcast. I’m Brooke Anderson.02/61853

The Picasso of LegosNathan Sawaya left his life as a lawyer to make modern art out of toy blocks.A: All right, it’s time to meet our featured guest this morning. He's called the Picasso of Legos. I say, more like a Norman Rockwelth of Legos coz' look how literal all these representations are. We are gonna have the fun now with Nathan Sawaya. He is here. He was a lawyer. He decided to get into art, sculpture, then moved to the wonderful land of Legos. He has joined us today. You have your book "The Art of the Brick" which is taking your walk all over the country. You have families flooding the museums (Exactly!) because you’re using Legos.B: I’m using Lego. I’m using something that every child's played with. And yet I’m using it in a different way. I’m using it as fine art.A: Absolutely, now a very interesting back story here. You’re a lawyer, (Sure) you are totally in a way just as I was. (Right) You are in the Wall Street world, (Exactly) and one day you think to yourself?B: Lego. Lego is the answer. You know, I wanted to explore my creativity and that's what I do at the end of the day. After the law firm, I come home and be creative. And soon I was making a whole career out of being creative, and I left the law firm behind. And now I have a whole museum exhibit, that's touring the US.A: Say, now I get the artistic part. You know, you had something else , another appetite, another need of passion to feed. (Sure) Where does the Lego come in?B: Well, I’d always been a kid who played with Lego growing up. I had been an art kid, and I played with Lego, so eventually I merged the two. I wanted to find a way I could use that passion of Lego and make it into an art. A: Did you know you had the talent?B: Well, I...A: Coz' you know, this is not the playing with Lego, this is a real deal.B: I had a Lego, a Lego CD growing up. My parents were very accommodating. They had given me this entire Lego city in our living room. So I used that as a starting point. And now I move those Legos into a whole new world.A: Amazing. You tour around the country, how long will a work like the note?, which is...this is actually a female's face, right?B: Yes, a female's face with a musical note on.A: How long did you spend?B: For depends on, you know, how inspired I am. And this piece exactly came off of a project where I was once saw a friend singing and really inspired me to really capture her singing in a Lego format, the music coming through her. So this took, you know, actually came off very quickly because I was just immediately inspired to creating this. A: Meaning what?B: Couple of days. A: Couple of days. (Couple of days.) And the results, tens of thousands of dollars this go for. (Exactly.) Certainly respected as are....You get hook-up with Lego, by the way? (Lego, er) Are you and Lego.. they are hooking you up coz' this is a studio...B: I'd love to buy my bricks but we have a good relationship.(Really?) Yes, I do get the E-mails from Lego employees saying how they love my work, they are amazed that I can take their toy product and creat art.A: So you have all of these different forms of men (Sure.), this room was very cleverly suggested as the White Castle as what happened when you eat White Castle. There were dozens of...B: Nice. No, and not exactly. But these pieces are, you know, transition pieces, you see these people, these figures going through trasition met more offices if you will...A: All individual pieces that you then glued together, (Exactly) from a little one to an angular one, making all round shapes out of lots of square pieces.B: Exactly, that’s the magic of the Lego. These three pieces right here are actually at the Standford Museum right now as part of the tour. And some of these pieces behind this are actually gonna be part of a new tour that will be starting out this summer.A: And how do you keep? You want the kids to come but you don't want them to do what I wanna do right now is just pull the head off this and start to make different pieces. How do you do that , you know, you just keep them away but you feel the temptation when you watch audiences coz' everybody wants to play with.B: It is! It’s something that we've all played with. So they want to ,you know, go up and touch them , and feel them, and play with them just like.... But in a museum setting, there’s some .....A: Some to call, (Exactly) all right, that's why they don't let me in. You know, Nathan made a great point, he said, you know, people don't have big pieces of marbles in their homes. But Legos everybodys have makes it approachable (Exactly.) takes this to a new dimension. (And you can relate to it) You have little ones for us here.B: I did. I took some time and made some gifts for everyone.A: And these are nice representations of what each of us means.B: Exactly. Exactly. Robern, for you, basketball.Oh~! The Lego basketball.A: That's gorgeous. Thank you very much! Dian, for you, tulips to celebrate Spring.Oh, how lovely! Thank you!Sam, you have the wonderful weather symbols you can use over and over again. Now I have to steal the ones off the map that you made. (Exactly) Thank you!And Chris, (that's nice!) Yes, you like that?That's great!White Castle: the oldest American hamburger fast food restaurant chain. It is known for square burgers, sometimes referred to as "sliders" (officially spelled and trademarked as "Slyders")01/61208

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