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泉州妇科哪家医院好泉州市第一医院上环咨询晋江人民医院治疗妇科炎症好吗 4. Taking Speech 4. 做演讲A: Why are you taking this class?A:你为什么上这堂课?B: I need it to transfer. You?B:我需要转学。你呢?A: Me too! I would never take Speech 101 if I didnt need it.A:我也是!如果我不需要它我是不会上101篇演讲这门课的。B: Yeah, I hate public speaking.B:是的,我讨厌公开演讲。A: Me too! I get so nervous.A:我也是!我会非常紧张。B: I just want this class to be over with.B:我只想快点结束这堂课。A: Its going to be a long semester.A:这将是一个漫长的学期。B: Maybe after this class, well love public speaking.B:或许上完这堂课,我们会爱上演讲。A: I doubt it!A:我怀疑这种可能!B: I dont even know why we have to take this class to transfer.B:我甚至不知道为什么我们转学要上这堂课。A: I guess its to make us better speakers.A:我猜是为了让我们成为更好的演讲者。B: Itll all be worth it when we transfer. B:当我们转成学的时候,一切都是值得的。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413661泉州第一人民医院打胎

南安妇幼保健院怎么走Todd: So, Mark you said that you do crazy things when you travel. Can you give an example?托德:马克,你说过你在旅行时经常做疯狂的事情。你能举个例子吗?Mark: Yeah, one of the best things that I did was white water rafting in New Zealand. We actually rafted down the highest commercially rafted water fall in the world, I was told at that time.马克:好,我做的其中一件最棒的事情是在新西兰玩白水漂流。当时他们告诉我们,我们会沿着世界上最高的商业性瀑布漂流。Todd: What does that mean, the highest commercial waterfall?托德:最高的商业性瀑布是什么意思?Mark: Well, I think its the one thats can only be taken by tour groups because its safe. If its any higher than that one, then its deemed unsafe and they wouldnt be able to take tour groups rafting. Youd have to be a professional rafter.马克:我想应该是指出于安全考虑,旅行团能玩的高度。如果要超过这个高度,就属于不安全的范围,旅行团不能进行漂流活动。只有职业漂流选手才能进行漂流活动。Todd: So you go over the top?托德:所以你们上到了最高处?Mark: We went straight over the top, yeah. It was crazy. And I was sat right at the back of the raft and they called this the ejector seat.马克:我们直接去了最高点。那太疯狂了。我坐在漂流艇的后面,他们称之为弹射座椅。Todd: Right.托德:好。Mark: But actually, everybody was thrown out of the raft, but they give you some instructions before you can go and you are thrown down into the waterfall and the instructors basically tell you curl up into a ball and if you curl up into a ball the waterfall actually spits you out, shoots you back out the top.马克:不过,其实所有人都被扔出了漂流艇,在漂流之前他们会进行一些指导,教练说在瀑布漂流时如果被甩出去要把身体缩成一团,这样就能沿着瀑布漂流,然后回到漂流艇上。Todd: Oh, cool.托德:哦,真酷。Mark: Yeah. So I did, and it worked. I was happy.马克:对,所以我照做了,而且很有效,所以我很高兴。Todd: So did you camp over night or was it just a one day event?托德:你的漂流之旅是露营过夜,还是就是一天的行程?Mark: No, this was just a one day, just to do that one waterfall. We wanted to do the highest one.马克:没有过夜,就只有一天,就只去了那一个瀑布。我们想在最高的瀑布玩漂流。Todd: Right.托德:好。Mark: But I would like to go on — I think in Europe, especially, if you go to a place like Turkiye, Spain, you can do like four and five day raft trips, where you camp as well at the side. Id like to do that.马克:不过我很想继续玩,如果要是在土耳其和西班牙这样的地方,可以进行四五天的漂流之旅,在漂流地附近露营。我想这么做。Todd: Oh, that sounds nice.托德:哦,听起来不错。Mark: Yeah.马克:对。Todd: Yeah, in the States its quite popular along the Colorado River.托德:在美国沿着科罗拉多河漂流很受欢迎。Mark: Right.马克:对。Todd: Dont you need like special training, or do you just hop in the boat and go?托德:在漂流之前需不需要经过特殊训练,还是直接上漂流艇就可以?Mark: I think it depends on how difficult the river is, so Im sure theres beginner rivers, where you dont need so much training. Maybe a few hours. For that one that I did, with the waterfall, the lecture they gave us was about 25 minutes before we started.马克:我觉得这取决于漂流河段的难易程度,对于初级漂流者来说不用进行太多训练。可能几个小时就足够了。我参加的那个瀑布漂流,在开始前教练大概进行了25分钟的指导。Todd: What about your country? What about England?托德:那你的祖国英国有什么漂流圣地吗?Mark: Not so many places to go white water rafting, because I dont think the rivers are big enough, or wide enough. Theres some good places for canoeing, or kayaking. I know we have the national kayak center in Nottingham, England, which is pretty good. Yeah, but not so much for rafting.马克:英国可以进行白水漂流的地方不太多,我想是因为英国的河流不够大或者说不够宽。倒有是一些适合玩皮划艇的地方。据我所知,苏格兰诺丁汉郡的国家皮划艇中心是个好去处。不过没有太多适合漂流的地方。Todd: OK, thanks Mark.托德:好,谢谢你,马克。译文属 /201512/413285泉州市第二医院收费高吗 Language Points抱歉,暂无文本…… /201706/513288泉州无痛人流价格要花多少钱

泉州哪里看妇科病We made a very hard landing. We’ll need maintenance inspection before our next flight. Suggest you check the runway touchdown zone.781. 我们重着陆了。下次飞行前我们需要机务检查。建议你们检查跑道接地区。The center of gravity is disturbed. We will relocate passengers prior to approach. Request holding.782. 重心扰了。进近前我们将重新安排旅客。申请等待。Request a large airspace to maneuver due flight control problems.783. 由于飞行操纵的问题,请求较大空域做机动。My apologies for the deviation due the wrong altitude setting. Request further instructions.784. 抱款由于错误的高度设定而偏离。申请进一步指令。My apologies for the level deviation. We were caught in a strong updraft.785. 抱款高度偏离了。我们遇到了强上升气流。We used too much speed brakes and penetrated our level. Did we cause any conflict?786. 我们使用了过大量的减速板而穿越了我们的高度。我们引起冲突了吗?We were not informed of a frequency change. I will now monitor your frequency.787. 我们未得到频率改变的通知。我将现在监听你的频率。Unable visual approach due company policy. Request radar vectors.788. 公司政策原因不能目视进近。申请雷达引导。Unable circling approach due company policy. Request diversion.789. 公司政策原因不能盘旋进近。申请备降。Are we being vectored too close to the parallel aircraft?790. 有架飞机在平行飞行,我们是不是被雷达引导得太近了?Is the preceding aircraft crossing our altitude?791. 前机正在穿越我们的高度吗?I can you, but I’m not sure you can hear me. I will squawk ident to comply with your instructions.792. 我能听到你,但我不确定你能听到我。我将识别应答机以遵守指令。I see wildfire at my 10 o’clock, about 8 miles.793. 我在我10点钟方位,约8海里的地方看到了野火。I have heard an aircraft in distress but no one’s responding. I can help relay his message.794. 我听到有飞机遇险了但没有人回应。我能帮助转报信息。Message relay: The aircraft in distress will ditch in the ocean. His present coordinate is One Eight Degrees, One Five Minutes, North, One Six Zero Degrees, Five Two Minutes East.795. 转报:遇险飞机将海上迫降。目前的坐标是18度,15分钟,北,160度,52分钟,东。The aircraft in distress says he will attempt to force land in an area about ten miles Northeast of his position.796. 遇险飞机说他将尝试在其位置东北10海里的区域迫降。Request offset 10 miles left to avoid the reported strong downdraft.797. 请求左偏10海里避开已报告的强下沉气流。Request diversion. The latest weather at our destination suggests snow storm will last for 5 hours.798. 申请备降。目的地机场最新天气表明雪暴将持续5小时。Our radar shows a strong echo from the thunderstorm ahead. Request immediate right turn to avoid it.799. 雷达显示前方强雷暴回波。申请立即右转避让。Request immediate one-eighty turn to the right due to possible hail ahead.800. 由于前方可能有冰雹,申请立即右转180。 /201704/502177 晋江市人工流产哪家医院最好的泉州新阳光妇科医院怎么样



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