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F!+nuogk%Tz@qiHN0[GOjo,+#Tkg 在挪威你可以进行极限运动,每一个人在这里都可以找到自己想要的体验[m7v2@2Aa^5。Whoever goes fastest or comes cloest gets the most points. Jumpers can reach speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. It can be very dangerous if you dont know what you are doing. The trick is to use the special parachute to redirect the 1 force to make it go where you want. It needs to be timed just right.,7I34T.v-CIts the last jump of the day. The competition is won by an American who gains a massive 594 points. No doubt hell be back next year to defend his title.EU8V-z0g(T!WmZCExtreme Sports Week 2007, yeah!A3U8vHaEDf_6z.uAWith glaciers and majestic mountains running into the mirroring fjords and lakes,Norway is world-famous for its beautiful scenery. The ed Nations ranked it as having the highest standard of living in the world. This encourages tourists who flock here by the millions and who knows,some may even decide to stay. Its a great place to explore with someone special.ksnd!!eDkSAs another amazing Voss Adventure Week draws to a close,contestants return home a bit sore but refreshed from all the mountain air. Each athlete has pushed themselves to the absolute limit and beyond.nQa|kZUs7]s!8For adventure lovers or holiday seekers,tourists can find whatever kind of experience they desire. From the dizzy heights of a cliff, the bounds achieved on the BMX course or the rush from jumping out of a plane, the varied terrain means there is always something for every tourist all year round. Whatever holiday you are looking for, Norway is the perfect place for everyone to experience their own 2 journey.[@3mK97z3fPMthsY14s译文:谁跑得最快离出发点越近谁就可以获得最高分K3MTT+0eo_+。跳水的人可以达到每小时140公里Y9cj]J[4N%c|P。如果你不知道你在做什么,那么这是非常危险的事情fYb#TLhVA6Ziuq。诀窍是使用特殊的降落伞重新定向下的力,使其去你想去的地方_4x-k*59L-|X。它需要把握得恰到好处9tCP*0,IAfwIezZq4*。 m8hQ.OL0_Z 这是最后一天的跳水比赛8M.k9lz2sG]q。比赛冠军由一个美国人获得了,他的分数最高是594分F9dmh@~L_;。 毫无疑问,他明年还会回来,捍卫他的荣誉T54XhcNMZQn#ycPfJ。~[6s;Ccfpl@#x+++TK 2007年极限运动周,耶 !_Qs1W1,BA06f!%*x+T 像镜子一般的峡湾和湖泊点缀在冰川和雄伟的高山中,就这样挪威以其独特的风景而全世界闻名HFa+3r*oI.Z。联合国把挪威列为生活在世界最高的标准的国家 1IqgaOeO(]KPT2x%8。这就鼓励游客成千上百万地涌向这里,谁知道,有的人甚至会决定留下来W%U(WhIR#6.(C5l。 这是一个专门让人探索的伟大地方 j7TwZYIznfE^;q-U。 |GGZ0f@4j.pe-T 另外一个惊人的沃斯探险周快接近尾声,参赛者们回家后,身上都会有点儿疼,但是山里新鲜空气会让他们消除疲劳|)5I[gEXE#O@P。每个运动员都会想方设法的超越他们自己的极限,;)MKG|MW.M。6D_2[8jqJWn7@+Nc(# 对于探险爱好者或假期度假者,这些游客可以找到他们想要的任何一种体验-#oYTDC_,djcR;uiGI#r。从让人头晕的悬崖,到自行车越野赛的路段或者从飞机上的一跳,各种各样的地形,可以让每名游客一年四季都有可玩的东西N2uA#*u9B,yo)Mzr。无论您正在寻找什么样的假期,挪威可以让每个人都体验到自己的终极之旅的理想场所 V(7NjJe!-49ZXd。 ZKaDLC*LshrzEM)R|课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?gUW%~w!]-M1bLhtIuP.)9avEH_6a62(_0V7_201110/157646The U.N. Children's Fund has unveiled a treasure box of activities for very young children caught in emergencies. UNICEF says its new early childhood development kit is fun, stimulating and helps provide children in difficult circumstances a sense of normalcy.   联合国儿童基金会公布了给那些处于紧急状态下的幼童准备的宝盒。该组织表示,这个为幼儿早期发展的宝盒具有性和启发性,给那些处在艰难环境中的儿童有一些正常生活的感觉。The U.N. Children's Fund estimates 175 million children are affected by war and natural disasters every year. A large number of these children are six-years old or less. But, until now, only ad hoc recreational toys and materials have been available to help these very young children cope with their traumatic experiences.   联合国儿童基金会估计每年有1亿7千5百万儿童受到战争及天然灾害的影响。这些儿童中大多数才6岁或是不满6岁。然而,到目前为止,这些年幼的小孩只有一些临时做的玩具及材料来帮助他们应对所经历的创伤。UNICEF Executive Director Ann Venemann says the new development kit provides young children with resources so they can play and interact with others.   联合国儿童基金会执行主任安.维尼曼表示,新的宝盒能提供幼童一些资源,让他们可以玩游戏并与他人互动。"Studies show that early childhood is the most critical period for brain development, making young children the most vulnerable to the stresses brought on by war and disasters, such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes," she said.   她说:“研究显示,童年的早期对大脑发展来说是最关键的时刻,这也使幼童很容易受到战争和灾害带来的压力,像飓风、洪水和地震等。”"Early experiences create a foundation for physical and mental health, optimal growth and lifelong learning, social emotional competencies and productivity. If there is a disruption in development, for example, through serious trauma that is not addressed early on, it could result in life-long development problems," she added.   “童年时期的经历给身体和心理健康,最佳生长,终生学习,和在社会上应具备的情绪能力及生产力打下基础。如果由于灾难等受到挫折而没有及早解决,就可能会在发展方面成为终生的问题。”The kit is a box containing 37 different items, for use by 50 children up to six years of age. Each kit costs 0 and is bursting with soft, pastel colored animal dolls. It also contains multi-colored puzzles, construction blocks, coloring pencils, memory games and even soap for promoting hygiene.   一个宝盒里面有37种不同的玩具,可以给50名6岁以下的儿童使用。每个宝盒的费用是230美元,里面都是柔软和色的动物玩具。里面还有色拼图、积木、着色铅毕、记忆游戏,还有推广卫生的肥皂。UNICEF says the activities are wide-ranging. They encourage development, social interaction and promote playing, drawing, and story telling.   联合国儿童基金会说,这些活动范围广大。它们鼓励发展,社会互动,并且促使孩子玩游戏,画图和讲故事。Office of Emergency Programs Deputy Director Dermot Carty recalls the magical effect produced by a recreational kit upon the lives of children suffering the traumatic effects of the Indonesian tsunami.   紧急方案办公室副主管德莫特.卡蒂回想起这个宝盒在印尼遭遇海啸时对儿童生活上所产生的神奇效果。"The children's lives changed immediately. I always remember when the box was opened and the response of the children," said Carty. "First of all they started looking at each other, looking for the box and then looking at each other and it resulted in smiles and then suddenly there was a rush for the box and then suddenly you had interaction. You had children laughing. They were running around. They were playing with each other ... And it was just an amazing experience to have been there to witness that. In a period of five minutes you could see the lives of 100 children changing almost in front of your face."   “这个宝盒立即改变了儿童的生活。我一直记得,打开这个箱子时小朋友的反应。一开始,他们你看我,我看你, 然后看箱子,之后他们又彼此相看,结果露出微笑,大家突然冲向箱子,然后就有了互动。你听到小孩的笑声。他们在四处跑着。他们互相玩耍。在现场目睹这些情景真是惊人的经历。5分钟的时间内,你看到100名小孩的生活几乎在你眼前转变了。”The kit was tested in Chad, Liberia, Congo Brazzaville, Jamaica, Guyana, Maldives and Iraq before being launched. Carty says UNICEF has 1,100 boxes y to go to 18 countries and this number will grow.   在开始推出这个宝盒前,它已经在乍得、利比里亚、刚果首都、牙买加、圭亚那、马尔代夫和伊拉克进行了测试。卡蒂说,联合国儿童基金会已经有1,100个宝盒,准备送给18个国家,得到宝盒的国家数字还会继续增加。07/78480U.S. President Barack Obama has arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian leaders, expected to focus largely on arms control.美国总统奥巴马已经抵达莫斯科并将同俄罗斯领导人举行峰会。预计他们的会谈将主要着重于军备控制。 This is a visit that falls neatly into two parts.奥巴马总统这次访问将分为两个部分。First, President Obama will consult individually with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Then he will focus on improving ties with the Russian people.首先,奥巴马总统将与俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫和总理普京举行单独磋商。然后,他将重点放在改善与俄罗斯人民关系上。In an interview with the Associated Press prior to his departure, Mr. Obama said he has a lot to discuss with President Medvedev. Among them: efforts to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty - or START - that runs out at the end of this year.奥巴马总统在动身之前接受美联社记者采访时说,他将和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫讨论多项议题,其中包括努力达成一项旨在代替今年年底到期的削减战略武器条约。"I think that we are going to be able to get some important business done, setting up a framework for a post START treaty that will bring down the level of nuclear warheads on both the Russian and U.S. sides," said Mr. Obama.奥巴马说:“我认为我们将能够取得一些重要的成果。为签订削减战略武器条约到期后的新条约设立一个框架,从而削减俄罗斯和美国上方核弹头的级别。”But President Obama also noted the importance of Prime Minister Putin. He said Putin - the former Russian president - still has a great deal of power.奥巴马还注意到俄罗斯总理普京的重要性。他说,俄罗斯前总统普京仍然有很大的权力。"I think that it's important even as we move forward with President Medvedev that Putin understands that the old Cold War approaches to U.S. Russian relations are outdated," he said.奥巴马说:“我认为即使我们继续和总统梅德韦杰夫打交道,普京总理仍然要理解,在美国和俄罗斯的关系旧的冷战思维已经过时。”But despite the focus on the START agreement, White House officials stress the U.S. Russia relationship in the 21st century must be about far more than arms negotiations. And they note the second half of the president's visit to Moscow will include a speech, and a series of discussions with representatives of civil society and the political opposition.尽管重点在于限制战略武器协议,白宫官员强调,美俄关系在21世纪必须远远超过战略武器谈判。他们指出,奥巴马总统访问莫斯科的后半部分将包括演讲、与公民社会的代表和政治反对派进行一系列的讨论等。Sarah Mendelson is a Russia expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. She has been working on a project to bring Russians and Americans together in fields ranging from human rights, to affordable housing.门德尔松是总部设在华盛顿的战略与国际问题研究所的俄罗斯问题专家。她一直致力于一个项目,让俄罗斯和美国能够在一些共同领域合作,包括人权和经济住房。Mendelson says she believes Russians have a lot to learn about Barack Obama and his policies and beliefs.门德尔松说,她相信俄罗斯对奥巴马和他的政策以及信仰尚有很多待了解之处。"I don't think Russians know very much about him, to be honest," said Mendelson. "And I think even just talking about his personal journey is going to be important because it challenges a lot of the stereotypes that Russians have about who we are and our history."门德尔松说:“说实话,我不认为俄罗斯对奥巴马非常了解。我认为即使只是谈论他个人的经历都是重要的,因为它挑战了很多俄罗斯关于我们是谁以及我们的历史的固有的成见。”Proof of the challenge facing President Obama in Russia can be found in a new survey of Russians conducted by the international polling arm of the University of Maryland. It finds that just 23 percent of Russians have confidence in President Obama to do the right thing in international affairs.奥巴马总统在俄罗斯所面对的挑战可以从一项俄罗斯的新的民意调查中表现出来。马里兰大学的一个国际调查机构分进行的最新民调显示,仅有23%的俄罗斯受访者相信奥巴马在国际事务中的行动是正确的。 07/76827Blood runs freely from slashed noses and necks. They even fight dirty, going for the eyes. The losers breathing chances for now are ground into the sand. But this beachmasters triumph is just the begining of his troubles. Ahead lie dozens of fights, and perhaps 100 matings all for the sake of his bloodline.鲜红的血液从被咬过的鼻子和脖子中流淌出来。它们有时还会下黑手,往眼睛上招呼。失败者的微弱呼吸声现在只有地下的沙子能够听到。但这位海滩新赢家的胜利只是他烦恼的开始。前方数十次搏斗在等待着,也许100个交配机会都是为了他的血统而存在。The need to pass on ones genetic legacy is a great motivator of migrations. Nothing else could drive the nomads of the folklands to tolerate life on land. Nothing else could make migrating mothers stand up to great predators. Or to dirve potential farthers to travel great distances to deadly battlefields.把自己的遗传遗产传承下去的需求激励着大迁徙。没有什么能驱使福克兰岛的这些游牧民们容忍生活在陆地上的生物。没有什么能让迁徙的母亲们直面强大的掠食动物。或者驱使迁徙的父亲们奔赴很远来到这个潜在的致命战场。词语解释:1. slash v. 刀砍2. triumph n. 胜利3. tolerate v. 容忍201111/161912

The Indian government is looking at the need for tougher laws to deal with industrial disasters, amid outrage in India about punishment meted out for the 1984 deadly gas leak in Bhopal from a Union Carbide-owned chemical plant. Thousands of people were killed after inhaling the poisonous gas, while tens of thousands were left coping with serious health ailments.In the days since a local court handed out two-year prison terms to seven former Indian employees of Union Carbide, many searching questions have been raised about the verdict.Angry survivors, activists and the media are asking why it took nearly 26 years to get the first convictions in the disaster.Rachna Dhingra represents the Bhopal Group for Information and Action, which has been working to rehabilitate and get justice for the victims of the gas leak. She blames the government and a slow moving judiciary for the long wait. "It has gone from one court to another and there has been no will actually to strengthen the case… there has been lack of political will," said Dhingra.Campaigners have slammed the verdict, calling the two-year prison term for the former top managers "too light." However, lawyers point out that this was the maximum sentence the local court could have handed out for the offense for which the men were tried. The managers of Union Carbide, who have been granted bail, were originally charged with culpable homicide, which could have resulted in a harsher sentence. But, in 1996, the supreme court reduced the charges to criminal negligence, citing existing laws.Facing a barrage of criticism for failing to get adequate justice for the tens of thousands of victims of the Bhopal gas leak, the government has said it needs to revisit laws pertaining to the kind of industrial disaster witnessed in Bhopal.A spokesperson for the ruling Congress Party, Jayanti Natarajan, says a group of nine senior ministers will examine the issue."An empowered group of ministers has been set up to study whether any changes in the law are necessary. We are all outraged that the punishment is something that is equal to a traffic accident. We are all aware of that," said Natarajan. Law Minister Veerappa Moily says India does not have a law to deal with a mass disaster. He has spoken of the need for fast-track courts for such cases and a specific law for such mishaps.What exactly caused the gas leak is still unclear. Union Carbide blamed it on sabotage by a disgruntled employee. The prosecution argued that it was caused by a design defect in the plant and negligent operational practices. Critics have charged that the company got away with just paying 0 million in compensation. The government has responded by saying the case against the American head of Union Carbide at the time of the leak is still open. Warren Anderson faces manslaughter charges in India, but the ed States has rejected efforts to extradite him.Acknowledging the huge anger among the victims and survivors of the disaster, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh state, where Bhopal is located, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, promises to appeal the verdict.He says the state government will go to a higher court to get a tougher sentence and secure justice for the victims.Survivors of the tragedy and activists fear that such an appeal is again likely to get entangled in India's slow moving judicial system. However, they are not giving up their quest for justice. Satinath Sarangi, a prominent activist working with the victims of the gas leak, says the fight could be led by the generation born in the aftermath of the disaster.  "As the young people in Bhopal, the children of survivors have said, that now they will take it along and they will fight till complete justice is done," said Sarangi.Activists and many politicians say it is important for India to strengthen laws and systems to handle any future mishap, because many foreign corporations are establishing plants and factories in the country to benefit from its booming economy.They are also urging the government to look closely at proposed legislation which would cap the liabilities of foreign companies planning to establish civil nuclear plants in India to 0 million. Critics and opposition parties say the government must draw lessons from the Bhopal disaster and modify the controversial Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill to ensure that India will be able to hold private companies responsible for any mishap. The government says there is no connection between the two issues.面对全国上下因1984年帕尔致命毒气泄漏事件处罚结果引发的不满,印度政府正在考虑是否需要出台更严格的法律应对工业灾害。美国联合碳化公司在帕尔的那家工厂发生毒气泄漏之后,上千人因吸入有毒气体死亡,数以万计的人灾后余生继续同严重的健康疾病斗争。 自从地方法院宣布对七名前联合碳化公司印度籍员工判处两年监禁以来,判决结果引发了许多令人深思的问题。 愤怒的幸存者、社会活动人士和媒体纷纷质问为什么时隔近26年才首次给灾难的肇事者定罪。帕尔情报行动组织代表拉奇纳·丁格拉一直致力于为毒气泄漏事件的受害者恢复和争取公平公正。她指责政府办事不力,司法过程进展太慢。 她说:“这个案子从一个法院移交到另一个法院,政府实际上无意持这个案子,政治意愿是不够的。” 社会活动人士猛烈抨击判决结果,认为对前任高管两年监禁的处罚“太轻”。然而律师指出,这已经是地方法院针对这些人的罪行能做出的最大限度的判决了。已被保释的联合碳化公司的高管们最初被指控犯了误杀罪,本来可能面临更严厉的判决。然而最高法院1996年援引现存法律将罪名减轻为玩忽职守。 面对没能向成千上万帕尔毒气泄漏事件的受害者争取足够公平公正的猛烈批评,政府表示需要重温有关处理类似帕尔工业灾害的法律。 执政党国大党的发言人贾扬提·纳塔拉扬说,一个由九名高级部长组成的小组将就此事进行调查。 他说:“我们已经组建了一个获得授权的部长小组,研究是否需要改变法律。我们都很愤怒判决结果就像一起交通事故的处理结果。我们都意识到了。” 司法部长维拉帕·莫伊利说印度没有关于处理巨大灾害的法律。他提出印度需要针对此类案件成立快速立法法院并出台特定法律。 联合碳化公司把责任归咎于一名员工因对公司不满而故意破坏。检查机关认为工厂设备的设计缺陷和管理人员的玩忽职守导致灾难发生。批评人士谴责公司仅靠付4亿7千万美元的赔偿金就想了事。 政府回应说,对毒气泄漏期间联合碳化公司美国高管的起诉仍在进行当中。沃伦·安德森面临印度政府对他的杀人指控,但美国拒绝为引渡沃伦做出努力。 帕尔所在地中央邦的首席部长希夫拉吉·辛格·乔汉承认灾难的受害者和幸存者对判决结果感到强烈不满,他承诺将对判决结果提起上诉。 他说,联邦政府会向更高一级法院起诉,要求加重量刑,为受害者谋取公平公正。 悲剧的幸存者和社会活动人士担心此次上诉会再次同印度拖拉的司法体制纠缠不清。但他们并不打算放弃对公平公正的追求。 著名社会活动人士萨提纳斯·萨朗吉一直努力为毒气泄漏事件的受害者争取权益。他说,灾后出生那一代人可能会领导大家继续奋斗下去。 他说:“就像帕尔的年轻人、幸存者的子女们说的那样,从这刻起他们将会担起重任,抗争到底,直到取得最终的公平公正。” 社会活动人士和许多政治家说,加强法律和体制建设以备未来处理任何灾害之需对印度来说非常重要,因为许多外国公司正纷纷在印度建厂,想从印度蓬勃发展的经济中获利。 他们同时敦促政府详细审查立法提案,从而将那些计划在印度建民用核电厂的外国公司的负债控制在1亿1千万美元。 批评人士和反对党称政府必须要从帕尔惨案中吸取教训,修改颇受争议的“核损害民事责任法案”,确保私营公司能对任何灾害负责。而政府则表示,两件事之间没有联系。201006/106408

Climate and the solar cycle气候和太阳圈Chilling out in the winter sun在冬日的阳光中发冷Stratospheric changes can lead to nasty cold snaps平流层的变化能引发讨人厌的寒流THOSE unconvinced;and those seeking to unconvince others;of the reality of man-made global warming often point to the changeable behaviour of the sun as an alternative hypothesis. A new study showing how the severity of winters in Europe, and warming in the Arctic, might be linked to changes in solar activity might seem to add to this case. In itself, it does not, for the heat (or, rather, the cold) in question is being redistributed, not retained. But it does point to two other lessons about climate change: that hard data on the factors which affect it are sometimes difficult to come by; and that computer models of the climate can be quite impressive tools for working out what is going on.不相信全球变暖是人为因素造成的和那些企图让别人不相信的人常常会将太阳的易变表现作为假设进行选择。一项新的研究正在致力于研究欧洲的严冬和日渐变暖的北极圈与太阳的变化活动可能的关联,似乎是为了明此观点。实则不然,因为受人质疑的太阳热能(或者说冷能)一直在重新分布,而不是保持不变的。但这项研究却让人们从气候变化中学到了其他两点:影响因子的数据有时候很难得到;气候的电脑模型能够模拟出现在的气候状况,让人印象深刻。The sunrsquo;s activity waxes and wanes on an 11-year cycle, and over this cycle the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light the sun emits changes a lot more than does the total amount of energy. The stratosphere, the part of the Earthrsquo;s atmosphere which does most to absorb UV, might thus be expected to be particularly sensitive to the cycle.太阳的活动周期是11年,在此周期内太阳散发出的紫外线总量的变化比太阳能总量的变化要大的多。吸收大部分紫外线的平流层?;;地球大气圈的一部分,在此周期内可能会变得异常敏感。In a paper just published in Nature Geoscience, Sarah Ineson of Britainrsquo;s Meteorological Office and her colleagues compared the way that the Met Officersquo;s new and putatively improved climate model dealt with winters at times of high UV and at times of low UV, using data on the amount of ultraviolet the sun gives off that were collected by a satellite called SORCE.刚刚在《自然-地球科学》杂志上发表的一篇论文中,英国气象办公室的沙哈.伊内森和她的同事用该气象办公室公认的新型气候改进模型,对其在冬天纪录的高紫外线和低紫外线数据进行比较,这些数据是由一架名叫SORCE的卫星收集太阳散发的紫外线量获得的。Dr Ineson found that at low UV levels the stratosphere in the tropics was cooler, because there was less UV for it to absorb, which meant the difference in temperature between the tropical stratosphere and the polar stratosphere shrank. That changed the way the atmosphere circulated, and as those changes sp down into the lower atmosphere they made it easier for cold surface air from the Arctic to come south in winter, freezing chunks of northern Europe. These conditions looked similar to those seen in the past two cold European winters;which occurred at a time of low solar activity. The Arctic itself, in models and in real life, was warmer than usual, as were parts of Canada. In contrast, northern Europe, swathes of Russia and bits of America were colder.伊内森士发现热带地区平流层中的紫外线含量低,因而就更凉爽,因为那里没有足够的紫外线可以吸收,也就意味着热带地区平流层的气温和极地地区平流层的气温差异很大。这种情况改变了大气环流的方式。冬天,当大气环流变化散布到低一点的大气中时,自北极圈表层而来的冷空气很容易就能传播到南方,让北欧的大部分国家处于冰冻之中。这些状况和过去的两次发生在欧洲的严冬很相似;;那两次严冬都发生在太阳活动频率很低的时候。而北极圈本身,无论是作为模型还是实际情况,都比平常要温暖,加拿大部分地区也是如此。临近俄罗斯和美国的北欧则相反,显得比平时更冰冷。Why had this solar effect not been seen before? To some extent it had. Earlier modelling of a period of prolonged low solar activity in the 17th and 18th centuries showed similar patterns. That models of todayrsquo;s climate had not was, in part, because they used much lower estimates of the amount of UV variation over the solar cycle than those derived from the SORCE data, the most precise to be taken from a satellite looking at the sun. It may just be that working with more realistic data made the model work better.为什么我们之前没有看出这种日光影响呢?某种程度上,我们看到过。更早以前,对17、18世纪时太阳活动持续不活跃的那段时期所做的模型也体现了同样的结构。但如今的气候模型却没有体现出来。部分原因是因为对太阳圈内紫外线变化量的估计比直接从SORCE中得来的要低的多。SORCE观察太阳所得出的数据,比其他的卫星更为精准。那么用更为接近实际的数据做模型或许更为可靠。This does not mean the question is settled. Some scientists suspect the SORCE data may be exaggerating the sunrsquo;s variability, and if they were revised the link might go away. There are other theories around seeking to explain the recent cold winters, too. Improving predictions of future cold winters on the basis of this work, as the researchers say they would like to do, may thus prove hard.这并不意味着问题解决了。一些科学家怀疑SORCE的数据可能夸大了太阳的变化性,如果数据一经修改,两者的关联可能也不复存在了。还有其他一些理论也正寻求解释最近冷冬的原因。研究员们说,他们想通过这些理论模型来改进预测未来冷冬的准确性,但看来并不那么容易。But though global warming has made people look to models as predictors of the future, that is not their strongest suit. Something they can do much better is look at what happens when a variable such as UV is altered, compare that with the data, and thus gain insight into the mechanisms by which climate works. This new research provides a good example of what such an approach can achieve.尽管全球变暖让人们将模型视为未来的预言者,这却不是模型的最大作用。它们还有更大的作用,它们能观察当一个变量改变时(如紫外线)会发生什么,并与数据作比较,从而洞察出气候变化的机制。这项新的研究为这种方法所能取得的结果提供了好的例子。stratospheric adj. 同温层的, 平流层的alternative adj. 非此即彼的; 供选择的stratosphere n.同温层putatively adv. 推定地circulate v. 循环exaggerate v. 夸张, 夸大mechanism n. 机械201111/162709

US Treasury Secretary Assures China Its Dollar Assets Are Safe盖特纳:中国持有美元资产很安全U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is reassuring the Chinese government that its huge holdings of dollar assets are safe.美国财政部长盖特纳向中国政府重申,北京持有的巨额美元资产是安全的。As evidence of the importance of the Sino-American relationship, China is Secretary Geithner's only destination on this trip. His official duties in Beijing began Monday, with a speech at Peking University, where he attended in 1981.美国财政部长盖特纳此次出访的唯一目的地就是中国,这明了美中关系的重要性。他对北京的正式访问从星期一开始。他在北京大学发表演讲。1981年,盖特纳曾经在北大读书。Geithner says it is crucial for the ed States and China to work together to effectively combat the global economic downturn.盖特纳说,美中两国合作对成功地遏制全球经济衰退来说十分关键。"How successful we are in Washington and in Beijing will be critically important to the economic fortunes of the rest of the world," he said.他说,“华盛顿和北京的成功与否对世界其他地区的经济前景至关重要。”China is the biggest foreign owner of U.S. Treasury bonds. American data shows that China held 8 billion in treasury securities as of March.中国是美国联邦债券最大的海外债权人。根据美国的数据,中国3月份持有7680亿美元的美国联邦债券。The English edition of the Beijing-based Global Times newspaper ran an article Monday in which 23 Chinese economists expressed deep concern that American debt poses great risks to the Chinese economy.北京出版的环球时报英文版星期一登载文章,报导23位中国经济学家对持有大量美国债券给中国经济带来的巨大风险表示相当担心。In response to a student's question about this issue, Geithner said Chinese assets are very safe.美国财政部长盖特纳在回答北大学生相关问题时说,中国持有的资产是非常安全的。The American official renewed pledges that the Obama administration will cut its huge fiscal deficits and promised future spending that would be, in his words, "very disciplined."这位美国财政部长再次保,奥巴马政府将削减巨额财政赤字,并承诺未来政府开,用他的话说,将“非常谨慎”。Speaking about major news back in the ed States, Geithner says he is optimistic General Motors and Chrysler will emerge from bankruptcy, without needing government assistance.盖特纳在谈到美国国内的重大新闻时说,他对通用汽车与克莱斯勒不需要政府援助可以从破产的废墟上浴火重生的前景感到乐观。"Their failure would have had a very, very substantial cost to the economy, as a whole," he said. "So the president decided that we would be willing to provide support if there was in place the kind of comprehensive restructuring plan to allow them to emerge viable as private entities, over time."盖特纳说,“它们的失败将会给整个经济造成非常实质性的伤害,因此,奥巴马总统决定,如果他们提出全面重组方案,可以使它们在一段时间里作为私营企业生存下去,我们愿意提供持。”Geithner met with some of his former Chinese professors in Beijing and visited a Ford Foundation economist training program set up by his father. He is to meet President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday.盖特纳在北京见到了曾经教过他的一些中国教授,参观了他父亲建立的福特基金会经济学家培训项目。他将在星期二会晤中国国家主席胡锦涛和总理温家宝。06/72462

Obama Pledges to Give Troops Support Needed in Battle奥巴马:美国在必要关头才会参战 U.S. President Barack Obama is promising new Navy and Marine Corps officers that he will only send young Americans into battle "when it is absolutely necessary." The president spoke Friday to the graduating class of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.美国总统奥巴马向刚毕业的海军军官和海军陆战队的军官发誓,他只将在绝对必要的关头才会派遣年轻美国人参战。奥巴马总统星期五在马里兰州安纳波利斯的海军学院对毕业生发表讲话。President Obama made a promise to the newly graduated Navy and Marine officers.奥巴马总统对海军学院刚毕业的海军和海军陆战队的军官作出了承诺。"It is a promise that as long as I am your Commander in Chief, I will only send you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy, the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support you need to get the job done," he said.奥巴马说:“只要我还是你们的统帅,我承诺我只会在绝对必要的时候才会把你们派遣到危险的地方。 而且我会给你们战略计划、明确的目标、设备以及你们完成任务所需要的持。”The president said that includes bringing the Iraq war to a responsible end and pursuing a new, comprehensive strategy to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-Qaida and its allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan.他说,这其中包括给伊拉克战争做出一个负责任的收尾,并推行一种新的、全面的战略,以破坏、摧毁和挫败在阿富汗和巴基斯坦的基地组织和它们的盟友。Mr. Obama and other Democrats have, in the past, accused the previous administration of President George Bush of sending U.S. troops to Iraq without adequate planning, equipment or protection.奥巴马和其他民主党人在过去,指责前布什政府在没有足够的规划、设备和保护体系的情况下把美军派遣到伊拉克。In Annapolis, the president once again contrasted his views on the treatment of terror suspects with those of the Bush administration. Without mentioning the issue specifically, he restated the philosophy he had laid out in Thursday's speech on national security.在安纳波利斯,奥巴马总统再次发表了他与布什政府关于如何处置恐怖分子嫌疑人的不同看法。他并没有提及具体问题,而是重申了他在星期四的国家安全讲话中的观点。"Because when American strays from our values, it not only undermines the rule of law, it alienates us from our allies, it energizes our adversaries and it endangers our national security and the lives of our troops," he said.奥巴马说:“因为当美国人偏离我们的价值观念时,它不仅破坏了法治,我们的盟友也会孤立我们,给我们的对手更多能量,而危及到我们的国家安全和军队的生命。”Mr. Obama also told the Naval Academy graduates the U.S. must overcome the full spectrum of threats, both conventional and unconventional.奥巴马还告诉美国海军学院的毕业生,美国必须克各种各样的威胁,包括常规和非常规的。"The nation-state and the terrorist network. The sp of deadly technologies and of hateful ideologies. Eighteenth-century-style piracy and 21st century cyberthreats," he said.奥巴马说:“像是国家和恐怖主义的网络,令人致命的科技和憎恨的意识形态的传播,十八世纪海盗风格和21世纪的网络威胁。”The president said he has stopped budget reductions in the Navy, and is building up the Marine Corps. He also promised service members higher pay, better child care and other benefits.奥巴马总统说,他已停止削减海军的预算,并加强建设海军陆战队。他还承诺提高军人的待遇,和给予军人小孩更好照料和其他福利。Mr. Obama said he intends to "maintain America's military dominance."奥巴马说,他打算将“保持美国的军事优势。”One of Friday's graduates is the son of John McCain, Mr. Obama's opponent in last year's presidential election.This is the last of the president's three commencement addresses this year, and his first at a military academy.05/71031

In the brief three weeks the pup has with his mother.His body weight would triple.As herds shrinks by a third.在短暂的三个星期,幼仔只能与母亲作伴。他的体重会重达三倍。而它的群体却缩短为原来的三分之一。A bull moves in soon after the birth to impregnate her again.Each beach master on these shores may have dozens of females in his harem.And 100 meetings to complete in less than a month.All the while having to fight off more and more challengers.在她生育后不久,一只公牛再次和她进行交配。每一个海滩的王者在其后宫都可能有很多佳丽。这些100多次的交配在不到一月之内即可完成。之后所有动物都开始抵抗越来越多的挑战者。词语解释:1. shrink v. 缩短2. impregnate v, 交配、3. harem n. 后宫163427

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