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郴州那家早泄医院好郴州市治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好Today in History: Thursday, January 17, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月17日,星期四On Jan. 17, 1961, in his farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against ;the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.;1961年1月17日,在总统德怀特D.艾森豪威尔的告别演说中警告“对政府来说,我们必须避免军工复合体自觉或不自觉带来的影响”。 1562 French Protestants were recognized under the Edict of St. Germain.1562年,在圣日耳曼敕令下,法国新教徒得到公认。1706 Statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston.1706年,政治家和发明家本杰明·富兰克林在波斯顿出生。1806 Thomas Jeffersons daughter, Martha, gave birth to James Madison Randolph, the first child born in the White House.1806年,托马斯·杰斐逊的女儿玛莎在白宫生下了第一个孩子詹姆斯·麦迪逊伦道夫。1893 Hawaiis monarchy was overthrown.1893年,夏威夷君主制被推翻。1893 Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the ed States, died in Fremont, Ohio, at age 70.1893年,美国第19任总统卢瑟福B.海耶斯在俄亥俄州弗里蒙特逝世,享年70岁。1899 Gangster Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.1899年,Gangster Al Capone在纽约布鲁克林出生。1945 Soviet and Polish forces liberated Warsaw during World War II.1945年,二战期间,苏联和波兰解放华沙。1945 Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, credited with saving tens of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, was taken into Soviet custody in Budapest, Hungary. (His fate has never been determined.)1945年,大屠杀期间拯救了成千上万犹太人的瑞典外交官拉乌尔·瓦伦贝里被苏联关押在匈牙利布达佩斯。(他的命运仍未知。)1946 The ed Nations Security Council held its first meeting.1946年,联合国安理会举行了第一次会议。1977 Convicted murderer Gary Gilmore was shot by a firing squad at Utah State Prison in the first U.S. execution in a decade.1977年,在犹他州州立监狱,美国十年来第一次由行刑队决了加里·吉尔杀人犯。1994 A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck Southern California, killing at least 61 people and causing billion worth of damage.1994年,南加州发生6.7级地震,造成至少61人死亡并导致200亿美元的损失。1995 A magnitude 7.2 earthquake devastated the city of Kobe, Japan; more than 6,000 people were killed.1995年,日本神户发生7.2级地震,超过6000人死亡。1997 A court in Ireland granted the first divorce in the Roman Catholic countrys history.1997年,在罗马天主教国家历史上,爱尔兰法院授予了第一对离婚。1998 President Bill Clinton became the first U.S. president to testify as a defendant in a criminal or civil suit when he answered questions from lawyers for Paula Jones, who had accused Clinton of sexual harassment.1998年,比尔·克林顿总统成为第一位在刑事或民事诉讼中作为被告的美国总统,他被控性骚扰,在法庭上回答葆拉·琼斯的律师的提问。2001 Faced with an electricity crisis, California used rolling blackouts to cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people.2001年,加利福尼亚州出现电力危机,成千上万的人被迫轮流停电。2008 Chess master Bobby Fischer died at age 64.2008年,国际象棋大师鲍比·菲舍尔去世,享年64岁。 /201301/221162郴州包茎环切多少钱 As the 70s turn into the 80s70年代末80年代初America feels bruised.美国陷入困境The Middle East oil crisis.中东石油危机American hostages in Iran.在伊朗的美国人质事件Surveys show only 22% of Americans trust the government.调查表明 仅剩22%的美国民众信任政府Unemployment and inflation are both at the highest levels since the Great Depression.失业和通货膨胀双双达到大萧条以来的最高水平America has endured economic downtimes before.美国曾经历过经济低谷In the 1930s,上世纪30年代 Roosevelt tries to bring America out of its Great Depression罗斯福采用积极的财政政策with government spending in new initiatives.将美国带出大萧条的阴霾But he also harnesses the power of a new media--同时 他充分利用了新媒体的力量radio-- to speak directly to the nation.用广播直接传播到全国Franklin Roosevelt had this truly mysterious capacity to speak through the radio in a way that富兰克林·罗斯福拥有神奇的魔力 他在广播中的讲话compelled not just the attention but the affection of millions upon millions of his countrymen.不仅能吸引民众的注意 还能激发他们的感情影响千百万民众Now half a century later,半个世纪之后a new President uses television in his attempt to restore the nations confidence.一位新总统利用电视重建整个国家的信心How can we not believe in the greatness of America.我们怎能不信任我们伟大的祖国How can we not do what is right and needed to preserve this last best hope of man on earth.又怎能不去行正义和必要之事去保护这世间最后的希望His nick name was the great communicator.他被称为伟大的沟通者He was able to articulate in a way他的那种清晰的表达方式that many people would accept as being innately American.能让人像认同自己美国人身份一样 认同他Americans wanted to believe美国人其实愿意相信that their country was good and strong.他们的国家是美好而又强大的And Reagan spoke to them in a voice that said ;Yes, we are;.里根向他们肯定 ;是的 我们美好而强大;My fellow citizens,同胞们I would like to speak to you tonight about our future,今晚我想和大家谈谈我们的未来about a great historic effort to give the words ;freedom;, ;fairness; and ;hope; new meaning and power for every man and woman in America.谈谈一项有历史意义的伟大努力 让;自由 公平 希望;这三个词 对每位美国公民都有新意义和新力量Specificly I want to talk about taxes.具体来说 我想谈谈税务的问题 /201304/234749Step 1 Drink water1.喝水Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and youthful.饮用足够的水,保持皮肤湿润年轻。Step 2 Rinse hair2.洗头Rinse your hair in lemon juice and water to lighten and beautify your hair, clarifying it with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. Repair hair ends by massaging mayonnaise into them and covering your hair with a shower cap for 15 minutes to an hour before rinsing.用柠檬汁和水洗头,让秀发光泽靓丽,用苹果醋效果也不错。用蛋黄酱,修复受损的发梢,戴上浴帽15分钟至1个小时的时间,然后清洗。Tip:The vinegar smell will dissipate quickly.小贴士:醋的味道很快就会消散。Step 3 Moisturize your scalp3.头皮保湿Thicken your hair by putting a couple drops of rosemary essential oil on your hairbrush before brushing.梳头之前在梳子上加几滴迷迭香精油,这样可以让头发更加厚密。Step 4 Get air and light4.户外活动Get outdoors at least 20 minutes each day, for the fresh look it gives the skin and for the healthy dose of vitamin D you get from sunlight.每天户外活动至少20分钟,这样可以让皮肤更加光洁新鲜,而且可以从阳光中获得充足的维生素D。Step 5 Baby your skin5.护理皮肤Moisturize before bed to keep the natural beauty of your skin. Wear pajamas and socks to bed to lock in the moisture while you sleep. Before bed, dab white toothpaste on any pimples to shrink them.上床睡觉之前为皮肤进行保湿,保持皮肤天然的美丽。睡觉的时候穿好睡衣裤和袜子来保湿。睡觉之前,在粉刺上涂抹少量牙膏。Tip:Dont take too long or too hot a bath, both of which can dry your skin.小贴士:不要沐浴太长时间,水温也不要太热,否则会导致皮肤干燥。Step 6 Liven your eyes6.亮丽双眼Rely on eye makeup shades that match or complement your skin tone. Liven your eyes with a shimmery highlight along the inner corners and rims of the lower lids to add some sparkle.选择适合自己皮肤的眼妆。眼角和下眼眶用发光的眼影增添亮丽效果。Step 7 Make up with cream7.使用乳霜Use a light-colored cream, gel, or mousse blush for sheer coverage. The shade should approximate a flush truer to skin tone.Select a cream formula lipstick in your natural lip hue as well to achieve a natural beauty.使用浅色乳霜,凝胶或腮红来进行简单的遮瑕,颜色最好接近肤色。选择乳霜形式的润唇膏来获得天然的美丽。Step 8 Care for feet8.护理双脚Add vinegar to hot water in a small tub and soak your feet for 30 minutes every day. Remove corns with a pumice stone or emery board while your feet are soaking.向热水中加醋,每天泡脚30分钟。泡脚的时候,使用修指甲锉或轻石来去除角质。Step 9 Eat for good skin9.饮食Eat foods with essential fatty acids, which are important for beautiful skin. A deficiency of EFA can result in acne,seborrhea, redness, eczema, frequent infections, and slow wound healing.食用含有必需脂肪酸的食物,脂肪酸对于皮肤的美丽是非常重要的。缺乏必需脂肪酸会导致粉刺,皮脂溢出,潮红,湿疹,经常感染,伤口愈合缓慢。Tip:Eliminate any unnecessary medications to stem the accumulation of toxins that can undermine your natural radiance.小贴士:避免任何不必要的药物,阻止毒素积累,否则会伤害你的皮肤天然的光泽。Step 10 Soak yourself10.克制自己Use the last hours of the evening to wind down. Avoid sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to get a good nights sleep and prevent baggy eyes.使用晚上最后几个小时的时间来放松。避免糖,咖啡和酒精,享受一晚精致睡眠,避免黑眼圈。201211/207430郴州男科检查费用

郴州东方男科医院治疗龟头炎多少钱照片上的你眼睛紧紧地闭着,或者照片中的你比现实至少胖十斤,我敢打保你绝对从内心深处想把这些照片扔到垃圾篓的底部。。  专家认为,与在柔和的光线下拍照不同,单调的光甚至照在红地毯上反射的光线都会让照相机在获取景物尺寸时产生错觉。通过调换拍摄角度或者调整光线强度就能达到所需要的影像效果,这些因素能够伪装不需要的赘肉而照出理想的脸型或身材。 How To Look Thinner in Photographs on HowcastContrary to popular belief, pictures do lie. So make sure they’re saying you’re skinnier than you really are.You Will NeedA monochromatic outfit A body shaper A heavy object to hold A natural smile High heels Step 1: Dress for success(拍照前,选择上下一色的衣)If you know in advance you’re going to be photographed, dress all in one color, wear a body shaper, and make sure your clothes fit well.Women who are wearing a dress or skirt should strap on some high heels — the kind that dramatically arches your foot. This will make your legs look thinner and more toned.Step 2: Check the camera height(调整好相机的角度,不要从下面往上拍,容易显胖)Make sure you are not being photographed from below; that angle alone can add up to 50 pounds!Step 3: Put your best foot forward(将一只脚略微前倾)Ladies, if you’re standing, strike a red carpet pose by turning a bit sideways and putting one leg in front of the other, toe pointed at an angle and knee slightly bent. Shift your weight to the back leg.Step 4: Cross your legs(双腿交叉)If you’re sitting, cross your legs and tuck the calf of the front leg partly behind the bottom leg.Step 5: Keep your chin up(下巴略微向前伸)To avoid the ded double chin, tilt your chin a bit upward.Press the back of your tongue up against the back of the roof of your mouth. This tenses the muscles in your jaw, minimizing a double chin.Step 6: Position your arms(手臂动作很重,最经典的就是一只手放在臀部)Position your arms so that they are away from your body. Placing one on a hip is a good look.Bare arms? Hold something heavy in your hands; it will make your arms look toned.Step 7: Suck in your stomach(收腹)Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and suck your stomach in and up, like you’re trying to zip up a tight pair of jeans.In a group shot, position yourself in the back; those closest to the lens look the biggest.Step 8: Don’t say cheese(不要大笑,自然最好)Don’t say cheese; it will give you chipmunk cheeks. Just go for a natural smile.In 2008, a Texas congressional candidate caught flak for mailing out a brochure showing a composite photo of his head on a slimmer body.201007/109692湖南省郴州市治疗尿道炎多少钱 When it comes to your love life, are your past and your present on a collision course? Prevent a crash by asking yourself some tough questions.在恋爱生活方面,你的前任和现任是否会碰面?问自己几个严肃的问题,避免冲突。Step 1 Assess the situation1.评估形势Ask yourself why your ex is still enough of a presence in your life to be creating problems in your current relationship.问一下自己,为何你的前任仍然经常出现在你的生活中,以至于可能对现在的恋情造成问题。Unless its because you share children, consider curtailing your involvement with them -- or cutting off contact completely.除非两人有共同的孩子,尽量减少与前任接触,甚至完全切断联系。Step 2 Do some soul searching2.反思自己的心理Do some soul searching: Do you like having rivals for your attention? Are you keeping your ex as a back-up in case things dont work out with your new partner? Do you harbor hopes of getting back together? If the answer is ;ys; to any of these questions, youre not being fair to either person.反思一下自己的想法:你是否喜欢情人为你争风吃醋?你是否想要你的前任作为后备人选,以防现在的恋情失败?你是否还幻想和前任复合?如果以上任何一个问题的是肯定的,你对他们两个人都是不公平的。Step 3 Prioritize3.现任优先Put your current partners needs and feelings ahead of your exs. If you cant, consider what that says about your present commitment.优先考虑现任情人的需求和感受。如果做不到的话,你要考虑一下你的忠诚度了。Step 4 Dont engage the ex4.不要理会前任Dont play along with an ex whos intentionally trying to cause trouble. If they come by unannounced, dont let them in. If they call and text incessantly, ignore them. If you have to call them back, do it in front of your current partner.如果你的前任试图制造麻烦,不要理会他们。如果他们没有提前告诉你就来了,不要让他们进来。如果他们经常打电话或发短信,可以视而不见。如果必须回电话,在现任情人面前。Beware of an ex who only wants you back when you are happily settled into a new relationship.当你开心地开始一段新的恋情时,一定要警惕一心想要复合的前任。Step 5 Be above board5.光明正大Dont contact your ex behind your current lovers back. Live by this rule: If you wouldnt feel comfortable telling your partner about it, you shouldnt be doing it.不要背着现任联系你的前任。要记住这条规则:如果你觉得告诉现任这一切会让你觉得不舒,这说明你根本不应该这样做。Step 6 Present a united front6.出双入对Present a united front when possible: It will show your ex youve moved on, and reassure your partner that your past isnt a threat. Remember: Your ex cant destroy your relationship without your help.在可能的情况下尽量出双入对,这可以向你的前任展示你开始了新的恋情,并且可以向现任保你的前任不是威胁。记住:如果没有你的帮助,你的前任不可能破坏你的恋情。Divorced couples who dont have children get along better than those who do, according to studies.根据研究,没有孩子的离婚夫妇相比有孩子的离婚夫妇相处的更好。 201302/224027郴州市第一人民医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

郴州男科比较好的医院Tired of not knowing where your food comes from? Follow these steps to grow your own delicious, organic produce.厌倦了辨别食品来源?遵循以下简单的步骤,自己种植美味的有机农产品。You Will Need你需要Farmland农田Natural pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides天然杀虫剂,肥料和杀菌剂Crop rotation作物轮作Cover crops肥田作物A green thumb园艺技能Steps步骤Step 1 Learn the basics1.学习基本技巧Understand the basics. In organic farming, the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers is prohibited. Instead, farmers use natural methods to create and maintain healthy soil, control weeds, reduce pests, and manage diseases.掌握基本技巧。在有机农业中,禁止使用合成杀虫剂或肥料。农民使用天然的方法来改良和维持土壤,控制杂草,减少害虫,管理疾病。Any organization selling more than ,000 of organic produce a year must be certified by the USDA. 每年销售超过5,000美元的有机农产品的任何机构都必须通过美国农业部的认。Step 2 Make a crop rotation plan2.制定轮作计划Develop a crop rotation plan. Maximize soil efficiency and reduce pests and diseases by planting different crops in a particular location from year to year. 制定作物轮作计划。每年在特定的位置种植不同的作物,实现土壤效率最大化,减少虫害和病害。Step 3 Use compost and fertilizers3.使用堆肥和有机肥料Recycle plant waste, manure, and other organic materials in a compost pile for use as fertilizer. Seed meal and mineral powders like rock phosphate and greensand can also be used to keep soil fertile and at the right pH. 回收植物废料,粪便和其他有机物质,制作堆肥,用作肥料。粗粉和矿物质粉末,例如磷钙土和绿砂都可以用于保持土壤肥沃,酸碱平衡。Step 4 Manage soil and weeds4.管理土壤和杂草Use beneficial plants called cover crops in the same field or garden as the main crop to keep the soil in good condition naturally, draw pests away, and smother weeds. For more thorough weed control, pick them by hand or use natural herbicides like corn gluten meal.在同一片农田或花园中种植有益的肥田作物来保持土壤良好状况,驱赶害虫,抑制杂草。为了更彻底地控制杂草,用手将他们拔掉,或者使用天然除草剂,例如玉米麸质。Step 5 Reduce pests5.减少害虫Reduce pests without using chemicals by trimming away dying material, and housing plants in row covers or in a greenhouse. 不用化学物质也可以减少害虫。可以修剪掉坏死的植株,覆盖或者在温室中种植。You can also encourage beneficial organisms like birds and insects that prey on pests to live in your field or garden.也可以让一些有益的鸟类或昆虫来捕杀农田或花园中的害虫。Step 6 Manage disease6.疾病管理Manage disease by removing diseased or dying plants. Use organic fungicides or cultivate good bacteria to combat harmful bacteria. At harvest time, enjoy the fruits -- and vegetables -- of your labor! 切除患病或病死植株来管理疾病。使用有机杀菌剂或培养有益细菌来抵抗有害细菌。在收获季节,尽情享受自己辛勤劳动换来的果实和蔬菜吧!Almost 70 percent of U.S. shoppers bought at least one organic product over a three-month period. 接近70%的美国购物者每三个月至少购买一次有机农产品。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/237530 郴州少精症的治疗费用郴州包皮过长手术哪里好



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