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上饶自体脂肪填充多少钱上饶玉山县做黑脸娃娃多少钱玉山县人民医院修眉手术多少钱 A generic targeted drug to treat cancer manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company hit market recently.我国制药公司生产的一种仿制靶向抗癌药物于日前上市。The new gefitinib cancer-treating drug, whose Chinese commercial name is Yiruike, was produced by Qilu Pharmaceutical (Qilu).这款新上市的吉非替尼抗癌药由齐鲁制药研制,中文名是伊瑞可。Its release ends an almost decade-long monopoly by Iressa, developed by British multinational biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and introduced to China in 2005.伊瑞可的上市结束了易瑞沙在国内市场近10年的垄断。易瑞沙由英国跨国生物制药公司阿斯利康研制,于2005年引入国内。Yiruike was approved for marketing by the China Food and Drug Administration after Iressa#39;s patent protection expired in April 2016, Qilu said.齐鲁制药称,易瑞沙的专利保护于2016年4月到期后,国家食品药品监督管理总局批准伊瑞可上市。Qilu#39;s general manager Li Yan said Yiruike, at less than RMB2,000 a pack, is a fraction of the price of the previously available drug, meaning more people in need can be helped.齐鲁制药总经理李燕称,伊瑞可的售价不到2000元/盒,是此前能买到的药物的价格的一小部分,这意味着更多有需要的人可以得到帮助。Gefitinib is a much-needed first line medicine used in targeted therapies against non-small-cell lung cancer, which accounts for about 80% of lung cancer cases in China.吉非替尼是靶向治疗非小细胞肺癌的急需一线药物,非小细胞肺癌约占我国肺癌病例总数的80%。Lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer in China. About 591,000 people die from lung cancer in China every year, according to the national cancer center. There are about 733,000 new cases every year.在中国,肺癌的致死人数要多于其他任何癌症。根据国家癌症中心的数据显示,每年我国大约会有59.1万人因肺癌去世,此外每年还会有73.3万的新增病例。 /201703/495051Until a couple of years ago, the thing that frightened me more than anything else — even more than my childhood terror of bats making a nest in my hair — was standing up before a group of benign people and opening my mouth.直到几年前,最让我害怕的事——比小时候害怕蝙蝠在我头发里筑窝还甚——就是面对一群善良的人们开口讲话。My fear of public speaking was as irrational as it was extreme. 我对公开发言的恐惧既严重,又没道理。So much so that I spent the first two decades of my working life going to great lengths to ensure I never had to do it. 以至于我用职业生涯的前二十年竭力确保自己永远不会跟这事沾边。Then, around my 40th birthday, I decided this was not only career limiting but also pathetic, and so started to force myself to accept invitations.后来,在我40岁生日前后,我认为这种恐惧不仅令我事业受限而且还很可悲,于是我开始强迫自己接受演讲邀约。The night before my first big speech I was so nervous I failed to sleep at all, and in the morning put on bright pink shoes in the fond hope that the jauntiness of my feet would trick the audience into thinking their owner felt the same way. 在我第一次重要演讲的前一夜,因为太过紧张我一点都睡不着觉,第二天早上我穿了双亮粉色的鞋,一厢情愿地希望自己轻快活泼的双脚可以哄得观众以为我本人也一样淡定自若。Fifteen years on I have dispensed with the pink shoes and speak with almost no fear. 十五年过去,我已不再需要粉色的鞋并且可以几乎无所畏惧地发言了。My body obligingly generates just about enough adrenalin so that I focus on what I am meant to be doing, but that’s about it.我的身体通情达理地分泌出刚好适量的肾上腺素让我既可以专注自己要做的事,又不会紧张过度。My history, and my sympathy for the millions similarly afflicted, means I get cross every time I see dud advice. 我的经历,以及我对数百万有类似困扰的人们的同情,让我每次见到没用的建议就火大。The Harvard Business Review recently published a piece on the subject in which it suggested the trick is to leverage our physical bodies to be more present. 《哈佛商业》(Harvard Business Review)近日发表了一篇关于这个问题的文章,其中提到克紧张的诀窍是调动我们的身体更多地感受当下。I have no idea what leveraging your body involves, but it does not sound comfortable. 我不知道要怎么调动身体,这听起来就不舒。In any case, being present before a speech is a bad idea. 不管怎样,在演讲前感受当下都是个馊主意。What you want to do is to absent yourself as much as possible in the hope of calming down a bit.那时你只想让自己尽可能脱离当下,以求能稍微冷静一点。Even more laughable is the tip that you get a good night’s sleep beforehand. 更可笑的是这个诀窍:你要在演讲前一晚睡个好觉。Quite how one is supposed to do that when the whole point about nerves is that they are incompatible with sleep is not made clear. 紧张之所以讨厌,就在于它让人睡不好觉,演讲前一晚紧张不已的时候究竟如何才能睡个好觉,文章倒没说。The more interesting question is which is worse: to zonk yourself with sleeping pills and be groggy in the morning, or to be sleepless and jangly with exhaustion?更有意思的问题是,下面两种情况哪一种更糟:是让自己吃几片安眠药睡过去然后第二天早上昏昏沉沉,还是一晚无眠后因筋疲力尽而过度聒噪。Over the years I have found an answer to this question and have developed a five-step approach to mastering the panic of presentations.这些年来我找到了这个问题的,并且形成了一套掌控演讲恐慌的五步法。First, on the question of substances, I have found the problem with sleeping pills is that they not only remove nerves but also remove all feeling altogether. 首先,关于是否使用药物的问题,我发现安眠药的问题在于,它在消除紧张的同时,也会把其它感受一并消除。Being shattered beats being a zombie.筋疲力尽总好过变成行尸走肉。Beta blockers, in extremis, work better for calming nerves. 如果非要吃药的话,用倍他乐克来安抚神经要好一些。So does a small amount of alcohol. 喝一点酒也同样可行。For a morning speech a nip from a hip flask may not be quite the thing, but for evening speeches one (or two) glasses of wine take the edge off.如果早晨演讲,从随身携带的小酒壶里喝两口可能不是太好,但如果演讲在晚上,喝上一杯(或两杯)红酒确实能安神。The next tip is to offset the fear of speaking with a larger, more rational one. 我的下一条小窍门是,用一种更大、更理性的恐惧来抵消对发言的恐惧。Once, when cycling to the place where I was due to speak, I narrowly avoided being squashed by a cement mixer. 曾经,我在骑车去演讲现场的路上,险些被一台混凝土搅拌车撞得稀巴烂。The reminder that I felt no fear at the very real risk of death, and every fear at risk of giving a slightly lame talk shamed me into being less afraid.想到自己面对非常切实的死亡风险尚且无所畏惧,对演讲可能表现不好的所有恐惧都让我感到羞愧,害怕之情也随之减轻。My third tip is to remind yourself how godawful most business people are at speaking. 我的第三条小窍门是,想想多数商界人士的演讲有多糟。The usual advice, ensure your speech goes before other people’s, only works if the others are unusually good. 通常教人克紧张的建议,都是让你确保自己比别人先发言,而这只在其他人表现得非常好时才奏效。Otherwise it is better to go later and calm yourself beforehand by watching their substandard performances and noting the audience’s boredom. 否则还是晚一点上台为妙,通过旁观别人差劲的表现、注意到听众对他们的演讲感到多么无聊来镇定自己。The bar is low: you can easily clear it.大家讲得都不怎么样:你很容易就能达到平均水准。The fourth piece of advice ought not to need saying: always arrive unfeasibly early. 第四条建议本应是不言而喻的:永远尽可能地提前到场。Reduce to zero the risk that speech nerves are compounded by lateness ones.杜绝这样的风险:因担心迟到而对演讲更加紧张。My final tip is the most painful, but also the most effective. 最后一招最痛苦,但也最有效。It is to practise in front of the world’s most unforgiving audience — a yawning teenager who never laughs at any of the jokes and keeps asking, How much more of this is there? Bad rehearsal, good performance.就是在全世界最挑剔的观众面前演练——一个任何笑料都难以取悦的呵欠连天的少年,还不停地问:还有多久完事?糟糕的预演,不错的表现。In the long term, there are two things that work better than these five tips put together. 长远看来,有两件事比上面五条加起来还管用。The first is experience. 第一就是经验。The more talks you give the less nervous you get — partly because you improve, but mainly because you work out that the world does not end if things do not go quite to plan.讲得越多你越淡定——部分原因在于你进步了,但主要是因为你懂得了,情况进展不尽如人意并非世界末日。Better still is getting old. 更管用的是年纪渐长。One of the beauties of being over 50 is that you go post-fear, at least at work. 年过五十的一件美事就是你超越了恐惧,至少在工作上是这样。I am still frightened by what is happening in the world. 我仍会被世界上发生着的事吓到。I am still frightened for my children. 我也仍会为我的孩子们担惊受怕。But I am no longer frightened about myself.但我不再会为自己惊慌失措。As for standing up in front of a friendly audience and talking on something I know about — I can hardly remember why it seemed so scary.至于面对一群友好的观众谈些我所了解的事——我已不大记得为什么以前它让我那么害怕。 /201611/478625铅山县人民医院祛疤手术多少钱

上饶脱毛蜜蜡信州区妇幼保健人民中医院美容整形科 Nordstrom Rack, a subsidiary of the American retailer giant Nordstrom, drew criticisms and anger after selling a hoodie showing Japanese soldiers killing Chinese people during the Nanjing Massacre in World War Two.Nordstrom Rack是美国零售商巨头百货诺德斯特龙的一家分店,因售卖背面印有一张大幅二战南京大屠杀时期日军屠杀中国人民题材照片的连帽衫,引发众怒,遭到强烈谴责。The Andrea Hoodie, produced by the Happiness clothing company, prompted huge outrage online and was removed from sale later.The Andrea Hoodie系列帽衫是由幸福装公司制造的,在网络上激起了众怒,最终该商品被迫下架。Writing on Nordstrom#39;s Facebook page, many customers called for a boycott of the chain and the brand, while others called the hoodie ;horrifying.;在诺德斯特龙的脸书首页上,许多顾客号召抵制该连锁商店以及旗下产品,另一些人则称该款卫衣十分;恐怖;Chinese netizens were particularly furious after seeing the product put on sale on the Internet. One netizen said, ;Can you explain this? A picture of Nanjing Massacre on the back?;中国网民在发现这款产品上市后对这种行为表示极度愤怒,一位网民说到:;居然在衣后面印上南京大屠杀的图片,你们能给个说法吗?;Floods of angry comments followed. ;When did Nordstrom hire a Nazi designer?; One netizen commented.随后表示愤怒的就炸开了锅,一位网民道;诺德斯特龙什么时候雇了一个纳粹设计师?;;As a Chinese, I feel deeply insulted by Norstrom and the designer. Please share and boycott Nordstrom for selling such an outrageous design based on the Rape of Nanjing,; another netizen complained.另一名网民则表示:;作为一名中国人,我感到被该公司以及其设计师深深地侮辱了。请转发并抵制诺德斯特龙售卖这样的商品,以南京惨案为设计主题,简直让人恼怒!;The Nanjing Massacre was an episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese invaders against the residents of Nanjing in December 1937. Over 300,000 Chinese people were killed in the Massacre.南京大屠杀是指1937年12月,当时的南京政府沦陷后,日军在南京进行包括抢掠、强奸,对大量平民及战俘进行屠杀的历史事件。共有超过30万的中国人民遭到了屠杀。The hoodie design shows a scene taken from the film City of Life and Death, which told the story of the massacre.该款帽衫的设计图案引用的是电影《南京!南京!》的剧照,该电影讲述的就是关于南京大屠杀的故事。 /201611/479803上饶肿瘤医院做隆胸手术多少钱

万年县妇幼保健人民中医院减肥瘦身多少钱Reshooting TV series has been a common topic in China in recent years. Overshadowed by the glamour of original TV productions, new versions of classic works, more often than not, have had audiences complaining about nonsensical plot points, poor acting skills and ubiquitous embedded marketing.近年来,电视剧翻拍已经成为一个常见话题。经典作品的翻拍版往往情节荒谬、演技糟糕且植入营销无处不在,新版作品在原版电视剧的魅力前黯然失色。A case in point is the never-ending reshooting of Lady White Snake, also known as the Legend of the White Snake, which mainly tells the love story between the White-Snake-turned Bai Suzhen, and Xu Xian.不断被翻拍的《白娘子》就是一个例子,这部剧主要讲述白蛇精白素贞和许仙之间的爱情故事。During the past two decades, new versions have constantly emerged. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and good-looking performers, the updated Lady White Snake has indeed offered a visual feast to audiences. But when it comes to love from the public, no version can hold a candle to the original.在过去20年间,该剧不断涌现出新的版本。凭借尖端科技和标致的演员,新版《白娘子》的确为观众带来了一场视觉盛宴。但是当提到观众的喜爱度时,没有任何一个版本能与原版相提并论。The legend was first adapted into a TV series in 1992 and performed by Hong Kong actresses Angie Chiu and Cecilia Yip. The Taiwan-produced TV shows achieved huge success, leading to the constant reruns by domestic TV stations every year until now.1992年,这一传奇故事首次被改编为电视剧,由香港女演员赵雅芝和叶童出演。这部台湾制作的电视剧大获成功,以至于到现在国内电视台每年还在重播该剧。But this time, a group of young post-00s artists seem to receive more praises than doubts and criticism.不过,这一次一群00后小演员受到的赞美似乎比质疑和批评要多。;They are just incredible. When I see the little Xu Xian crying for the loss of Bai Suzhen, my heart broke,; said Weibo user Xraindays.微用户Xraindays称:“他们太棒了。当我看到小许仙因为失去白娘子而流泪时,我的心都碎了。”;Those so-called little-fresh-meat actors charging so much for their performances should really examine themselves. Look at these children, they are not second to anyone,; another Weibo user Quiesrter added.另一位微用户Quiesrter表示:“那些片酬极高的所谓的小鲜肉演员真应该自我反省一下。看看这些孩子,他们不逊色于任何人。”The children#39;s version of Lady White Snake was produced by a program called Xiao Xigu, which literally means small artists in English, and features children in the roles of classic characters from Chinese literature and folklore.儿童版的《白娘子》是《小戏骨》节目制作的,该节目让儿童出演中国文学作品和民间传说中的经典角色。Promoting Traditional Culture弘扬传统文化According to Pan Liping, general director of Xiao Xigu, all the performers are selected within an age range between 6 and 12 years old.据总导演潘礼平称,所有演员都是年龄在6到12岁之间的孩子。;Enhancing children#39;s interest in traditional Chinese culture and letting young artists set an example for a majority of children are the original intentions of setting up the program,; said Pan.潘礼平称:“这档节目的初衷是为了提高孩子们对中国传统文化的兴趣,让年轻演员为广大儿童树立榜样。”Meng Yu, the Chinese actress who starred in The White-haired Girl, said, ;Nowadays, it is a pity to see many children are totally addicted to pop culture and ignore our fine traditions. And children at this stage are accepters not makers. Xiao Xigu, to some extent, shoulders the responsibility of passing on fine traditional culture to children.;出演《白毛女》的中国女演员孟玉表示:“很遗憾看到如今许多孩子完全沉迷于流行文化中,对我们的优秀传统置之不理。孩子们在这个阶段是接受者而不是创造者,在某种程度上,《小戏骨》肩负了将中国优良传统文化传递给儿童的责任。”Creating A New TV Show Model打造一种全新的电视节目模式Since its release, the program has successfully reshot many patriotic TV series including Liu Sanjie, Jiao Yulu, Red Guards on Honghu Lake and The White-haired Girl before triggering widesp concerns and praises on the internet. The film Liu Sanjie has aly received more than 100 million hits online so far.该档节目自开播以来,在网上引起广泛的关注和认可之前,就已经成功翻拍了多部爱国主义系列影视作品,其中包括《刘三》、《焦裕禄》、《洪湖赤卫队》和《白毛女》。目前,《刘三》的网络点击量已经超过1亿。Many people are curious about the classic TV series reshooting process, but there is more to Xiao Xigu than that. According to People#39;s Daily, the program consists of four parts, including open audition, TV shooting, professional teaching and behind-the-scenes.很多人对经典电视剧的翻拍过程都很好奇,但对于《小戏骨》来说不仅仅是翻拍。据《人民日报》报道,该节目由四部分组成,包括公开视镜、电视拍摄、专业教学和幕后故事。The selection process for performers follows the strict rule to provide the exact person for the exact role.甄选演员的过程严格遵循根据角色选择人的原则。Meanwhile, in contrast with the large budgets in TV, low production cost is a worthwhile aspect to be mentioned. According to Pan Liping, it only costs thousands of yuan to film each episode. But a small budget doesn#39;t mean poor quality. In terms of shooting scenes and props, careful research is done and the crew tries their best to restore the familiar scenes in the original version.同时,值得一提的是与电视节目的高预算相比,该节目的制作成本颇低。潘礼平表示拍一集的成本仅为几千元。但是预算低不代表品质差。工作人员在拍摄场景和道具方面做了仔细的研究,他们竭尽所能还原原版中的场景。The Burden of Popularity走红的负担Given the tremendous popularity of Lady White Snake, this group of little artists has led their lives in the spotlight.由于《白娘子》的超高人气,这群小演员已经生活在了聚光灯下。Ten-year-old Tao Yixi, the female lead in Lady White Snake, now boasts more than 50,000 followers in Sina Weibo. Each time she releases a message on her personal account, she receives many comments and likes.《白娘子》女主演陶奕希今年10岁,她的新浪微现在有5万多粉丝。每次她在私人账号上发消息都能收到许多和点赞。Many parents express their concern for these children as they are too involved in entertainment and think early fame may exert some negative influences on their growth.很多家长对这些孩子过早参与节目表示担忧,认为少年成名可能对他们的成长产生消极影响。;It really surprises me that the average age of these children is 7. Indeed, they have done a good job in the performance. But I wonder if they can really understand the complex emotions between a snake and a person,; commenter Chen Qiulin wrote in a passage online.家陈秋林在一篇网络文章中写道:“这些孩子们的平均年龄只有7岁,这真的让我很震惊。他们的表演的确很棒。但是我想知道他们是否真的能够理解人与蛇之间复杂的感情。” /201610/472503 Michel Stone, Border Child迈克尔斯通 《边境小孩》In Stone#39;s first novel, The Iguana Tree, Héctor makes the risky border crossing from Mexico into the US and finds a good job in South Carolina. When his wife Lilia follows him, she is separated from their infant daughter Alejandra. Border Child begins several years later, back in their home village in Oaxaca, where both of them mourn their Alejandra, fearing she is dead. Then comes a message that they might be able to find her. As Lilia prepares for the birth of their third child, haunted by the consequences of her actions, Héctor sets off on a search that leads to a possibility neither had considered. Stone makes palpable the vulnerabilities and exploitation of Lilia and Héctor, hard-working parents seeking a better future for their family. (Credit: Doubleday)在斯通的第一部小说《鬣蜥树》中,赫克托从墨西哥冒险跨越边境来到美国,之后在南卡罗来纳州谋得一份好工作。赫克托的妻子莉莉娅在跟随他时,被迫和他们年幼的孩子阿莱杭德娜分开。几年后,当赫克托和妻子回到他们在瓦哈卡的家乡,为可能已经死去的孩子阿莱杭德娜悲伤时,《边境小孩》的故事由此展开。这时,有消息传来说他们或许能找到阿莱杭德娜。在莉莉娅准备生育第三个孩子时,赫克托对妻子怀带来的后续影响很是苦恼,于是他动身去探寻阿莱杭德娜的下落,由此遇到了以前从未设想过的事情。通过描写莉莉娅和赫克托为了家庭的美好未来而辛苦奋斗的过程,斯通让读者真切感受到了这对父母身处弱势深受剥削的境地。(来源:双日出版社)David George Haskell, The Songs of Trees大卫乔治哈思克 《树之歌》Haskell makes repeated visits to a dozen trees around the world. “The forest presses its mouth to every living creature and exhales,” he writes in the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador, a place of unrivaled plant diversity. There he climbs to the crown of a giant ceiba tree at least 150 years old and traces its connections to plant, animal, bacterial and fungal life. He visits an olive plantation in Jerusalem, and tracks seasons of new growth after a green ash falls on the Cumberland plateau in Kentucky. On New York#39;s Upper West Side he wires a Callery pear planted above the subway, describing how the city#39;s sounds affect the tree#39;s growth (“when a plant is shaken, it grows more roots”). Each acutely observed essay is resonant as a poem.(Credit: Viking)哈思克多次前往观察分布在世界各地的十二棵树木。厄瓜多尔的植物多样性极其丰富,在这里的亚马逊热带雨林里,他写道“森林里所有的生物都散发出自己的气息”。他还在这里爬上了一棵巨型木棉树的树冠,这棵树至少有150岁树龄。他记录了这棵树与其他动植物、细菌还有真菌的联系。在耶路撒冷,他去参观当地的一家橄榄种植园。在肯塔基州的昆伯兰高原,他记录下一颗洋白蜡树种子扎根后在各个季节的生长情况。在纽约上西区,他将电线绕在一棵长在地铁上方的豆梨树上,以此记录城市的声音对豆梨生长的影响(例如“当树受到摇晃时,它会长出更多的树根”)。每一篇观察敏锐的散文都像诗歌一样朗朗上口。(来源:维京出版社)Nick Joaquin, The Woman Who Had Two Navels and Tales of the Tropical Gothic尼克华奎因 《有两个肚脐的女人和热带哥特故事集》For the centenary of his birth comes the first US publication of a compilation of work from Filipino writer Nick Joaquin, including his best-known stories and the 1966 play A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino. Joaquin#39;s writing is laced with references to his country#39;s colonial history, Catholicism and pre-Christian rituals. The “two navels” in the title story refer to symbolic ties to Spanish and American colonial periods. (The once-heroic father in the story, who chooses exile in Hong Kong over American occupation, is overcome with despair when he finds his ancestral house in Dinondo destroyed.) May Day Eve and The Summer Solstice dramatise the lure of pagan celebrations (in the latter, Dona Lupe is transformed after joining dancing village women: “her eyes brimmed with moonlight, and her mouth with laughter”). (Credit: Penguin)在华奎因诞辰一百年的时候,美国第一次出版了菲律宾作家尼克华奎因的作品集,其中包括一些知名的小说以及1966年出版的剧本《作为菲律宾人的艺术家肖像》。华奎因在写作时会融入自己国家的殖民历史、天主教和基督教诞生以前的礼制仪式。小说书名里的“两个肚脐”象征着西班牙和美国殖民时期的关系。(小说里,曾经十分英勇的父亲,在美军占领家乡之后选择流落到香港,但在发现位于Dinondo的祖屋被摧毁后陷入了绝望。)在五朔节前夕和夏至,异教徒们会举办盛大的庆祝活动。(夏至庆祝活动上,卢皮夫人加入当地妇女的跳舞行列之后发生了变化:“她的眼睛里闪烁着月光的银辉,嘴角也扬起了笑容”)。(来源:企鹅出版社)Lesley NnekaArimah, What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky莱斯利奈卡亚丽玛 《当人从天而降的时候意味着什么》From the Nigerian-born, Minneapolis-based Arimah comes a story collection full of dazzlers. Light, in which a father taking care of his 11-year-old daughter in Nigeria while her mother is in the US pursuing her MBA discovers he wants to preserve her “streak of fire”, won the 2015 African Commonwealth Prize. In Who Will Greet You at Home, a National Magazine Award finalist after publication in The New Yorker, an assistant hairdresser creates a yearned-for baby out of hair, only to discover its insatiable appetites. In the dystopian title story, a finalist for the 2016 Caine Prize, a woman who specialises in calculating grief faces the question “What would happen if you couldn#39;t forget, if every emotion from every person whose grief you#39;d eaten came back up” (Credit: Riverhead Books)作者亚丽玛出生于尼日利亚,居住在美国明尼阿波利斯。她写了一本充满光怪陆离元素的故事集,并获得了2015年非洲联邦奖。在故事《光》中,父亲在妻子去美国攻读工商管理学硕士时,独自待在尼日利亚照顾他们11岁的女儿,他发现他想要保护女儿的“火花”。《谁会在家里迎接你》在《纽约客》发表后入围国家杂志奖,书中的一位美发师助理用头发创造出一个自己渴望的婴孩,却发现这个婴孩欲壑难填。在一个入围了2016凯恩文学奖的反乌托邦标题的故事中,一位总是在计算各种悲伤的女人直面这个问题:“如果你无法忘记从每个人表情中吸收的悲伤,那会发生什么?”(来源:河源出版社)Richard Bausch, Living in the Weather of the World理查德鲍什 《生活在世界大环境之下》These 14 flawless new stories from a master craftsman deal with betrayals, distances and unspoken family conflict. In The Same People, as a couple married for decades prepare to end their lives, the wife says, “I wish we#39;d had children.” The young Memphis painter in The Lineaments of Gratified Desire finds his engagement disrupted when he is commissioned by a wealthy 83-year-old to paint a nude portrait of his 23-year-old bride-to-be. Two Iraq war veterans drink cognac with a Vietnam vet who owns a Memphis bar; Veterans Night ends in tragedy. As the gloomy narrator of Map-Reading a gay man estranged from his family who is meeting his half sister on a windy, rainy day, puts it, “this was life in the world: getting yourself drenched even with an umbrella.” (Credit: Knopf)这14篇完美的全新故事出自一位文坛巨匠之手,他善于描写背叛、隔阂以及其他难以言说的家庭矛盾。在《相同的人》一文中,一对已经结婚几十年的夫妇准备结束他们的生命时,妻子说“我们当初要是有个孩子就好了”。而在《心满意足的模样》一文中,来自孟菲斯的年轻画家被一位83岁的富翁指派,要求他给自己23岁的未婚妻画一幅裸体像,二人的婚约因此被扰乱。在《老兵之夜》一文中,两名参加过伊拉克战争的老兵同一名越南老兵一起喝白兰地,这名越南老兵在孟菲斯拥有一家酒吧,故事最后以悲剧收尾。《读地图》一文中,故事的讲述者是一位忧郁的同性恋,被自己的家庭疏远,还在既刮风又下雨的天气里遇见了自己同父异母的,他说“这就是这个世界上的生活:即使你撑着雨伞,你还是会被淋湿。”(来源:诺夫出版社)David Owen, Where the Water Goes大卫欧文 《水都去哪了》The New Yorker staff writer Owen examines the origins, scope and current state of the Colorado river in the American West that supplies water to more than 36 million people, irrigates six million acres of farmland, and powers two of the country#39;s largest hydroelectric plants. Over the last century the river#39;s water has been “over-allocated,” Owen writes; this imbalance has been exacerbated by the drought in the West. He brings us to key spots along the river, from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, the Imperial Valley, and the Salton Sea. He describes struggles with water shortages, and solutions that may arise in the future, including desalinization, diverting other rivers, and cloud seeding. Where the Water Goes is an eloquent argument for addressing the impact of human inhabitants on the natural world. (Credit: Riverhead Books)《纽约客》特约撰稿人欧文考察了美国西部科罗拉多河的源头、流域和现状。这条河流为3600多万人提供水源,灌溉600万英亩农田,而且还为美国最大的两座水电站供能。欧文写道,过去一个世纪里,这条河的水资源已经被“过度使用”。美国西部的旱情更是加剧了这一不平衡性。他介绍了沿河的几个主要地点,包括大峡谷、、帝王谷以及沙尔顿海。他在书中描述了未来可能会出现的缺水问题及其应对方法,包括淡化海水、其他河流改道以及人工降雨。《水都去哪了》是为解决人类居住者对大自然影响而提出的有力论述。(来源:河源出版社 Riverhead Books)Martha Cooley, Guesswork玛莎库利 《猜测》Cooley spends a 14-month sabbatical from her life in Brooklyn in the medieval village of Castiglione del Terziere with her Italian husband, Antonio Romani, a fellow writer and translator. There she comes to terms with the deaths of eight dear friends within the past decade. Her mother, nearing 90, is becoming increasingly frail. Her father suffers from dementia. These accumulated losses, she writes ;have upended me.; Cooley describes her daily life with Antonio, the feral cats and bats and villagers they encounter. She muses on time, mortality and ambition. Midway through her break, she realises she has dwelt more upon endings than on beginnings – a new novel, a new marriage. In these lyrical essays, Cooley brings us along vicariously to feel time loosen its grip, allowing a renewing self to emerge. (Credit: Catapult)库利从她在布鲁克林的生活中抽身出来,和她的意大利丈夫安东尼奥罗马尼一起在Castiglione del Terziere(地名)的中世纪村庄里度过了一个长达14个月的假期。她的丈夫也是一名作家兼翻译家。过去十年里,她有八位挚友去世,在那里她开始接受他们的死亡。她的母亲快90岁了,身体越来越虚弱。她的父亲患有痴呆症。她写道,这些不断失去的经历“让我不堪重负”。库利描述了她和安东尼奥的日常生活,他们遇到的野猫、蝙蝠还有村民。她会思索时间、生死和人生抱负的意义。在休假的过程中,她意识到相比于开始一件事,像是一部新小说或者婚姻的开端,她以前更看重结尾。库利的抒情散文让我们产生共鸣,感觉到时间放慢脚步,让自己重获新生。(来源:Catapult)Leonora Carrington, The Complete Stories利奥诺拉卡林顿 《完整故事集》Carrington, the surrealist painter, was also a writer of strangely dark and unearthly short stories, collected here for the first time (and including three previously unpublished tales) – those in French are translated by Kathrine Talbot, those in Spanish by Anthony Kerrigan. Born in Lancashire on the day the US declared war on Germany, Carrington ran off to France with Max Ernst at 19. When he was interned, she became unhinged and ended up in an asylum, given the pharmaceutical equivalent of shock treatment. Witness to cruelties and terrible disruptions of reality, Carrington wrote stories filled with fluid creatures caught somewhere between animal, vegetable, mineral and human. One narrator sends a hyena in her place to her debutante ball; another visits a nearby house to discover her neighbors are long dead, possibly vampires. Like her paintings, Carrington#39;s stories are hauntingly original. (Credit: Dorothy)卡林顿是一位超现实主义画家,同时也是一名从事奇异黑暗和灵异短篇小说写作的作家。本书首次集合了这些短篇小说,其中包括三篇以前从未发表的故事。该书法语版由卡特琳塔尔特翻译,西班牙语版由安东尼凯里根翻译。美国对德宣战的那一天,卡林顿出生在兰开夏郡。19岁时,卡林顿和马克斯恩斯特一起逃往法国。马克斯被关押后,卡林顿精神错乱,最终被送到精神病院接受相当于休克治疗的药物治疗。由于亲身见了现实的残酷和混乱,卡林顿笔下的故事充满了多变的角色,他们介于动物、植物、矿物和人类之间。一个故事的讲述者在她的成人礼舞会上收到了一条鬣,还有的人在家附近发现她的邻居早就已经死了,很可能是吸血鬼。像她的画作一样,卡林顿的短篇故事也同样新颖令人难以忘怀。(来源:Dorothy)Anne Garreta, Not One Day安妮加里塔 《没有一天》“There#39;s only one key to unlock the secret of our subjectivity: desire,” writes French author Garreta, a member of the Oulipo school, which sets structural constraints on literary composition. The narrator of this short novel, translated from the French by Emma Ramadan, in its first English translation, commits to writing five hours a day for a month, recounting memories of lovers past. The goal: “not one day without a woman.” More than a year later, she has written a dozen portraits. There#39;s *B, whose attractiveness is “a super acute mental intensity”, pursued with uncertainty one night in Rome, and *E, who turns seductive after a boring academic symposium. These encounters and others unfold as Garreta pursues her playful task of “confession, or how to scrape the bottoms of mirrors”. Not One Day won France#39;s Prix Médicis. (Credit: Deep Vellum)法国作家加里塔写道:“解开我们内心世界秘密的钥匙只有一个,那就是欲望。”加里塔是乌力波流派(Oulipo,“潜在文学工场”的缩写)的一员,该流派在文学作品创作上设定了形式限制。这部短篇小说的首版英文翻译是艾玛拉马德从法语版本翻译而来,故事的讲述者承诺连续一个月每天写作五小时,叙述对过往恋人的回忆。她的目的是:“每天都有女人相伴。”一年多后,她写出了十二个人物形象。*B想要在罗马寻找一夜情,其魅力是“超级敏锐、洞察一切的内心”。*E参加完无聊的学术研讨会后变身成性感的人。加里塔追求的是有趣的“坦白,或找出事情的真相”,这些遭遇和其他故事据此展开。《没有一天》获得法国美第奇奖。(来源:Deep Vellum出版社)Adam Kirsch, The Global Novel: Writing the World in the 21st Century亚当基尔希 《全球小说:21世纪世界的写作》Award-winning critic Adam Kirsch achieves a fresh take on world literature in this collection of essays about eight global writers who encompass six languages and five continents. What unites these eight, Kirsch argues, “is the insistence on the global dimension not just of contemporary experience, but of contemporary imagination.” The new migrant novel is one of the most significant literary expressions of the 21st Century. In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie#39;s Americanah and Mosin Hamid#39;s The Reluctant Fundamentalist, the US is “a stage of life rather than a final destination”. Examining these plus Orhan Pamuk#39;s Snow, Margaret Atwood#39;s Oryx and Crake, Haruki Murakami#39;s IQ84, Roberto Bolano#39;s 2666, Elena Ferrante#39;s Neapolitan novels and Houllebecq#39;s The Possibility of an Island, Kirsch gives hope for “the capacity of fiction to reveal humanity to itself”. (Credit: Columbia Global Reports)屡次获奖的家亚当基尔希在这部全球八位作家的散文集中用新颖的角度审视了世界文学。这八位作家来自五个大洲,涵盖了六种语言。基尔希认为,将这八位作家集合在一起的“是对国际化的当代体验以及当代想象力的坚持。”新移民小说是21世纪最重要的文学形式之一。 在奇玛曼达恩戈齐阿迪奇埃的《大美妞》和莫辛哈米德的《拉合尔茶馆的陌生人》中,美国只是“一个人生的舞台,而不是终极目的地”。通过这些书,再加上奥罕帕慕克的《雪》、玛格丽特阿特伍德的《羚羊与秧鸡》、村上春树的《IQ84》、罗贝托波拉尼奥的《2666》、埃莱娜费兰特的《那不勒斯四部曲》和韦勒贝克的《一座岛屿的可能性》,基尔希对“小说揭示人性的能力”充满希望。(来源:哥伦比亚全球报告) /201704/502997上饶医学整形美容去痘多少钱上饶余干县玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱



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