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Traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles around, they drive the mullet onto the beach.海豚的速度高达每小时20英里,它们赶着鲻鱼往海滩去了。Trapped, the fish have nowhere to turn, flatting out their bodies like surf boards, they skim in just inches of the water. 因为被困,鱼儿无处可逃。它们平整的身体就像冲浪板在水中轻轻掠过。The surfer mums are the only dolphins in the world that hydroplane and beach like this.冲浪海豚是世界上唯一会在海滩划水的海豚。It looks fun, but this is a high risk game.看起来很有趣,但也很危险。They can easily strand, but with the few effortless wiggles, they are back in the water.很容易搁浅,但也能轻松的回到水中。Whats so fascinating is that its only the surfer mums and their daughters who surf like this.最吸引人的是,海豚妈妈和女儿们会像这样冲浪。Im getting a lot of exercise this morning, walking up and down the beach.早晨我在海滩上来回走了好几次。The surfing mums have new calves.冲浪海豚妈妈有小宝宝了。Its vital Janet gets photos so she can follow the daughters who are keeping the surfing tradition going.珍妮特拍了很多重要的照片。这样她就能研究还保持着冲浪海豚传统的海豚女儿们。We want to know after they graduated from nursing whether the calves, they are going to be beaches,我们想知道当它们离开妈妈襁褓后,是否还会冲浪。Ive got good shots of all of them, so Im pretty happy about that.我拍了很多照片,真的很开心。It has been a good day for Janet, but theres still no news on Puck or missing India.今天对珍妮特来说很不错,但还是没有帕克分娩和因迪亚的消息。 201405/295001

Remember that hit song from the 80’s that featured thechorus:还记得80年代那首红极一时歌曲吗?它的合声部分极有特色:And I would walk five hundred miles/and I would walk five hundred more/Just to bethe man who walks a thousand miles/to fall down at your door?我愿步行500里/我愿再行500里/成为行完千里路程,倒在你门前的男人。What sounds romantic in popsong fantasy would be painful in reality.流行歌曲里诠释的歌词传达给我们的感觉非常浪漫美好,但实际情况则是痛苦不堪。Anyone who walks a thousand miles would indeed fall down, thanks to the large blisters that wouldmost likely form on the heels and soles of weary feet.因为经过一千里的跋涉,疲惫的脚底和脚跟都极有可能会长出大水泡,所以任何人都会跌倒。Whether from playing too much basketball or jogging in ill-fitting sneakers, we’ve all had blisters.打篮球的时间太长或是穿着不合脚的运动鞋慢跑都会产生水泡。But what are blisters, and how do they form?但什么是水泡?它们是怎样形成的呢?Blisters come in all shapes and sizes, and some are more serious than others.水泡形状大小不一,有些水泡的症状比其它水泡要严重。The typical, jogging-related blister is a round patch of elevated skin containing a clear fluid.由于慢跑引起的典型水泡呈圆形,一小块皮肤会凸起并且里面含有透明液体。Blistering occurs when anupper layer of skin rubs against the underlying layer.当表皮与皮下层相互擦时,就会产生水泡。As a space opens between the skin layers, chemicals cause the blood vessels in the area to leakand allow a clear fluid to seep out and fill the space between layers of skin.当皮层之间形成隔离空间以后,化学物质造成此区域血管渗透,从而会有透明液体渗出,填充在皮层之间的部位。This fluid is a sort of clear plasma, or blood without the red blood cells.这种液体是一种透明的血浆,或者可以说是没有红细胞的血液。Blisters usually occur in the uppermost layers of skin, and are normally harmless.水泡通常出现在皮肤表层,对人体无害。Because the blood vessels are only made more porous but not actually damaged, red blood cells do not fill the blister.血管仅多了一些空隙而已,并没有实际遭到破坏,红细胞也不会出现在水泡里面。But if a blister does fill with red blood, it means the damage is more serious, and should becarefully treated.如果水泡里面出现红色血液,这意味着血管损伤比较严重,需慎重进行处理。 201402/276625

Tattoos in the workplace纹身与工作Ink blots污点般的纹身Body art is growing more popular, though few employers are keen人体艺术越来越流行,尽管很少有招聘方喜欢IN THE North Star tattoo parlour in downtown Manhattan, Brittany shows off her ink: a Banksy-inspired tableau covering both feet. Now a student at New York University, she hopes to be a lawyer one day. “Thats why I got the tattoo on my feet,” she says. “Its easy to hide.”在位于曼哈顿市区的北极星纹身店,Brittany炫耀她双脚上以Banksy为灵感创作的纹身。她现为纽约大学的一名学生,她希望有朝一日成为一名律师。她说:“这就是为什么我把纹身纹在脚上,因为这样比较容易隐藏。”Once the preserve of prisoners, sailors and circus freaks, tattoos have become a benign rite of passage for many Americans. One in five adults has one, and two in five thirty-somethings. These days women with tattoos outnumber men. But what happens when these people look for work? Alas, not everyone is as savvy as Brittany.曾经是囚犯、水手和马戏团小丑专属的纹身,现如今已经变成许多美国人通过的良性仪式。每五个成年人就有一个人有纹身,三十多岁的年轻中则是每五人中有两个。女性纹身的人数已超过了男性。但这些人找工作的时候会怎么样?恩…不是每个人都像Brittany一样精明的。Though increasingly mainstream, tattoos still signal a certain rebelliousness that works against jobseekers, says Andrew Timming of the University of St Andrews in Scotland. In a forthcoming study, Mr Timming and colleagues asked participants to assess job candidates based on their pictures, some of which were altered to add a neck tattoo. Inked candidates consistently ranked lower, despite being equally qualified. In a separate study Mr Timming found that many service-sector managers were squeamish about conspicuous ink, particularly when filling jobs that involve dealing with customers.圣安德鲁大学(位于苏格兰)的Timming说,尽管纹身越来越主流,但仍旧是叛逆的标志,是求职者的敌人。在一项即将发表的研究中,Timming和他的同事要求参与者根据照片评估应聘者,其中一些照片上在脖子的位置添加了纹身。尽管自身条件相同,但有纹身的应聘者一直排名较低。在另一项研究中,Timming发现,许多务部门管理者对明显的纹身接受不能,特别是在招聘需要与客户打交道的职位时尤甚。Designs of flowers or butterflies were deemed comparatively acceptable. And some workplaces are more open-minded: a prison-services manager explained that having tattoos made it easier to bond with inmates. Firms with a younger clientele are also more tattoo-friendly. But by and large the more visible the tattoo, the more “unsavoury” a candidate seemed—even if the boss had one.相对来说,花或者蝴蝶的纹身设计是可以接受的。一些工作场所更加开放,监狱管理者解释说,他的纹身使他更容易与囚犯建立联系。面向年轻顾客的公司对纹身接受度也更高。即使老板自己有纹身,但总体而言,纹身越明显,应聘者越是“不讨喜”。Such prejudice may seem anachronistic, but it is not unfounded. Empirical studies have long linked tattoos with deviant behaviour. People with inked skin are more likely to carry weapons, use illegal drugs and get arrested. The association is stronger for bigger tattoos, or when there are several, says Jerome Koch, a sociologist at Texas Tech University.这种偏见似乎有些落伍,但并非没有根据。实研究长期将纹身与异常行为联系在一起。有纹身的人更有可能携带,使用非法药物,或者被逮捕。德州理工大学一名为Jerome Koch的社会学家表示,纹身越大或者有好几个时,这种联系越强。This may help explain the armys recent decision to reinstate old grooming standards. These restrict the size and number of tattoos, ban ink from the neck, head and hands, and bar body art that might be seen as racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate. The change is intended to promote discipline and professionalism. But it is making it harder to recruit to the army, says Major Tyler Stewart, who handles recruitment in Arizona. His battalion is turning away 50 tattooed people a week.这有助于解释近来军队恢复旧仪容标准的决定。标准限制了纹身的大小和数量,禁止脖子、头和手上的纹身,以及可能被视为种族歧视、性别歧视或其他不好方面的人体艺术。标准的改变旨在加强纪律和职业精神。负责亚利桑那州招兵工作的Major Tyler Stewart表示,新标准这使得招兵更难了。他所在的营一周里清退了50名有纹身的士兵。Some aspiring soldiers and other jobseekers are solving the problem by getting their ink removed. Tattoo-removal has surged 440% in the past decade, according to IBISWorld, a market-research firm. At the North Star, where Brittanys friend is getting a question-mark inked on her wrist, the prospect of such buyers remorse seems remote. “I dont think it will help her job prospects,” observes Brittany, “but hopefully it wont hurt, either.”一些有抱负的士兵和求职者通过洗掉纹身来解决问题。根据一名为IBISWorld的市场调研公司的调查显示,在过去十年中,洗纹身务增长了440%。在北极星,Brittany的朋友正在它手腕上纹“问题标记”,对纹身的后悔似乎离她还很遥远。Brittany观察着说,“我认为纹身不会对她的工作产生帮助,但希望纹身也不会毁掉她的工作。” /201408/318723

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