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How to Convince Your Mother to Stay Out of It on HowcastIf your meddling mom is driving you crazy with her nose constantly in your business, take these steps to get her off your back once and for all.如果你的妈妈总是干涉你的事,几乎要把你逼疯了。尝试下面的步骤,让她知难而退,Step 1: Stay in controlResist the urge to lash out at her every time she gives unwanted advice. It’ll just reinforce the same old power-struggle pattern.第一步:保持克制每次当她提出一些不需要的意见时,要抵制住想恨批她的冲动。那样只会增强那种旧式的权力斗争的模式。Step 2: Acknowledge her adviceAcknowledge her advice by saying “thanks” or “good to know.” Follow up by calmly telling her that all her unsolicited advice makes you feel like nothing you do is good enough — ask for some credit.第二步:肯定她的意见可以通过说“谢谢”或“听到后很受益”来肯定她的意见。然后要平静地告诉她所有她主动提供的意见使你感到做得都不够好——来寻求些信任。Step 3: Make a jokeMake a joke next time she butts in. If she wants you to do something you’d rather not, give her a witty line that makes light of the situation.第三步:开玩笑下次她插嘴的时候要开个玩笑。如果她想让你做你不喜欢的事,要诙谐地将情况说明。Step 4: Use an exampleUse a specific example where a friend or family member criticized her to illustrate that no one likes unwanted advice.第四步:利用实例举一个具体的例子:比如朋友或家庭成员谴责她的事来明没人喜欢听多余的意见。Step 5: Repeat a catchphraseCome up with a catchphrase and repeat it exactly every time she butts in. She’ll then expect the phrase and possibly avoid saying anything at all.第五步:重复警句想一个警句,每次你妈妈插话的时候就重复下。她一插话,就会料到会听见那句话,很可能她以后就不会说什么。Tip:Become a master of changing the subject.小贴士:成为一个改变话题的大师。Step 6: Ask her adviceAsk her advice every now and then. If she feels needed and appreciated, maybe she’ll lighten up.第六步:征询她的意见不时征询她的意见。如果她感到自己很有用且被别人赏识,也许她不会生气。 Article/201012/1197235月30日,在第二十五个世界无烟日到来之际,卫生部首次发布《中国吸烟危害健康报告》,这是我国第一部系统阐述吸烟危害健康的权威报告。Thursday marks the 25th World No Tobacco Day. China has released its first report on the danger of smoking, as well as an explanation of the country#39;s tobacco control measures.The report deals with the health hazards of smoking, pointing out that the global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people each year. More than 600-thousand of those deaths are due to second-hand smoke. It also fears that without strong action, this number will jump to 8 million by 2030. Of course, more than 80 percent will live in low-and middle-income countries.In China, according to the report, the number of smoking-related deaths each year has exceeded 1 million. The report also suggests that second-hand smoke has become an increasing concern in China#39;s tobacco control efforts, as it kills around 100-thousand people each year. It shows that nearly 750 million Chinese people are now exposed to second-hand smoke. However, the report says, there are still two thirds of the Chinese population who are unaware of its dangers, and the only way to avoid second-hand smoke is imposing an comprehensive smoking ban in indoor spaces. Article/201205/184737In this , you will learn all of the parts of a person#39;s sleeping routine and will be broken down so that you can understand all of the contributing factors that help ease your body into a sleeping mode. Good sleep hygiene will help a person fall asleep fast by training your body to sleep.本视频讲述了睡眠行为的所有方面,并进行剖析,这样你就可以理解帮助身体进入睡眠模式的所有因素。睡眠卫生通过训练你的身体进入睡眠状态,从而帮助你快速入睡。Sleep is divided into 3 main parts. There#39;s the quiet sleep, there#39;s the rapid eye movement sleep, and then there are some short periods where you wake for 1 or 2 minutes in the middle of the night. People require different amounts of sleep.睡眠分为三个主要部分,安静睡眠(quiet sleep),快速眼球运动(rapid eyes movement sleep),以及夜间醒来一两分钟的短暂时间。人们需要的睡眠时间长短各有不同。There are some people who can survive on 3 or 4 hours of sleep, and there are some people who will be miserable if they don#39;t get their 8 hours. The majority of getting a good night#39;s sleep depends on something we call sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is very easy.有些人只要三四个小时的睡眠就精神焕发,有些人如果不睡足八个小时就会痛苦万分。一夜良好的睡眠很大程度上取决于我们所说的睡眠卫生。睡眠卫生非常简单。It involves avoiding caffeine the 3 or 4 hours before bedtime, avoiding alcohol the 3 or 4 hours before bedtime, avoiding smoking for the hour before bedtime. It also involves making your bedroom a place of sanctuary, a place where sleep is the main objective and people find it helpful to remove stimulating objects such as the television or the radio from their bedroom and involving a bit of a ritual before they go to bed. Doing things such as turning off the lights, turning off appliances, having a warm drink without caffeine and involving brushing your teeth and even putting on your bed clothes could be part of that ritual.睡前三四个小时不要饮用咖啡,也不要饮酒,睡前一小时不要吸烟。此外,把卧室收拾成你的庇护所,睡觉是主要的任务,人们发现,把电视机或收音机等刺激性物品搬出卧室可以帮助睡眠。在睡觉之前还可以做一些习惯性的事情。例如关灯,关掉电器,引用一些没有咖啡因的温暖饮品,刷牙,甚至换上睡衣都可以是这种习惯的一部分。It#39;s very important that that ritual is done every night so that your body knows that it#39;s getting used to going to bed. It#39;s important to go to bed when you feel tired, not when you#39;re feeling wide awake after some stimulating activity. If these measures fail, it#39;s important to start the ritual again.每天晚上都做一些习惯性的事情是非常重要的,这样你的身体就会知道到了睡眠时间。当你感到疲倦的时候上床睡觉,而不是经过一些刺激性的活动之后感到非常清醒时睡觉。如果这些措施都无效,重新开始。If you#39;re not going to sleep after 30 minutes, get up, go back into the main house, switch on all the lights, switch on the appliances and start the ritual from scratch. It#39;s important that you train your body to get used to going to sleep.Different people report success with herbal remedies such as Nytol and other over-the-counter things.如果30分钟后仍然没有入睡,起床,回到客厅,打开所有的灯,打开所有电器,从零开始重新进行例行程序。训练你的身体逐渐适应睡眠是非常重要的。There#39;s no real evidence that these things work, but if they work for you, then great! Take them. You#39;ll get a good night#39;s sleep. Insomnia is a very common problem and affects most of the population at some point their life.没有切实据明这些事情是有效的,但是,只要对你有效就好了。可以试一下。你将获得一晚熟睡。失眠是一个常见问题,在某个时段影响着大部分人的生活。Thankfully, most of it is short term. But if it is a long term problem with you, please and go see your doctor because there are lots of things we can do for you. So, in summary, there is no correct amount of sleep you need.幸运的是,大部分都是短期的。但是,如果你长期面临失眠,请尽快向医生求救,医生可以帮助你。总之,每个人睡眠的时间不是固定的。You just need what#39;s right for you. Two, make sure that you have good sleep hygiene. Three, take some over-the-counter remedies if they help, but you don#39;t need them.你只需要睡够合适的时间。二,确保你拥有良好的睡眠卫生。三,进行一些非处方的康复疗法,但是你并不需要。And four, go see your doctor if it becomes a big problem for you. And that#39;s my advice on how to fall asleep fast. .四,如果失眠成为大问题,尽快向医生求助。以上就是我对怎样快速入睡的建议。Thanks for watching How To Fall Asleep Fast感谢收看“怎样快速入睡”视频节目。 /201209/200103

China#39;s e-commerce giant JD.com has come up with a plan to relieve rural poverty by helping farmers produce and sell healthier free range chickens.日前,中国电商巨头京东提出了一个缓解农村贫困的计划--那就是帮助农民生产并销售更健康的散养鸡。Announcing the concept, company CEO, Liu Qiangdong, said the ;running chickens; project would see JD.com buy the birds at three times average local prices, so long as the chickens have run a million steps in their lifetimes.京东CEO刘强东在宣布这一概念时表示,这些鸡一生中需要跑至少100万步,然后京东会以当地3倍的价格收购这些“跑步鸡”。Liu said, each low income family would receive 100 chicks for free, with a pedometer attached to each of their legs.据刘强东表示,每一个低收入家庭都将获得100只小鸡,每只小鸡的腿上都连接有计步器。The chickens must be raised free range, and run at least 1 million steps before meeting JD.com#39;s purchasing standards. They#39;ll then be bought back for more than 100 yuan (14.6 USD).这些小鸡们必须被散养、跑至少100万步,然后才能达到京东的收购标准。然后京东会以每只100多元(约合14.6美元)的价格回购这些鸡。99% of chickens on the Chinese market move less than three meters in their whole life, explained Liu.刘强东表示,中国市场上99%的鸡一生中移动的距离不超过3米。Compared to the 45 days of raising broiler chickens, the feeding period for the free range birds will be around 160 days. They#39;ll also enjoy a diet of fruit and vegetables three times a week.和饲养鸡45天的生长周期相比,散养鸡的生长周期大约为160天,它们每周还要喂食三次蔬菜水果。As a result, the prices for the free range chickens will be much higher than broiler chickens. On JD.com, free range birds are sold at 128, 168 and 188 yuan based on their weight, while other chickens are sold for 50 yuan on average.因此,散养鸡的价格要比饲养鸡的价格高得多。在京东上,根据体重,散养鸡可以卖到126元、168元和188元的价格,而其他鸡平均不过50元。 /201706/512427

This film shows you how to prepare and perform in a job interview. If you are committed to getting that perfect job, then watch this excellent on how to perform effectively in the interview stages.本期节目向你展示面试中如何准备和表现。如果你想得到一份满意的工作,不妨来参考一下我们的意见。Step 1: Dress for Success.1.穿着Bottom line, you can never be overdressed for a job interview. Unless you hear otherwise, plan on wearing a business suit. Men, wear a tie.为了面试,再怎么打扮都不为过。穿上商务装,男士打领带。Whatever you wear, make sure you will be comfortable in it during the interview, and make sure it#39;s not shabby and wrinkled.无论穿什么,都要保自己舒。而且不要穿破旧的,满是褶皱的衣。Step 2: Bring your Sales Material2.带上你的资料You are here to represent yourself. Bring multiple copies of your resume, in case more than one person asks for it. Also have a list of personal and professional references on hand if requested.你是来推销自己的,简历复印多份,以应对额外的需要。而且还要按照要求带上所需的资料和件。Step 3: Don#39;t be late, be EARLY3.不要迟到,要早到You should arrive no later than five minutes early to the interview.你应该至少提前五分钟到达面试地点。Being y in advance—but not too far--always makes a good impression. Heed my advice, children: Never arrive late.提前准备好,但也不能提前太多。记住我的建议,永远不要迟到。Figure out in advance where to park, which elevator to use, and how much walking you will have to do in between. This could make the difference between getting there five minutes early, or fifteen minutes late!提前找到停车位,应该使用哪个电梯,以及中间你走路所需要的时间。这些细节决定了你是提前五分钟还是迟到15分钟。Also, no gum…and try to smell good.同样,不要嚼口香糖,并且要保自己身上没有异味。Step 4: Use the Confidence4.自信The moment you arrive, you have essentially started the interview. Give a confident smile to the receptionist as you walk in. If you#39;re lucky, they#39;ll remember that. Take every opportunity to make an impression on everyone you see or meet.在你进门的那一刻起,你就已经在面试过程中了。走进去时给接待人员一个自信的微笑,如果最终幸运地进入公司工作,她们会记住你的。抓住每一个机会,让你所见到或者碰到的人对你有一个好印象。Step 5: Body Moving5.身体语言Be sure to give a firm handshake and make good eye contact with your interviewer. This is a sign of a good listener, and a responsive worker. Also watch your posture—nobody wants to hire a slouch.面试时最好握手用力,眼神坚定。因为坚定的眼神代表良好的倾听别人的习惯和积极的反应倾向。同时还要注意你的姿态,因为没有人愿意雇佣一位萎靡不振的人。Hand gestures that are open and in movement are recommended over a closed posture that might show insecurity.推荐开放的手势,通常封闭的姿势被人认为摇摆不定。Step 6: Ask Questions6.询问Have a few questions y about the company or position. It shows you did your research, and darn it, you care.事先准备好几个问题,显得你对此职位很有兴趣,也做了一定的了解。Step 7: The Graceful Exit7.礼貌结束When the interview has concluded, gather your portfolio and thank your interviewer. Shake hands and off you go. Don#39;t linger, it#39;s annoying. As a wise man once said, “Be quick, but don#39;t hurry.”面试结束以后,收拾好你的文件夹并向面试官表示感谢。握手,放手,离开。不要徘徊着,让人厌烦。一位智者曾说:迅速,但不要慌乱。Step 8: The Follow Up8.后续事件Two days after your interview, it is a good idea to follow up by phone or email. This is an opportunity to thank them for considering you, and to let them know that you are very interested in the position.面试结束两天后是一个绝好的联系时机,可以通过电话或者邮件与公司人员取得联系,以表示自己对该工作岗位的浓厚兴趣。Thanks for watching How To Perform Effectively In A Job Interview谢谢收看“面试必赢技巧”节目。 Article/201208/195344

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