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自我介绍(小学生)Self-introduction (Primary Student) -- :3: 来源: I’m aprimary student. I live happily. I have long hair and a lovely face. But I ‘mvery short. Being the shortest girl in my class, I feel shamed of it, though myteacher and classmates always say I will grow taller in the future to comtme. Besides, I feel very happy in school. There are so many students play withme, and I always do well in study. So, when I go home, my parents also happy,too. My father often take me out to different interesting places. And my motherusually cook delicious food me. How happy I am!我是一个小学生我过得很开心我长着长长的头发还有一张可爱的脸蛋但是我很矮我是我们班最矮的学生,为此我感到很羞耻,但我的老师和同学都说我以后我会长高的来安慰我除此之外,在学校里我是很开心的有很多学生陪我玩,我学习很好所以,回家后我的父母也很高兴我爸爸经常带我去各种有趣的地方玩我的妈妈经常给我做美味的食物我真是太幸福了!。

  • 7小时过境免签 西安3日游 --31 1:: 来源: 7小时过境免签 西安3日游宽松的签政策更加方便游客们过境参观中国古都西安了!陕西省会西安将于6月1日开始针对海外51个国家游客7小时过境免签那么这三天,怎样畅游西安呢?这里有些好的建议哦!A relaxed visa policy makes it easy tourists in transit to see China's ancient capital. Ma Lie reveals how to make the most of three days at the Silk Road's starting point.Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province and well-known as the hometown of the Qin Dynasty (1- ) Terracotta Warriors, can now be enjoyed by transit visitors. The city will enact a 7-hour visa-free policy beginning June 1 travelers from 51 countries. It is the first city in Northwest China, and the eighth in the country, approved to implement such a policy.Transit passengers holding valid visas and a flight ticket to the third country are allowed to stay visa-free in the administrative areas of Xi'an and Xianyang, a city neighboring Xi'an and the location of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, three days, says Cui Guozheng, deputy director of the exit and entry administration bureau under the provincial public security department.The 51 countries include most of Europe, six countries from the Americas, two Oceania countries and six Asian countries.According to Cui, the landing day is not included in the 7 hours of the visa-free time: The clock starts at midnight at the end of the day they arrive at the airport.At present, there are international or regional air routes between Xi'an Xianyang International Airport and Helsinki (Finland); Seoul, Busan and Jeju (South Korea); Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), Nagoya and Tokyo (Japan); Danang (Vietnam); and Siem Reap (Cambodia), as well as Hong Kong and Taipei. More routes will be added over the next 18 months.Xi'an, known in China as "the eternal city", reflects the great changes of the nation just like a living history book. Called Chang'an in ancient times, Xi'an is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River basin. During the 3,0-year development, dynasties including Western Zhou (th century-771 ), Qin (1- ), Western Han ( - AD) and Tang (AD 618-9) placed their capitals here.Here's how transit visitors might enjoy three days in Xi'an:Day 1: Terracotta WarriorsMany consider the Terracotta Warriors and Horses to be the most significant archaeological excavations of the th century. Discovered in 197, work is ongoing at the site near Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum in Lintong district. It is a must-see any visitor to China.Since the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum opened to the public in October 1979, it has attracted more than 0 global dignitaries from abroad.The museum covers an area of ,300 square meters, divided into three excavation pits. Altogether over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots and weapons have been unearthed from the three pits housed at the museum.The archaeological marvels put Xi'an on the map tourists from around the world, and it was listed by UNESCO in 1987 as a World Cultural Heritage Site.After seeing the ancient ceramic army, you can go to Mount Lishan, a scenic spot nearby. Wandering in the scenic royal garden at the foot of the mountain, you can wash away your travel fatigue in the Huaqing Hotspring, a royal bathhouse built 3,000 years ago.Day : High and low viewsFirst stop: the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayan Ta), which is located in the southern suburb of the city, about kilometers from downtown. A symbol of old Xi'an, the pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place Buddhists.After getting a bird's-eye view of the city from the top of this 6-meter-high structure, visit Shaanxi History Museum, about 1 km northwest of the pagoda. The museum is a grand complex of buildings imitating the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty and showcasing thousands of ancient exhibits.Day 3: City wall and delicious foodXi'an boasts the most complete city wall to survive in China - it's also one of the largest ancient military defense systems in the world.First built in the early Ming Dynasty (68-) and renovated in recent years, the wall now stands meters high, - meters wide at the top and -18 meters thick at the bottom. It stretches .7 km in length and is surrounded by a deep moat and a circular park.Try making the circuit on a bicycle: They can be rented by the hour.The est of Stone Steles Museum, inside the wall near the south gate, was the site of the Temple of Confucius during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-). It was established in when some precious stone steles were moved in safekeeping.With an area of 31,000 sq m and 900 years of history, this treasure house holds some 3,000 stone steles of different periods, from the Han Dynasty ( -AD ) to the Qing Dynasty.Also inside the wall, there are a number of traditional Shaanxi restaurants that offer distinctive delicacies, such as Xi'an dumpings, yangrou paomo (crumbled unleavened b simmered in mutton stew), hulu tou (broth with intestines and tripe), buckwheat and Qishan noodles. 西安3日游。
  • 疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第课:我们期待你出现-- ::57 We've been expecting you. Expect是‘期待’的意思,We've been expecting you.是‘我们期待你出现’,例如你在餐厅订了位,到达时侍应会向你说:We've been expecting you.(我们在等待你来临)有时候,这句话也可带点讽刺性,例如你约了朋友,但他迟了很久,你可说We've been expecting you. Expect expecting. 是期待某些事发生,但发生的可能性是不知道的,例如:I expect you are angry with me, because I ate your rabbit.(我期望你会生气,因为我把你的兔子吃掉),但对方不一定会生气,又例如:I'm expecting a lot of presents on my birthday.(我期待收到很多生日礼物),但收到多少还是未知之数许多父母都‘望子成龙,望女成凤’,英文可以说:We are expecting great things from her.(我们期望她长大后会有成就) 对话 A: We've been expecting you all night. Where have you been? B: Oh, I'm really sorry. I got lost. A: You must be kidding. You've been here over a hundred times. B: Yes, but each time I took a taxi. This time I drove here myself. 甲:我们等待你整晚,你去了哪里? 乙:噢,真对不起,我迷路了 甲:你一定在开玩笑,你已来过这儿超过一百次 乙:对呀,但我每次都是坐出租车来,这次是我自己开车来 说等候某人或某事物来临,英文常用expect(期待)一字,而且多用进行时式(continuous tense),例如:(1) I'm expecting visitors tomorrow.(明天我会有客人来访)() I'm expecting a letter from my mother.(我在等待母亲寄来的一封信)要说期待某人随时来临,英文是I'm expecting him her any minute 有时,你会听到My wife is expecting. 这样的话那也是期待有人降临,但降临的是婴儿换言之,‘我妻子怀了’这个expecting之后可加a baby两字,例如:My wife is expecting a baby; I have to make some preparations. (我妻子怀了,我得准备一下)An expectant mother就是‘妇’,an expectant则是‘快为人父者’ Expect一字的用法,还有一点特别值得注意请比较以下两句:(1)I expect (that) you will go; ()I expect you to go这两句意思有分别吗? expect之后用 ‘that +子句(clause)’,是‘想’或‘认为’的意思,例如:I expect (that) it will rain soon.(我想,快要下雨了)Expect之后用‘受词 (object) + to +原形动词 (infinitive)’,则是‘要某人做某事’或‘某人有责任做某事’的意思,例如:I expect you to clean the room. (我要你清洁这个房间)所以I expect you will go. 和I expect you to go. 不同,一是说‘我想,你会去’,一是说‘我要你去’。
  • My Favourite Flower -- :: 来源: My Favourite FlowerMy favourite flower is lily. Lily is the national flower of France. I like white lily best. Because it’s very beautiful and pure. I planted a white lily in my garden in spring. I watered it every day. It grew very fast. It was taller and taller. One day, I got home after school. The lily blossomed. It looked like an elegant fairy. I was too excited to cry, “Oh, white fairy, white fairy!” I couldn’t help dancing. At that night, I dreamt that I was a beautiful fairy.。
  • 我的父亲 My Father -- :: 来源: My father is a hardworking man and he is very kind.I love him very much.Every morning he gets up earlyto makeus breakfast. In the evening, he is alwayscome back home late.At weekends, heoftengoes outwith me and my mother fun. He is a man of few words, but he often says to me "A little learning is a dangerous thing". I will always rememberhiswords.我爸爸是个努力工作的男人,而且他很善良我很爱他每天早上他都起得很早给我们做早餐晚上,他经常回来得很晚周末的时候,他经常带我和妈妈出去玩他是个少言寡语的男人,但是他经常对我说“一知半解是件危险的事”我会永远记住这句话。
  • 一场乒乓球赛 A Table-tennis Match -- :3: 来源: This afternoon,there is a table-tennis match between my classmates. Many of my classmates likeplaying table-tennis. So our teacher encourages us to play a game. There arefour boy teams and three girl teams. Some other students are judges. The matchis very exciting and finally all players get awards. But I think the happinessis the best reward.。
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