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原味人文风情:Okay. Uh-huh. It#39;s a bra for your face, obviously. Looks right. Does it look cute? Actually, yeah. Feels super natural. It#39;s like nothing#39;s on my face at all. Oh, I don#39;t... I-I feel pain?! Yeah, I know! And now it says the third step is to do something like this... It#39;s, like, trying to contour your face differently. It left an imprint on my face, I feel, so it did something. Yeah, but, like, a punch in the face does that too.好。嗯哼。很显然,这是给脸用的胸罩。看起来没用错。可爱吗?老实说,可爱耶。感觉起来超自然的。就像脸上完全没东西一样。噢,我不...我--我觉得痛痛的?!嗯,我知道!现在它说第三步是做这样的事...这就像试着帮脸塑型。那在我脸上留了个印子,我感觉到了,所以它有点用。是啊,不过在脸上揍一拳也会。This looks terrible. Oh, man. This is so much better than the other one. It looks like a baby#39;s outfit—how it snaps. This is like a baby#39;s worst nightmare. That#39;s what it looks like. Just looking at it without it on my face... What are we supposed to do other than, like, rob a bank or something? Oh! You#39;re supposed to do face stuff again. Ow! I cracked my jaw. To be clear, are we rating effectiveness or how scary this is? Because 10 out of 10 for both.这看起来好吓人。天啊。这还真是比另一个好太多了。这看起来就像宝宝的衣--它黏上的方式。这像宝宝最大的恶梦。它看起就是那样。只是看着,没有把它戴在脸上...我们应该做什么,除了抢还是什么的?噢!你应该再做一次那个脸部运动。噢!我落下巴了。讲真的,我们是要评这个的效果还是这有多恐怖?因为两个都是满分。Wait, do these little balls go in my nostrils? Tighten it, so—yeah, so that goes in. Oh, yeah, you#39;re doing it. Look at that! Fits like a glove. Oh! It#39;s in there! Oh...I don#39;t like this! Are you y to switch it on? Will you do the honors? Here we go. What? No. No, just leave it. This is making my eyes water. Slightly—wow! Okay, hold on. It#39;s like a vibrator for your nose. That#39;s all it is. Oh, what the hell. He broke it.等等,这些小球会进到我的鼻孔吗?用紧,那样--没错,那样它就进去了。喔对,你在用了。看看它!就和手套一样合。噢!进去了!噢...我不喜欢这样!你准备好要打开了吗?能劳烦你一下吗?开始啰。什么东东?不。不,不要碰它。这让我眼睛泛泪了。稍微--哇!好,等等。这就像是鼻子的震动器。它就是。喔,搞什么鬼。他用坏了。This is essentially a shake weight for your mouth. Shake your head up and down to swing the weights on both sides. It is recommended to exercise directly in front of a mirror. Ugh. Ugh. No. Oh God. You look like an idiot. I don#39;t know what to say about this one because it is unlike anything I#39;ve ever done.Don#39;t...don#39;t... He can#39;t stop putting it in his mouth, though. From the inner ear to the chin. No, I can#39;t do it. It#39;s too stupid.这基本上就是嘴巴用的摇摆铃。上下摆动你的头,以摇摆两边的砝码。建议直接在镜子前运动。呃。呃。不。老天。你看起来像个白痴。不...不...我不知道要对这个说些什么,因为它不像我做过的任何事。但他却无法停止把那放进嘴巴里。从内耳到下巴。不,我不行。这太蠢了。The Japanese are dreamers. And I love that about them, and I#39;d like to visit them. They#39;re not just dreamers. I mean, they execute. Anyone could say I#39;m gonna invent this flying face mechanism thing, but... They deliver. They actually do it. For the people who use this stuff, though, I would just say don#39;t. You don#39;t have to. You know, accept who you are; be comfortable in who you are. Um, you don#39;t... Love your cheeks. Don#39;t constrict your face. You don#39;t need a nose vibrator, and stop wagging your mouth.日本人是梦想家。我喜欢他们那点,我会想去拜访他们。他们不只是梦想家。我是说,他们动手做。任何人都可以说我要去发明这个会飞的脸部机械啥玩意的,不过...日本人会实现。他们真的去做。但对那些用这东东的人,我只会说不要用。你不必用。你知道,接受自己;对你自己感到自在。嗯,你不用...爱你的脸颊。不要束缚你的脸。你不需要鼻子震动器,然后不要再摆动嘴巴了。 Article/201612/482413襄阳哪家治鼻息肉比较安全TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/469997襄樊医院治疗咽喉的专家疯狂英语900句 04-8相关专题: /200704/12699襄阳中心医院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好

襄阳妇幼保健院中耳炎怎么样襄阳看耳鼻喉科好的中医院TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201605/441507Part 5 Shopping[qh]第5部分:购物[qh]I.Useful Expressions[qh]I.实用表达[qh]1)Can I help you?[qh]1)您要买什么?[qh]2)How much is it?[qh]2)多少钱?[qh]3)It is 45 yuan.[qh]3)45元.[qh]4)Which kind?[qh]4)哪一种?[qh]5)That#39;s almost cost price.[qh]5)这几乎是成本价了.[qh]6)Anything else?[qh]6)还要别的吗?[qh]7)Can I try it on?[qh]7)我能试穿一下吗?[qh]8)It fits you well.[qh]8)真合身.[qh]9)Wangfujing Street is the most famous business area in Beijing.[qh]9)王府井大街是北京最有名的商业区.[qh]10)There#39;s a good selection of Olympic games souvenirs.[qh]10)那儿的奥运纪念品种类齐全.[qh]11)I#39;d like to show you some.[qh]11)很乐意拿给你看.[qh]12)Here you are.[qh]12)给您.[qh]13)Which one do you like?[qh]13)您喜欢哪一个?[qh]14)The price is quite fair.[qh]14)价钱很公道.[qh]15)Cash or credit card.[qh]15)用现金还是信用卡?[qh]16)We have the very thing you want.[qh]16)我们正好有您想要的东西.[qh]17)But the prices there are rather high and there#39;s no bargaining.[qh]17)但那儿的东西挺贵,而且不能还价.[qh]II.Dialogue[qh]II.对话[qh]1)A:Morning,Sir.Can I help you?[qh]1)A:早上好,先生.您要点什么?[qh]B:I want some Olympic games stamps.[qh]B:我想买些奥运邮票.[qh]A:What kind of?[qh]A:哪种?[qh]B:That one with a torch on it.[qh]B:那张上面有火炬的.[qh]A:Here you are.[qh]A:给您.[qh]B:How much is it?[qh]B:多少钱?[qh]A:It is 30 RMB yuan.[qh]A:30元.[qh]B:OK.I will take it.[qh]B:好吧,我买了.[qh]A:Anything else?[qh]A:还要点别的吗?[qh]B:No,thanks.[qh]B:不用了,谢谢.[qh]2)A:Welcome to Rong Bao Zhai.Can I help you?[qh]2)A:欢迎光临荣宝斋.您要点什么?[qh]B:Well,I#39;m just look around.[qh]B:嗯,我只是随便看看.[qh]3)A:Are these handbags Olympic Games souvenirs?[qh]3)A:这些手提包是奥运纪念品吗?[qh]B:Yes,they are.Which one do you like?[qh]B:是的,您喜欢哪一个?[qh]A:The red one,please.[qh]A:请拿那个红的.[qh]B:Here you are,Sir.[qh]B:给您,先生.[qh]A:How much is it?[qh]A:多少钱?[qh]B:Forty-five RMB yuan.[qh]B:45元.[qh]A:Too expensive.How about thirty yuan?[qh]A:太贵了,30块吧?[qh]B:Well,sir,that#39;s almost the cost price.[qh]B:哎呀,先生,那可是成本价了.[qh] /200606/7731襄阳中西医结合医院治疗声带小结多少钱Severe bleeding, known as postpartum hemorrhage, or PPH, is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide,严重出血,即产后大出血或PPH,是全世界产妇死亡的主要原因,killing more than 100,000 women every year.每年都有10万多名妇女因此离开人世。For those who survive, it is a painful and traumatic experience.而对于那些幸存下来的人来说,这段经历真是让她们痛苦不堪。;I was bleeding, they were inciting something in me, even I was dying, they should give me blood.“我当时一直在流血。他们却还在刺激我。就算是我马上就要死了,他们也应该给我输血不是么。Now I want to die, can#39;t live, I want to die, please let me…;现在我一心只想要死,真的活不成了。我想死。求求你们让我死吧……”The world#39;s poorest countries, are the worst hit, especially in Africa and the Indian sub-continent.世界上最贫穷的国家也是受影响最为严重的国家,尤其是在非洲和印度次大陆。But there is new hope the death can be significantly reduced.但如今我们又有了新的希望,因产后出血导致的死亡有望大幅减少。In the 1960s, Japanese researchers developed a drug called tranexamic acid, which works by stopping blood clots from breaking down.20世纪60年代,日本的研究人员开发出了一种叫做氨甲环酸的药物,通过阻止血块分解以达到治疗的作用。But they could not persuade doctors to carry out the trial of the drug for treating postpartum hemorrhage.但是他们却没能说医生对该药物进行试验,以治疗产后出血。The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has done just that, in a trial involving 20,000 women in 21 countries.然而伦敦卫生和热带医学学院却着手进行了这个试验,试验范围包括21个国家的2万名妇女。;And the really good news is it reduces the risk of bleeding by about a third.;“而真正的好消息是,它可以将出血的风险降低三分之一。”The research has found no side effects for either mothers or babies.研究发现该药物对母亲和婴儿都没有任何副作用。They want it rapidly rolled out as a frontline treatment for PPH across the world.因而学院研究人员希望能够将其作为全球PPH一线治疗方法尽快推出。If a drug can prevent hysterectomies, a drug can prevent death, a drug can minimize the amount of blood we need to give,“如果有一种药物可以帮助女性免遭子宫切除,预防死亡,还可以最大限度地减少我们所需要提供的血量,then that is a good thing, all over the world.;那么这对于全世界都是一件非常好的事情。”But there are challenges to getting the drug where it is needed, first, the doctors must know about it.但是要想把该药物带到有需要的地方去也面临重重挑战。首先,医生们必须对其了如指掌。We want everyone to hear about the results, but then, we actually, you know, there are the nitty-gritty issues.“我们希望所有人都能够知悉结果。但实际上,如今还有许多本质上的东西亟待解决。Is the treatment available in the hospital? Do doctors and midwives know how to use it?比如医院里能否能用上这种治疗方法?医生和助产士是否知道使用方法?It#39;s heat stable, so it does not have to be kept in the fridge.氨甲环酸耐热,所以无需再冰箱中保存。It#39;s relatively inexpensive—you know, it#39;s about a dollar.而且它相对还是比较便宜的,才一美元。And no child should grow up without a mother for lack of a treatment that costs a dollar.;所有母亲都不应该因为得不到仅需一美元的治疗方法,而缺席孩子的一生。”In the trial, tranexamic acid was given via a drip.在试验当中,氨甲环酸是通过滴注方法使用的。Researchers say the next step is to find an easier way to administer the drug so it can be used in clinics and rural settings around the world.研究人员称,他们下一步要找到一种更简单的用药方法,以便世界各地的诊所和农村地区使用。Henry Ridgwell, for VOA news, London.VOA新闻,亨利·里奇维尔于伦敦为您播报。 Article/201706/513118襄阳宜城市人民中心医院看五官科怎么样

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