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武汉每天射精会影响怀孕吗武汉医院能做包皮和自创UN, NATO Personnel Injured in Clashes With Serb Protesters in Kosovo科索沃冲突中联合国北约人员受伤Officials say three U.N. police officers and two NATO soldiers were wounded in an explosion in Kosovo as they stormed a courthouse occupied by Serb protesters who oppose the region's breakaway from Serbia. At least 20 demonstrators were also injured. The clashes in Kosovo's ethnically divided town of Mitrovica are the worst since Kosovo's declaration of independence last month. 官员们说,在科索沃发生的爆炸事件中,有3名联合国警官和两名北约的军人受伤,爆炸是在他们的部队突袭一个被塞族示威者占领的法庭时发生的,这些示威者反对科索沃脱离塞尔维亚独立。至少有20名示威者受伤。自科索沃上个月宣布独立以来,科索沃的米特罗维察城发生的冲突最激烈。在这个城市阿族和塞族混居,矛盾重重。Local police said ed Nations and NATO personnel were injured in an explosion when they recaptured the U.N. court building in the northern town of Mitrovica. It was occupied Friday by Serb protesters opposing Kosovo's independence. The blast was apparently caused by a hand grenade activated during the takeover at the courthouse yard. 当地警察说,在联合国和北约部队夺回联合国的法庭时,他们的人员在一次爆炸中受伤,这家法庭位于北部城镇米特罗维察。星期五,反对科索沃独立的塞族示威者占领了这家法庭。爆炸显然是在国际部队接管这家法庭时一枚手榴弹在院子里被引爆所引起的。Attempts to recapture the premises began with NATO-led peacekeepers surrounding the building in armored vehicles. Witnesses said U.N. police backed by NATO troops then stormed the court, evicting Serb demonstrators. 为了夺回这座法庭建筑,北约领导的维和部队首先用装甲车包围了这座建筑。目击者说,接着,受到北约部队持的联合国警察冲进了这家法庭,驱逐了塞族示威者。About 500 mainly Ukrainian U.N. police were involved in the dawn raid, backed by hundreds of French troops. Thousands of stone-hurling Serbs were seen near the courthouse clashing with riot police backed up by NATO soldiers, who used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. 主要由乌克兰人组成的大约500人的联合国警察部队在几百名法国军人的援下参与了黎明时分的这次突袭行动。人们看见,成千上万名扔石块的塞族人在这家法庭附近与受到北约部队增援的防暴警察发生冲突,北约部队用催泪瓦斯和眩晕手榴弹驱散了人群。Witnesses said rioters attacked several U.N. vehicles, breaking doors and freeing at least 10 of dozens of detainees from the raid. Smoke was seen billowing from at least two transport vehicles of the 16,000-member NATO peace force in Kosovo, KFOR. Medical officials claimed more than 100 people were treated for the effects of tear gas. 目击者说,闹事者向联合国的几辆车发动袭击,他们破门而入,至少放走了在国际部队突袭这座建筑时关押的几十人中的10人。人们看见,科索沃1万6千名北约维和部队的至少两辆运输车里浓烟滚滚。医疗部门的官员声称,有100多人因催泪瓦斯造成的伤害而接受治疗。The clashes were the worst in Kosovo since its ethnic-Albanian dominated government declared independence from Serbia last month.  自科索沃阿尔巴尼亚族人占主导地位的政府上月宣布从塞尔维亚独立以来,这些冲突是最激烈的。Former European Balkan envoy and current Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt warns that Mitrovica has become a flashpoint because it is an ethnically divided town separating Albanian and Serb communities. 前欧盟巴尔干特使和现任瑞典外相比尔特警告说,因为米特罗维察是拥有阿族和塞族社区的民族分裂的城镇,所以米特罗维察已经成为一个冲突爆发点。"I was there in the bridge of Mitrovica. It is a bridge between two societies that have very few in common. To overcome that division of Kosovo. This will take a long time, we will need a lot of patience," he said. 比尔特说:“我当时就在米特罗维察桥上。这是一座位于两个没有什么共同点的社区之间的桥梁。要想消除科索沃的这种分歧需要很长的时间,我们需要很大的耐心。”Kosovo has been under U.N. control since 1999, when NATO bombings forced Serb forces to end their crackdown on the independence seeking, ethnic-Albanian majority. 自1999年以来,科索沃就由联合国控制,当时,北约的轰炸迫使塞族部队停止了他们对在科索沃占大多数的阿尔巴尼亚族人寻求独立的镇压。Belgrade considers the territory as the cradle of Serbian religion and history. Serbia says Kosovo's declaration of independence was illegal under international law. 贝尔格莱德认为,科索沃是塞族人宗教和历史的摇篮。塞尔维亚说,按照国际法,科索沃宣布独立是非法的。But most European Union nations and the ed States have recognized Kosovo as an independent state.  但是大多数欧盟国家以及美国已经承认科索沃是一个独立的国家。200803/31234武汉市儿童医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 Shortly before lunch time,an eighty-year-old gunman entered Jokela High school in Finland and shot dead 7 pupils and a headteacher and injured 10 others.He then shot injured himself and is currently in a critical condition in hospital.Last night,details were posted on the youtube website,predicting the massacre in detail,including a plan of attack listing the time,date and target.Youtube has now withdrawn over 80 s links to his account,some of them featuring * .Channel 4 news access some of the pages before they all withdrawn,which some of you may find disturbing.J Miller has this report on the massacre at Jokela High School,40 miles north of Finland's capital Helsinki.Children started running towards the police line sometime after midday,followed by dinner ladies,running for their lives.The headteacher had announced over the school's public addresses,* all students should remain in their classrooms.By now though,she was dead as were five boys and two girls in this little town near Helsinki.The quiet community * from unthinkable.This sort of thing doesn't happen here."The shooter came to the fire doors and started running towards me with the gun in his hand,shouting.After this I locked the door to my classroom when I escaped downstairs.I ran down the lower corridor when the shooter was running towards me..While running away,I saw the dead body of an adult on the left-hand side of the door.I saw my pupiles at the class windows.They asked me what to do.I asked them all to jump out the window."This,the chilling ,posted on Youtube by the killer just hours earlier.It's entitled "Jokela High school massacre" and dated today.It pictures a man posing with the gun.Everyone else assumes he was the killer although it has yet to be confirmed by the police.Backing music,from a US hardcorn industial rock band KFMDM are known famous to one of the column by High School killers."When police arrived in the schoolyard,we managed to contact the target individual and police * cammand to the target individual to which he responded by firing one shot at the police.No one was here when the shot was fired."We now know the killer shot himself from head,but survived and was taken to hospital in an extremely critical condition.The web entry for Sturmgeist89 on Youtube is revealing.He downloaded 89 clips since mid-October when Youtube closedown his last account under the allies natual select.Another of the s,posted on Monday,shoes a man firing a pistal at an apple.It's entitled "just testing my gun".There follows a wider shot still in the forest which appears to show Sturmgeist89 .With the fire on,he just calls Catherine.He acknowledges his fantacy audience.There are many other pictures among this web pages. He identifies himself as a Pekka-Eric Auvinen 18 years of age.He described himself as an unemployed synical extensionlist.A fellow pupil of Jokela High School described him today as a militant radical from mad strange place where extreme left meets extreme right.On Youtube,he wrote screens of hatefeeled probes.There should be no mercy,he said,for the * of the earth.Humanity is overrated."I am prepared to fight and die for my cause"he wrote"I am a natural selector and will eliminate all who I see is unfit.Most of you are too arrogant and closed minded to understand."He went on"Rememberitical,this is my war.Don't blame anyone else for my actions.I told nobody about my plans.Don't blame the movies I see,th music I hear,the games I play,or the books I .No,they had nothing to do with this."Pekka-Eric Auvinen posted pictures of himself playing a game which he called"me being British SAS special forces".On the site,he listed his interests and hobbies as extensionlism,missounds to be politically * and womenHis music of choice,aggressive rock.Favorite writers MB or What Packer Auvinen did today is clearly not something he wanted or intended to survive.He's had his moment of * now,like his violent as Virginia **.Tonight Youtube's spokesperson told Channel 4 news our hearts go out to the families of those who've lost loved ones in this tragedy.We have removed the and disabled the uses of account. 200805/39914Australian Combat Troops End Iraq Deployment澳大利亚作战部队开始撤离伊拉克   Australian combat troops have begun leaving Iraq. Their departure fulfills an election promise by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who pledged to pull his country's out of Iraq by the middle of 2008. 澳大利亚作战部队开始撤离伊拉克。这项撤离兑现了陆克文总理在竞选时的诺言。陆克文竞选时曾经保,一旦当选,将在2008年中开始把澳大利亚军队撤出伊拉克。For Australia's 550 combat soldiers, the war in Iraq is over. 对澳大利亚的五百五十名战斗人员来说,伊拉克战争已经结束。They have begun leaving their base at Tallil, 300 kilometers south of Baghdad, where they have been helping to train Iraqi security forces. 他们开始撤离位于巴格达以南三百公里的塔里尔基地。他们过去在那里协助训练伊拉克安全部队。They have handed their military responsibilities over to American units.In southern Iraq, a ceremony was held to mark Australia's exit from a conflict that has been widely unpopular back home. 在伊拉克南部,举行了纪念澳大利亚军队撤离伊拉克的仪式。伊拉克战争在澳大利亚非常不得人心。The commanding officer of Australia's Overwatch Battle Group, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Websdane, told the departing soldiers that their mission had been a success. 澳大利亚监督战斗团的指挥官维布斯丹中校,对这些即将离开伊拉克的澳大利亚军人说,他们的使命已经成功。"The work here is now done and it's time to return to your families and loved ones. You should be proud of your achievements. I am," he said. "You should be proud of your personal sacrifices and the part you have all played in bringing hope and prosperity to the people of Al Muthanna and Dhi Qar." 维布斯丹说:“在这里的工作已经完成,现在是你们回到家人和所爱的人身边的时候了。你们 应该为你们的成就感到骄傲。我本人就很骄傲。你们应该为你们的个人牺牲感到骄傲,你们应该为你们所扮演的,将希望和繁荣带给伊拉克穆参纳和迪卡尔人民的部分角色感到骄傲。”There also were words of appreciation from U.S. Lieutenant General Lloyd Austin, who is commander of the Multinational Corps in Iraq... 伊拉克多国部队指挥官、美军中将奥斯丁也表达了感谢之意。"The Overwatch Battle Group was instrumental in establishing self-sustaining governance and security in Al Muthanna, in improving the security situation in Dhi Qar, and in the continued development of the Iraqi security forces," he said. 奥斯丁说:“监督战斗团在建立穆参纳自给自足的管理和安全方面,在改善迪卡尔的安全形势方面,以及在伊拉克安全部队的继续发展方面,都至关重要。”Some Australian military personnel will remain in Iraq to protect diplomats and a navy vessel will continue to patrol the Persian Gulf. 但是,一些澳大利亚的军事人员将继续留在伊拉克保护澳大利亚外交官,一艘澳大利亚军舰也将继续在波斯湾水域巡逻。The withdrawal of Australian combat troops fulfills a campaign promise of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was swept into office in November largely on the promise that he would bring the soldiers home by the middle of 2008. 澳大利亚作战部队从伊拉克撤出,兑现了陆克文竞选时的承诺。陆克文去年11月高票当选澳大利亚总理,主要原因就是他保到2008年中将澳大利亚部队撤回。Mr. Rudd said Australia's deployment in Iraq had made his country more of a target for terrorism and that the reasons for going to war in the Persian Gulf were flawed. 陆克文说,澳大利亚军队驻扎在伊拉克,使澳大利亚更可能成为恐怖主义的目标,而且当初参加伊拉克战争的理由就有问题。 The government in Canberra has been eager to stress that the Iraq pull-out would not damage its close alliance with the ed States. 堪培拉政府一再强调,从伊拉克撤军不会损害澳大利亚和美国的紧密联盟关系。Prime Minister Rudd remains committed to keeping Australia's one-thousand troops in Afghanistan. 此外,陆克文总理仍然承诺,澳大利亚会继续在阿富汗驻军一千人。 200806/41039武汉哪里有看男科的医院

武汉做包茎手术费武汉华夏医院专家门诊 武汉华夏男科医院是公家的还是私人的

武汉华夏男子不孕不育Congress, Average Americans Continue to Question Financial Bailout Plan美国会和民众对救市计划心有疑虑 Markets made moderate gains Thursday on news that congressional leaders had agreed in principle to a bailout plan for troubled firms on Wall Street. But a White House meeting later in the day highlighted work that still needs to be done to reach a final agreement. There is some skepticism in Congress over the plan and also among average Americans.星期四,美国国会领袖们原则上同意政府拯救华尔街陷入困境的投资的计划。这一消息传出后,美国金融市场略有上扬。但是星期四傍晚在白宫举行的会议则凸显出,要达成最后的一致还有许多工作要做。在美国国会里,乃至在一般美国民众中间,一些人仍然对救市计划心有疑虑。Key members of Congress announced Thursday they had agreed to the broad outlines of a 0 billion rescue package for failing financial companies, but several congressional Republicans cast doubt on the agreement after a White House meeting late in the afternoon. The meeting included President Bush, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, Republican nominee John McCain, and leaders of both parties in Congress.美国国会关键成员星期四宣布,他们就涉及七千亿美元的拯救金融市场计划的大纲达成协议。但是,星期四傍晚在白宫举行的一次会议上,一些共和党议员却对这项协议表达了怀疑。出席会议的有布什总统、民主党总统提名人奥巴马、共和党总统提名人麦凯恩、以及国会两党领袖。Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, the senior Republican on the Senate banking committee, emerged from the meeting saying there is no agreement, and other fiscal conservatives in the president's Republican party are reported to be resisting the deal.参议院委员会的资深成员、来自阿拉巴马州的共和党参议员里查德·谢尔比在会议结束后表示,会议没有达成协议。有报道说,布什总统所在的共和党内的一些财政保守人士对这项计划进行抵制。Senators McCain and Obama both say they are optimistic an agreement can be reached, but as Senator Obama put it, there is still some work that needs to be done.麦凯恩参议员和奥巴马参议员说,他们对达成协议感到乐观。但是,奥巴马表示,仍然有一些工作有待完成。Financial markets rose Thursday as they reacted with cautious optimism to news that a bailout agreement may be near. The Dow Jones industrial average finished up 196 points from its opening, although it was down from higher gains earlier in the day.即将就救市计划达成一致的消息传出后,金融界人士做出谨慎乐观的反应,金融市场星期四略有上升。道琼斯工业指数比开盘时上涨了196点,不过比当天的峰值有所下跌。On what is called Main Street, there is uncertainty among average Americans about the nation's economy, and some people are skeptical about the Wall Street bailout plan being proposed in Washington. 然而在普通美国民众当中,人们普遍对美国的经济感到不安,一些人甚至对政府提出的拯救华尔街计划置疑。Los Angeles physician Bill Kelly echoes the comments of many others, saying he knows that something must be done to avert a financial crisis, but he is not sure the proposed plan is the right one.洛杉矶一位名叫比尔·凯利的医生的看法就很有代表性。他说,为了防止一场金融危机,必须采取一些行动,但是他并不认为救市计划是正确的。"I'm nervous," he admitted. "I think it should be a little slower and they don't really know that it will help."他说:“我感到紧张。我认为应当延缓采取行动,他们也不知道计划是否奏效。”Kelly wonders if the money might be better spent rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, paying for health and education, or helping struggling homeowners meet their mortgage payments. Others say that troubled Wall Street firms should be allowed to fail and that the U.S. financial system is resilient enough for the markets to solve their own problems. The government bailout plan would buy the mortgage-based assets of troubled banks and investment firms, keeping them in business. The assets lost much of their value when housing prices dropped and many homeowners defaulted on their mortgage payments. The rescue plan is intended to reverse what President Bush has called a serious economic crisis. He says failure to act quickly could cause the failure of more banks, a drop in the stock market and losses in pension funds.救市计划的要点是政府收购陷入困境的和投资公司以抵押贷款为基础的资产,从而使这些公司不会倒闭。但问题是,当房价下跌、许多房屋拥有人无法偿还他们的抵押贷款时,这些资产的价值大幅度下跌。救市计划的宗旨是扭转布什总统所说的一场严重的经济危机。他说,如果不立即采取行动,就会有更多的倒闭,股市会进一步下跌,很多人失去退休金。200809/50737 Now you'd think that from a health point of view, lying in a hospital was probably the safest place to be, but More4 News and Channel4 News Online have discovered the number of deaths in hospitals due to medical errors have doubled in the last 2 years. Responding to a Freedom of Information request that was put in by us, the National Patient Safety Agency said from 2004 to 2005, 10 people died as a result of medication errors in hospitals. Fatalities rose the following year, resulting in 16 deaths and increased again last year, killing 21 people. Now that sounds like a small number, but health service managers told us it represents a growing volume of medical negligence cases-cases whose settlement is proving increasingly expensive.Over 406 million pounds was spent out, says paid out last year to claimants and on top of that, another 145 million to, to legal teams defending or fighting these claims. So, it's a lot of money that's not spent on replacing hips and, and doing other vital things. Tonight the Department of Health told More4 News that patient safety was a key priority for the NHS and added, although any avoidable death is one too many, it's important to remember that of the 12 million patients who were admitted to NHS hospitals last year, only 21 deaths were caused by medication incidents. That is 0.0002%. And they added that patient safety was a key priority in the NHS. Well, with me in the studio now to discuss these figures is Peter Walsh from Action Against Medical Accidents, a charity that promotes better patient safety. The NHS have a point ,don't they, with 12 million patients being treated, only 21 people dying from this kind of medical errors. It's apparently to be a slender percentage of deaths, isn't that?Yes, we have to remember that in terms of the proportion of patients treated, it's very small numbers, but actually it's a tragedy of enormous proportions. And the numbers given to you today are probably just the tip of the iceberg, because it's widely accepted that reporting of incidents is far far less than the actual incidents. What can be done though to try and get over the fact that human error is inevitable when treating patients? There'll always be a degree of human error, but what's really disappointing is that there's so much more that the system could do to help reduce the risk of these errors happening in the first place. We want to see more urgency given to design and system solutions. For example, you can design a packaging, and, a labeling of drugs to make it less likely that the wrong drug will be given. Yeah, what kinds of medication error? Is it because a doctor has prescribed the wrong drug or the wrong amount or is it usually because somebody makes a mistake in administering it?It's a whole range of things. It could be that someone makes a mistake in grabbing the wrong ampoule, therefore administering the wrong drug. The drug could be administered to the wrong part of the body. For example, the spine as opposed to being injected into the vein, and or the drug could be given to the wrong patient even, thereby causing a, a massive reaction. You do with these cases all the time. Is there any simple thing that could be done that would prevent more deaths?There's no one single thing. It's a raft of measures. Let's just say, there are designed solutions we can look at. We also need not to put staff in a position that leads them to be in more risk of making an error. We need proper supervision for staff, and we need proper training for staff before they are allowed to administer certain types of drugs. Peter Walsh, thanks for talking to us tonight. Thank you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------negligence case:【法】 医疗事故 200805/39703武汉市协和医院男科咨询武汉硚口区看男科医院