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A researcher who is no stranger to controversy has pondered whether exporting wild dog meat to South-East Asia is a sustainable way to manage the pest.一名饱受争议的专家近日又有了新想法:他提出向东南亚国家出口野肉来作为控制患的可持续之道。Dr Benjamin Allen most recently worked on a plan to release dingoes into a Great Barrier Reef island to kill feral goats.本杰明·艾伦士最近正在研究一个计划--把澳大利亚野放到大堡礁的一个岛屿上猎杀野山羊。His latest research started with a throwaway comment.他的最新研究始于一句玩笑话。;I met someone who works a fair bit in Asia. I mentioned that I work with dingoes, and they said #39;Oh, I#39;ve always wondered if tinned dingo meat would go well there#39;,; he said.他说道:“我遇到了一些在亚洲工作了很久的人。我提到了我在进行野研究,他们就说#39;哦,我想知道野肉罐头在那边能不能行得通。#39;”。Dr Allen did not give the issue much thought until he was preparing to present a paper at a conference focusing on conservation through the sustainable use of wildlife.艾伦士并没有把这个问题太放在心上,直到他准备在一个关于通过野生动物的可持续利用来实现保护的会议上发表论文。;Around the world, the sustainable use of wildlife is used as a model for conservation,; he said.“在全世界范围内,野生动物的可持续利用都是保护的典范。”他说。;We have sustainable use here in Australia aly. We have kangaroo and possum harvesting industries. Ecotourism is also sustainable use.;“我们已经在澳大利亚实行可持续利用了。我们有袋鼠和负鼠肉的加工业。生态旅游也是可持续利用的一种。”The paper Dr Allen wrote for the conference is titled Creating dingo meat products for Southeast Asia: potential market opportunities and cultural dilemmas.艾伦士为会议撰写的论文题为《为东南亚国家制作澳大利亚野肉罐头:潜在市场机会与文化困境》。;I think the first reaction from people when they hear the idea of selling wild dog meat to Asia is #39;How could you possibly put our animals through that?#39;; he said. ;But the dogs are aly being killed through trapping and shooting.;“我觉得,人们听到#39;往亚洲卖肉#39;这个主意的时候,第一反应应该是#39;你怎么能这么处理我们的动物呢!#39;”他说。“但是这些野已经用弹和陷阱杀死了。”Dr Allen said the control of wild dogs on Australian pastoral land had become a major concern to local, state and federal governments.艾伦士表示,澳大利亚牧区对野的控制已经成为当地政府、州政府和联邦政府的心头大患。;We#39;ve got no idea how many wild dogs are in Australia, but there#39;s something in the order of 10,000-15,000 scalps a year handed in to local governments for bounty payment,; he said. ;The dog is often hung on a tree or hung on a fence, or left to rot on the ground.;“我们不知道为什么澳大利亚有这么多野,但是现在每年有一万到一万五千只野尸体会被上交到地方政府来换取赏金。”他说。“野尸体往往挂在树上或者栅栏上,或者扔在地上腐烂。” /201610/471719When you meet the right person, you just know you#39;ve got something special. Those first-date butterflies follow you beyond the infatuation phase, and you find yourself thinking about him or her all the damn time. Even when that first year of not being able to keep your hands off each other starts to simmer, there are other things that make a relationship equipped for the long haul. See if you and your SO are strong enough to last with these 30 signs.当遇到对的那个人,你会莫名觉得他/她很特殊。初次约会时的小鹿乱撞心情不仅出现在着迷阶段,还会继续保持,你会发现自己总在想她/他。尽管你们双手离不开对方的第一年已开始过去,但还有很多事情能让爱情长久保鲜。看看你和你的另一半之间是否存在以下30种能白头到老的迹象呢?1. You can have fun together doing absolutely nothing.1. 即使在一起啥都不做,你们也很开心。2. You get along with each other#39;s friends.2. 你们与对方的朋友合得来。3. You#39;re able to work through your problems constructively.3. 你们能建设性地解决问题。4. You have a strong friendship with each other.4. 你们是彼此的好朋友。5. Their family likes you and vice versa.5. 他们的家人喜欢你,反之亦然。6. Nobody else can make you laugh harder or smile bigger.6. 没有其他人能让你笑得这么开心、这么灿烂。7. You can be yourselves around each other.7. 在对方身边,你能做自己。8. You cherish your moments together.8. 你珍惜你们共度的时光。9. There#39;s nobody else you#39;d rather be stuck in an elevator with.9. 你愿意和他/她困在电梯中,其他人都不行。10. They make you a better person.10. 他们让你变得更优秀。11. You can#39;t imagine a future without them.11. 你无法想象没有她/他的未来。12. You never feel the pressure to change for your partner.12. 你从来没有感受到为另一半改变的压力。13. You don#39;t let jealousy get in the way because you know the value of your relationship.13. 你不会嫉妒他/她,因为你珍视你们的感情。14. It just feels right with him or her.14. 和他/她在一起,感觉很对。15. Every corny love song doesn#39;t seem as corny anymore.15. 每首烂俗的情歌都不再烂俗。16. When they#39;re hurt, you#39;re hurt.16. 他/她伤心难过,你就会心如刀割。17. You always have each other#39;s backs.17. 你们一直都是对方坚强的后盾。18. You rarely have anything to argue about.18. 你们很少争吵。19. You never have to question your love for each other.19. 你们从不会质疑对彼此的爱。20. They#39;re the first person you go to about news and/or problems.20. 当你有事或有问题时,他/她是你第一个想找的人。21. Your relationship is undoubtedly healthy.21. 你们的感情关系非常健康。22. You love doing things for each other without being asked.22. 不用对方要求,你们就会为对方做事。23. You#39;re teammates as much as you are lovers.23. 你们既是情人也是队友。24. You love showing each other affection.24. 你们喜欢向对方表达自己的情感。25. You trust each other.25. 你们信任彼此。26. You have a healthy sex life.26. 你们的性生活很健康。27. You don#39;t hold grudges against each other.27. 你们不会对对方怀恨在心。28. You don#39;t have to force things to work, they just do.28. 你们做事不会强求,很多事情都是水到渠成。29. You genuinely want the best for each other.29. 你们真心希望对方拥有最好的东西。30. They#39;re the only person you want to be with.30. 你只想和他/她共度余生。译文属 /201704/502990

When James Cameron quickly whips up something in the kitchen当詹姆斯·卡梅隆突击下厨时How do you like my meatballs?你喜欢我做的肉丸吗? /201611/478115

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