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北京市将大力推进京剧进校园 -- :5:33 来源: 星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂Peking Opera is being introduced to primary and middle school students in an eft to promote the traditional art to the younger generation, Beijing News reported on Tuesday.星期二,新京报报道,为了使年轻一代更好的传承中国传统文化,京剧正在被引入中小学课堂The countryrsquo;s first set of textbooks about Peking Opera was compiled and published by the Beijing Association of Promoting Quintessence of Chinese Culture and Peoplersquo;s Education Press in .年,北京国粹艺术传承促进会已经与人民教育出版社合作,编写、出版了中国第一套京剧教科书The textbooks optional courses have been put on trial use in middle schools in Fengtai district and will be used in middle schools across the city. The textbooks primary schools will also be rolled out.目前这套初中版的京剧选修教材已在丰台区初中阶段试用,将在全市推广同时小学版京剧教材也将适时推出Since , Beijing has promoted a program to provide opera training at dozens of primary schools. Schools apply funds from the cityrsquo;s education department to hire professional actors and actresses to work with students as young as 6 or 7.早在年,北京就推出了京剧进校园项目学校可向北京市的教育部门申请资金,以聘请专业表演家们给学生上课六七岁的孩子都可以参加培训Peking Opera arose during the rule of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (-19). It flourished decades in China and as its fame sp, it drew audiences in other countries, including the ed States and Japan.京剧形成于清朝(-19)乾隆皇帝统治时期,随着其声名鹊起,数十年来在中国盛极一时,甚至吸引了不少来自美国、日本的外国观众Yet over the years, its popularity diminished. While a significant number of people listened to radio productions of Peking Opera bee the 1980s, generations born after that pursued pop culture over the traditional arts.然而,近年来,它的热度开始消退出生于80年前的老一辈人中,有相当一部分只能去听一些京剧的音像制品,而80年以后的人们都渐渐只对流行文化感兴趣,摒弃了传统文化前央视主持人芮成钢死刑系谣言 --01 :: 来源: 周二,河北省某监狱官员否认了前央视主持人芮成钢被判为死刑,并声明芮成钢并未在他们监狱刑 Officials from a prison in Hebei Province denied Tuesday that mer China Central Television (CCTV) anchor Rui Chenggang had died in jail, saying he was not sent to their jail.周二,河北省某监狱官员否认了前央视主持人芮成钢被判为死刑,并声明芮成钢并未在他们监狱刑"Rui has not served his sentence in Yancheng Prison and the news is completely fabricated," an official with the prison was ed as saying by news site legal daily.com.cn.“芮成钢并没有在燕城监狱刑,此消息全部是造谣,”监狱某官员在接受新闻网站法制网调查时说道The official also urged media to report objectively.监狱官员督促媒体要客观报道On April , the Beijing-based weekly newspaper China Business Journal reported that the graft case against Rui would soon be heard.月日,北京周报中国商业杂志报道,芮成钢的贪污罪将马上开庭审理Rui’s case is among corruption-related cases at CCTV, and 9 of them have been assigned to judicial organs in Northeast China’s Jilin Province, the newspaper said, citing an anonymous source close to the provincial judicial agencies.吉林省司法机关某匿名新闻报道,芮成钢时间涉及央视位腐败人员,其中9名已被中国东北吉林省司法机关逮捕Rui, once a popular host of financial and news programs on CCTV, was taken away by prosecutors in July together with Li Yong, deputy director of the business channel and another unnamed producer, following the detention of Guo Zhenxi, then-director of CCTV’s business channel, allegedly receiving bribes in June , news site caixin.com reported.新闻网站财新网报道,芮成钢曾经是央视财经新闻节目主持人,年7月,因为和财经频道副制片人李咏以及另外一位制片人贪污受贿而被检察院逮捕,随后郭振玺以及央视财经频道制片人纷纷被拘留At least CCTV employees were reportedly suspected of corruption that year.年,至少位央视工作人员被报犯贪污罪麦当劳明年将启动新口号:Lovin' Beats Hatin' -- :0: 来源:   It sounds like they're not 'lovin' it' as much as they used to.  The world's biggest fast food chain has unveiled a new slogan in an attempt to stop its sales from sinking.  'Lovin Beats Hatin' will be launched next year, and is a campaign aimed to sp happiness in the face of Internet hate.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the roll-out will include a spot during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1.  The marketing ploy comes at a time when worldwide sales dropped by 30 per cent in the third quarter of last year.  The current catchphrase 'I'm Lovin' It' will still remain as a global slogan.  An inside source said the change is aimed 'to sp happiness in the face of Internet hate,' but the WSJ did not elaborate on what that precisely means.  Officially, the company is staying mum about the possibility.  'We're always working with our partners on great new creative,' said a spokesperson. 'It's highly speculative and premature to talk about Super Bowl ads and future campaigns next year.'  The reported change will come during a tough time the world's largest hamburger chain.  After posting yet another disappointing quarter, McDonald's CEO Don Thompson admitted last week that the company hasn't been keeping up with the times and that changes are in store its U.S. restaurants.  相关内容  麦当劳似乎不像以前那么“喜欢”它了  为遏制销量下跌,这家全球最大的快餐连锁店日前公布了一个新口号  明年,麦当劳将启用“Lovin' Beats Hatin'(爱胜过恨)”作为新口号,并推出一个活动在网络仇恨不断的时代传播快乐  据《华尔街日报报道, 麦当劳将在年月1日的美国橄榄球超级碗(Super Bowl XLIX)中首次公布这一口号  麦当劳推出这一营销策略适逢其去年第三季度全球销售额下滑 30% ,业绩可谓惨淡  “I'm Lovin' It(我就是喜欢)”仍将是麦当劳全球性的广告标语  据内部知情人士透露,麦当劳此举是为了向仇恨互联网者传播快乐,不过《华尔街日报并没有详细说明这一口号的准确含义  而麦当劳方面也对此保持沉默,未对这一新口号推出的可能性作出解释  “长久以来,我们一直在跟我们的伙伴不断创新,”麦当劳发言人称,“现在讨论麦当劳超级碗广告和明年的活动目前为时过早,时机尚不成熟”  麦当劳正经历一段艰难的时期  面对又一个惨淡的季度,麦当劳CEO唐·汤普森(Don Thompson )上周承认,“此前麦当劳并没有紧跟时代的步伐,麦当劳美国餐厅准备好了改变”

苹果公司因唐纳德·特朗普而拒绝持今年的GOP大会 -- :33:39 来源: 有政客在周六报道,Apple不会向共和党全国代表大会提供任何的资金或是其他资源援助因为国内有许多关于共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普的偏见性言论 The real estate mogul’s candidacy is growing costlier the party every day.共和党为这为地产大亨竞选者身份而付出的成本日益高昂Apple will not contribute funds or other resources the Republican National Convention due to presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump’s prejudiced remarks, Politico reported on Saturday.有政客在周六报道,Apple不会向共和党全国代表大会提供任何的资金或是其他资源援助因为国内有许多关于共和党总统候选人唐纳德?特朗普的偏见性言论The decision by one of the ed States’ largest and most popular companies is the biggest corporate defection from the Republican convention, where the party will mally nominate Donald Trump. And it marks a significant win progressive groups, which are pressuring major companies to boycott the convention over Trump.苹果公司是美国最大的公司之一,该公司的这个决定是对共和党代表大会一个最大的背叛共和党决定正式提名唐纳德·特朗普苹果公司的决定标志着激进党一个重大的胜利,该党派向各大公司施压,要求它们抵制唐纳德“The Apple news raises the bar other corporations,” Rashad Robinson, a spokesman PAC, said in a statement. The PAC is leading efts to pressure companies not to participate in this year’s GOP gathering.“苹果公司的决策为其他公司提供了借鉴经验,”PAC公司的发言人Rashad Robinson说到,该公司带头向其他公司施压,阻止它们参加今年的GOP大会“Not only has Apple declined to support the Republican National Convention, but they’ve explicitly told Republican leaders that Trump’s bigoted rhetoric is the reason that they’re sitting out,” Robinson said. “This is what real corporate responsibility looks like.”Robinson称:“苹果公司不止拒绝持共和党全国代表大会,还明确告诉共和党领袖这一切都是特朗普偏执的言行导致的这才是真正的企业职责”There is likely little love lost between the tech giant and the presumptive GOP nominee. Trump called a boycott of Apple in February when the company refused to unlock the iPhone of one of the gunmen in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calinia in December. (Nonetheless, Trump continued to use Apple products after his pronouncement.)科技巨头和共和党预定候选人间的关系可能没那么友好去年月在加利福尼亚州圣伯纳迪诺市发生了大规模击案件,今年月,苹果公司拒绝解锁该事件持歹徒的iphone,特朗普便呼吁抵制苹果产品(但是特朗普在发表声明后,还是一如既往的使用苹果产品)An Apple spokesman declined to comment. The Republican National Committee did not immediately responded to a request comment.一位苹果的发言人拒绝对此作出,共和党全国委员会也未对一个置评的请求作出回应Emily Lauer, a spokeswoman the Cleveland host committee, a nonprofit helping finance this year’s GOP convention, said the committee has aly raised 90 percent of its budget. That means it raised funds at a faster rate than the previous two Republican conventions, according to Lauer.Emily Lauer是年克利夫兰主办委员会的发言人,这是一个资助GOP会议的非盈利委员会Emily Lauer称,委员会已经筹集了该会议预算的百分之九十的资金这意味着,本年度GOP会议的集资速度要快于前两届“While the media’s focus has been on those who aren’t participating, what continues to be looked past is the fact that the Cleveland Host Committee continues to make ward progress in our fundraising efts through the participation of more than 0 donors,” Lauer said.Lauer称:“尽管媒体的关注点还在那些不参加资助的公司身上,但是克利夫兰主办委员会通过一百多个捐助者持续为筹资方面做出的贡献依旧是一个关注点”The nonprofit host committees have taken on an increasingly important role in financing the costly conventions. Unlike the party-run organizing committees, city host committees can receive direct cash donations from corporations, not just in-kind contributions.该非盈利的主办委员会解决了这个昂贵的大会一大笔资金问题城市组织委员会与党营组织委员会不同,它可以直接从公司收取现金资助,而不仅仅局限于收一些实物捐助Apple did not participate in the two major parties’ national conventions in , but several other companies that did are either declining to do so this year or have greatly reduced their contributions.年,苹果公司并没有参加两个主要政党的全国代表大会然而,其他参加了大会的公司要么就是今年拒绝再次参加,要么就是大幅度减少了其资助额Wells Fargo, ed Parcel Service, Motorola, JP Morgan Chase, d and Walgreens all contributed to the GOP convention, and have announced they will not play a role in the convention in Cleveland this July, according to Bloomberg.据彭社报道,富国,联合包裹运输务公司,托罗拉,根大通,福特和沃尔格林机构等均在年向GOP大会提供资助但是今年,它们一致宣布拒绝为7月份的克利夫兰大会提供资助Hewlett Packard Inc., once a major Republican funder, announced at the end of May that it would be sitting out the Cleveland convention.休利特卡的公司,曾经是共和党的一大资助者,在今年5月末也宣布其将停止为克利夫兰大会提供资助Coca-Cola will be donating ,000 to both parties’ conventions, a drop from its 0,000 donation to the Republican convention in .可口可乐公司将为两党大会资助75000美金这一数字远低于其在年向共和党大会的资助额66万美金Microsoft will provide technology and associated services to the convention in lieu of cash, even as it plans to give cash to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later in July. The company donated money to the Republican convention, but not the Democratic one, in .微软公司将向大会提供技术和其他相关的务,而非直接提供现金资助但是该公司已经决定为7月份费城的民主党全国代表大会提供资金持年,微软公司曾向共和党代表大会提供资助,但并未资助民主党Other titans of the technology industry, which has a socially liberal reputation, will also be providing major in-kind contributions to the GOP convention in spite of protests by civil rights groups. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Cisco Systems will all be sponsoring the convention in that fashion.那些享有社会主义自由声誉的技术行业的其他大亨,大部分也将为GOP大会提供实物资助而非向一些民权组织的抗议活动提供资助谷歌,脸书,推特和思科系统也将以这种方式赞助大会But activists aren’t letting up.但是激进分子不会就这么放弃“Any company that wants to be on right side of history should follow Apple’s lead bee it’s too late,” Robinson said.Robinson称:“所有希望站在历史正确一方的公司都应该趁早追随苹果公司的脚步”

要抛弃3.5毫米耳机接口?iPhone7的新改观 --5 ::3 来源: 新一代iPhone就要来了,你做好割肾的打算了吗,先别急,听说 iPhone 7抛弃3.5毫米传统耳机接口已成定局,改而和供电、数据一起走Lightning接口,苹果也为此设计了新的Lightning耳机此外iPhone预计将推出一款新色,Home键将变为触控式 Typically, the impending release of a new iPhone model focuses on whatever cool and exciting new features Apple has in the works. The iPhone 7, though, is a bit different. In fact, it’s not unreasonable to say that the upcoming unveiling of the iPhone 7 has been marked by controversy more than anything else.一般来说,每逢iPhone要推出新机,外界讨论的焦点都是外形是不是酷炫到没朋友,有没有什么屌炸天的新功能相比之下,这次iPhone7的关注焦点有点另类实际上,应该说对iPhone7的推出充满着争议According to a number of credible reports, Apple’s next-gen smartphone will ship without a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. And while Apple isn’t shy about discarding popular technologies to the curb, the 3.5mm headphone jack has literally been around more than 0 years and is as reliable and durable as it is universal.根据可靠报道,iPhone7将抛弃3.5毫米传统耳机接口虽然苹果向来大胆,敢为人先,但是3.5毫米耳机接口已经存在超过百年,已经被大家广泛接受,是数码设备的标准音频接口Suffice it to say, Apple’s rumored decision to scrap the tried and true jack on the iPhone 7 has elicited no shortage of heated debates. In one widely circulated piece, Nilay Patel of The Verge argued that removing the headphone jack was nothing short of "user-hostile." In turn, we pointed out just a few weeks ago that Apple’s disdain the 3.5mm headphone jack would make the iPhone 7 Apple’s riskiest iPhone release yet. After all, with no new groundbreaking features rumored to be part of the iPhone 7 design, removing the headphone jack might persuade a good number of users who might otherwise upgrade to simply stick with what they aly have.传闻苹果公司决定iPhone7将不再将沿用3.5毫米耳机接口,关于该决定我只能说,它成功引起了大家的讨论美国科技客TheVerge的主编尼莱·帕特尔(Nilay Patel)吐槽没有耳机接口简直就是“违背用户使用习惯”(糟糕的用户体验)几周前我们曾指出iPhone7抛弃传统耳机接口的行为可能使iPhone7成为苹果史上命运最不明朗的iPhone毕竟,在没有颠覆性新功能的情况下,抛弃耳机接口可能使大量的苹果用户选择继续使用旧手机Now anyone worried about their beloved 3.5mm headphone jack completely disappearing, there’s hope on the horizon. According to a new research note from Deutsche Bank, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 will ship with a Lighting to 3.5mm dongle, thereby making the transition much more seamless. If this report proves to be true, it would certainly be a smart move by Apple. Indeed, it’s much more user-friendly than shipping Lightning headphones and requiring users who prefer using their old 3.5mm headphones to dole out cash a dongle.现在对于那些担心iPhone7将不再有传统3.5毫米耳机接口的用户来说,有好消息了根据德意志新发布的报告显示iPhone7将配一个3.5毫米的转接口,使传输更加无缝化如果该报道是真的话,苹果也算走了一步妙棋实际上,这样远比推出一个有lighting接口的手机但是还需要习惯用传统3.5毫米耳机接口的用户自己掏腰包买转接口要厚道的多Apple must recognize that abandoning the headphone jack is a huge and risky move. In turn, it probably appreciates that the transition away from the 3.5mm headphone jack won’t happen overnight and might even be met by a wave of backlash. That being the case, shipping a dongle -- presumably one that’s not too clunky -- inside of every new iPhone 7 box appears to be more than a reasonable compromise.苹果自己也意识到抛弃传统的耳机接口是一大改变也是一步险棋反过来,苹果也许已经认识到要这个改变不是一朝一夕就能被接受,甚至可能产生反效果如果真是如此,那么在新手机中附送一款转接口——假设还算灵巧——更像是一个妥协Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank analysts also anticipate that the iPhone 7 will ship with a new color, a newly re-designed home button similar in operation to the trackpad on the MacBook, "professional class water-proofing" and more.于此同时,德意志分析预测新一代iPhone还将作出以下改变,将推出一款新色;原来压式的home键将变成更小的触控式键和MacBook上的trackpad 类似;外观上看起来更加专业,具有防水功能

洞洞鞋的危害:容易患上肌腱炎 -- :8:5 来源: 进入夏天,人们穿衣越来越清凉,穿着拖鞋、凉鞋和洞洞鞋的人也越来越多可一些专家表示,长时间穿洞洞鞋恐怕对健康有害! Most people have a love-hate relationship with Crocs. The rubbery slip-ons first hit the market in as boat shoes by a maker in Boulder, Colo. Since then, the company has expanded to include more than 300 different styles, including boots, ballet flats, wedges, and loafers.许多人对洞洞鞋可谓又爱又恨年科罗拉多州尔德的一家制鞋商推出了洞洞鞋,从此一发不可收拾,如今该公司旗下的洞洞鞋已有包括靴式,芭蕾舞平底鞋式,坡跟鞋式和罗浮鞋式在内的300多个样式But many have been left wondering whether the spongy shoes are really good their feet.许多人都心存疑虑:穿着这海绵式的鞋对脚是好是坏?“Untunately, Crocs are not suitable all-day use,” Megan Leahy, DPM, a Chicago-based podiatrist with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, tells the Huffington Post. “These shoes do not adequately secure the heel. When the heel is unstable, toes tend to grip, which can lead to tendinitis, worsening of toe demities, nail problems, corns, and calluses. The same thing can happen with flip-flops or any backless shoes as the heel is not secured.”足科医师Megan 任职于位于芝加哥的伊利诺伊骨科关节研究所他在接受《赫芬顿邮报采访时表示“洞洞鞋无法保护脚后跟如果脚后跟踩不稳,脚趾就不得不因发力而弯曲,长此以往会使人患上肌腱炎,加重脚趾畸形,脚趾甲也会出现问题,脚掌上会长鸡眼,磨出茧子穿人字拖或者任何没有足跟保护的鞋都会出现上述问题”But what if you get the ones with the back strap like Mario Batali’s?那么有后带设计的 Mario Batali牌洞洞鞋呢?Still no good, says Alex Kor, DPM, president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.美国足科运动医学学会会长足科医学士Alex Kor给出了否定的According to Kor, the problem lies in the flexible shank of the shoe — the portion between the heel and toe.Kor表示真正的问题出在洞洞鞋的前帮部分,即穿鞋人脚趾与脚后跟之间的部分“Patients are more likely to have foot pain if their shoes bend in the shank,” Kor tellsHuffington Post. “I see patients who come into my office complaining of arch or heel pain, and they are wearing Crocs.”“如果脚趾弯曲,患者会感到脚痛”Kor告诉《赫芬顿邮报“和我说足弓或者脚后跟疼的患者都穿着洞洞鞋”While both Leahy and Kor are quick to dismiss the all-day wear of Crocs, they do admit that they’re OK the short term.Leathy和Kor不建议人们长时间穿洞洞鞋,但短时间穿不会有大问题“OK to use trips to the beach or the pool, but [they] should not be used long walks,” Leahy says.Leahy说:“在沙滩或者游泳池穿上一阵没什么问题,但不应该穿着洞洞鞋长时间走路”

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