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哈尔滨妇幼医院属于几级医院哈尔滨做无痛清宫是全麻吗黑龙江省九洲做无痛人流要多少钱 Sleep loss,air conditioning make us fat想苗条?多睡觉,免空调a number of aspects of modern living -- from lack of sleep to exposure to living with air conditioning -- may be feeding Americans' weight woes.Fast food meals and TV time shouldn't take all the blame for the U.S.obesityproblem, according to a research review published Tuesday.In fact, a group of researchers contend, a number of aspects of modern living -- from lack of sleep to exposure to living with air conditioning -- may be feeding Americans' weight woes.Writing in the International Journal of Obesity, they argue that obesity research and prevention efforts need to look beyond the "Big Two" -- food industry practices, likebeefed-upportion sizes and added sugar; and reduced physical activity from factors such as cuts in school gym classes.That's not to say that diet and exercise aren't important. However, the evidence linking obesity to food industry marketing and lack of gym class is circumstantial.Lack of sleep is one, they say. Research in animals and humans suggests thatchronicsleep deprivation boosts appetite and eating, and studies also show that U.S. adults and children are sleeping less than they used to. In recent decades, adults have gone from sleeping for an average of 9 hours to about 7 hours, the researchers point out.Another factor potentiallyweighing Americans downis air conditioning. The body burns calories when forced to regulate its own temperature, and people tend to eat less in hot, humid weather.The report cites 10 potential obesity risk factors in all, including: increased rates of older mothers, whose children may be more prone to excess weight gain; a range of medications, such as antidepressants, which can promote weight gain; and a decrease in smoking rates, because people often gain weight when they quit and the absence of nicotine, an appetite suppressant.No one is suggesting that people should stop taking their prescriptions, keep smoking or swelter in the July sun, according to the researcher Allison. When it comes to any one person's weight, he said, "what ultimately matters is calorie intake and calorie expenditure."(Agencies)本周二公布的一项调查显示:美国人不能把肥胖问题完全归咎于快餐饮食和长时间看电视。一个研究小组认为,事实上,现代生活中有很多因素都有可能导致美国人不幸超重,比如睡眠不足和使用空调。刊登于《国际肥胖期刊》的一份研究报告称,肥胖症研究和预防不能局限于“两大因素”——餐饮业的某些做法,如加大食物的分量或含糖量;运动量减少,如学校取消体育课。这并不是说饮食和运动不重要,无论怎样,肥胖是否直接跟饮食业的市场策略和缺少体育课有关系得视情况而言。研究人员指出:睡眠不足也是诱发肥胖的一大因素。通过对动物和人体的研究发现,长期缺乏睡眠会刺激食欲。研究同时显示,美国成年人和儿童目前的睡眠时间比过去少。近几十年,成年人每天平均睡眠时间由过去的9小时降至7小时。另一个诱发美国人肥胖焦虑的潜在因素是空调。当体温自动进行调节时,身体会消耗热量,同时,湿热的天气会让人们减少食量。研究报告列举了诱发肥胖的十大因素:大龄妈妈比例增加,她们的后代可能更容易超重;一些药物会导致体重超标,如抗抑郁病药;烟民比例减少——尼古丁有抑制食欲的作用,所以吸烟者一旦戒烟会导致体重增加。据研究人员艾利森介绍,这项研究并不是建议人们停止使用药方、继续吸烟或忍受炎暑的折磨。当谈到个人的体重问题时,艾利森说,“最重要的还是看你摄取和消耗了多少热量。”ocabulary:obesity: 过度肥胖beefed-up: 加大的,增多的(源于动词词组beef up,指“加强, 补充人数和兵力);例如:beef up the air force(加强空军)chronic: of long duration; continuing(长期的;持续的)weigh down: 使...过度焦虑 /200803/30965黑龙江省九洲医院要预约吗

哈尔滨市二院预约哈尔滨呼兰区不孕不育 Breathing particulate-laden (aka smoggy) air may be hardening your arteries faster than normal, according to research published today in PLOS Medicine. While everyones’ arteries harden gradually with age, a team of researchers led by epidemiologist Sara Adar of the University of Michigan School of Public Health discovered that higher concentrations of fine particulate air pollution were linked to a faster thickening of the inner two layers of the carotid artery.根据今日发表在《公共科学图书馆·医学》杂志上的研究,呼吸含大量颗粒物的(雾霾)空气可能会让你的动脉硬化速度加快。尽管每个人的动脉都会随着年龄增大而逐渐硬化,但密歇根大学公共卫生学院的流行病学家萨拉·阿达领导的研究团队发现,空气中的细微颗粒污染物浓度升高与颈动脉内膜和中膜增厚加快有关。Because the carotid artery feeds blood to the neck, head, and brain, a narrowing or blockage there can trigger strokes. And general atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and heart failure.由于颈动脉要向颈部、头部和大脑供血,颈动脉变窄或堵塞可能会引发中风。通常动脉硬化是冠心病、心脏病发作和心力衰竭的主要风险因素。Past research has demonstrated that the rates of stroke and heart attack are higher in polluted areas, but experts haven’t been able to pinpoint just how polluted air is raising peoples’ risk for heart attack or stroke. This time, Adar’s team, along with Joel Kaufman, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences and medicine at the University of Washington, was able to directly measure carotid artery thickness and link it to air pollution data.以往的研究已经表明,在受污染地区中风和心脏病发作的几率更高,但专家还未能查明空气污染是如何提高人们心脏病或中风发作的风险的。这次阿达带领的团队和华盛顿大学环境与职业健康科学和医学专业的教授乔尔?考夫曼联手合作,已经能够直接测量颈动脉厚度,并将其和空气污染数据联系起来。The study involved 5,362 people between the ages of 45 and 84 living in six different cities that are part of the MESA AIR (Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution) research project, led by Joel Kaufman. Each participant underwent two carotid artery ultrasounds three years apart. These measurements were then correlated with data on fine particulate air pollution.乔尔·考夫曼领导的这一动脉硬化和空气污染多种族研究项目调查了居住在6个不同城市、年龄在45岁到84岁之间的5362个人。每个参与者隔三年都要做一次颈动脉超声波检查。研究人员把这些测量结果和细颗粒物空气污染的数据联系起来。While the artery walls of all participants increased by 14 micrometers per year, the arteries of those who were exposed to higher levels of fine particulate air pollution in their homes thickened faster than their neighbors in other parts of the city.尽管所有参与者的动脉壁每年都会增厚14微米,但那些家周边空气中细颗粒污染物水平更高的人动脉壁比住在同城其他地区的人增厚速度更快。Interestingly, the researchers also found the reverse effect to be true: reducing fine particulate air pollution levels slowed down atherosclerosis progression. Carotid artery measurements are considered by experts to be an indicator for arterial plaque and hardening throughout the body.有趣的是,研究人员还发现反之亦然:降低空气中的细颗粒污染物水平会减慢动脉硬化的速度。专家认为颈动脉的测量数据是动脉斑块和周身硬化的指示标志。 /201305/237628宾县人民医院诊疗

哈尔滨市公安医院门诊收费I really appreciate it.我很感谢。You#39;re one in a million.你真是个大好人。You#39;re the greatest.你最棒了。Thanks to you (we made it on time.)都要多谢你(我们才能准时完成)。I couldn#39;t have done it without you.若是没有你,我不可能做到。I#39;m truly grateful for your help.我非常感激你的帮助。Your help is greatly appreciated.非常感激您的帮助。 (很正式!)I#39;d like to express my gratitude.我要表达我诚挚的谢意。 (相当正式!) /201305/240541 哈尔滨流产医院哈尔滨治疗白带异常去哪个医院



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